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Thank you for the kind words. I didn't really have time to test the game with someone else to see if the systems are easily understandable, so I expected people to not understand the game very well. That is why I created a help menu but I forgot to mention it in the in-game tutorial, so I think many people missed it, big oof on my part.

Thank you, I sorta sacrificed the art for the lighting, the lighting took me a really long time to implement so I didn't have time to replace the prototype art.  

I started the day the jam theme was announced so I had about a week to make the game, also the buttons/options are all assets I created for previous jams and I just reused them so that helped me finish up faster.

I thought a game about neon must have beautiful neon lights. I went through over 2 different lighting systems (The first wasn't dynamic and the second was slow and didn't look that great) before I stumbled onto your lighting tutorial, so thank you I couldn't have done it without you!

I am glad you liked it. I have been notified about the bug with the boxes I will fix as soon as I get the time for now if they ever get stuck you can restart the level by clicking R or the Rstart button ib the pause menu.

Thank you for the kind words! I do think I haven't explained the mechanics very well and they aren't very obvious by just looking so maybe I should improve that.

Thank you! I have considered making the signs conveyors but decided against it because having them as walls makes for much more interesting puzzles. I do plan on making the game 2.5D instead of the current orthographic projection I am currently using I hope that will make it clearer that they are blocks rather than conveyors.

Sometimes I finish a jam game and think "How does one get this good at game making?". This is one of those times. You got it all interesting mechanics: the player slows down while shooting which encourages strategic play instead of just holding the attack button. Beautiful art and music that work together to provide that ultimate retro experience.  

The only criticism I have is that there is no warning/indication for when enemies appear outside the screen they keep coming out of nowhere and smacking me.

Very well made, The fact that the enemies can kill you in one hit makes them seem actually dangerous which works very well with the creepy aesthetic. However, after the jetpack, I feel that danger just goes away since I can just stick to the roof like spider-man and shoot them all, maybe conceder adding a limitation to or drawback to its use.

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Really cool idea. I love your art style and how use creepy eyes in a cool way.

Flawless game, I honestly can not think of any criticism, Great and concept only supported by great visuals and audio. Extra thanks for your lighting tutorial which I used in my game.

Very well made. The visual effects were great I really liked the glitching that happens to the world every time you win. The movements were good if a little slippery. The game was challenging without being impossible/unreasonably hard. The ending was ... interesting.

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Beautiful visual style with music and sound to complement it. The mechanic of not being able to see where you were going the second time you walk the same place is very great but I feel it hasn't been utilized enough. Great game overall.

Thank you for the kind words! I have to say, seeing someone like my game enough to make a video about it genuinely fills me with happiness.

Thank you for being the first person to ever show a game I made in a video.

If you're curious my top score was something like 4500 (and I made the frigging game) so you actually did very well.

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Thank you so much! To be honest, I wasn't very sure about the music I chose, I felt it didn't fit well. so I'm really happy someone liked it :)

Best game audio in this jam, the game is fun at the start but gets extremely slow towards the end, I feel the complete randomness of the blocks (and the fact that they keep getting stuck every time I get the color I need) is the reason for that. The shooting section is fine in my opinion it's the puzzle section that needs a bit of tinkering.

While I can't truly review the game since it is not complete, I would like to say that the controls on the right character are very rough, since you can't shoot unless you are walking it is very hard to react quickly enough to kill the enemy because you need to move in it's direction. furthermore, I feel that the right screen is too zoomed in or that the enemies are too fast.

Very fun game play, great art. and the game is pretty fair everything is just the right speed. 

I think it can be improved if you made the knights appear from any of the 4 sides instead on just one, I think this would add a bit of needed randomness to the game later on, maybe you can even spawn 2 at once.

What I found to be annoying is the fact that the slime can spawn right into the player, maybe try spawning them outside the screen then let them move in (like the knight), make them unable to hit the player for a few seconds after they spawn.

Overall I would say this is the funnest game I've played from this jam so far.

I reached 310 points whilst having no idea how the game works I just pressed the bid buttons whenever the price turned black.

What I think the game is: someone else is bidding on the stuff as well you have to bid again before they steal it from you. If this is the case maybe adding a penalty  when buying things that are too expensive would make it more interesting.

Also did I just buy the Soviet Union for 21$?? 

I know you had a lot more in mind when making this game, but you were very limited by the time.

The game is too bare bones for me to review it properly, I can tell you that it could definitely use audio, some more kinds of enemies, and some power ups.

I just want you to know that you can always continue working on the game after the jam. Prove our reviews wrong.

The game is really fun I would totally play a full version of it, the art style and the audio work together very well, the concept has a lot of potential.

Though I would have liked to see more integration between the views. the 2d view Is much easier to work with so I went with it for most of the game. you could maybe add things that you can only do in 3d.

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Thank you for your feedback!

The game's page does tell the player about the notes attached, but since some people download it from here without opening the page, I added a "Help" button in the game that tells the player about the notes. (also as I said before the notes are out side of the game exe as a challenge from the first jam)

I do want to add background music but I'm can't make music (try my other games if you want to see me attempt to, and fail horribly) and I don't have any friends that do, so I left it empty.

P.S: I feel it is complete. I might come back to fix bugs or add music if I meet someone, but other than that I don't think I will continue working on the game.

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Thank you for your feedback!

I will fix the bugs, as for the search textbox there isn't anything you need to search that is longer than the text box itself so I did not think about that.

Finally, the notes are outside the game file because one of the challenges in the games original jam was to have a part of the game outside executable itself. but you are right, I should have added a small piece of text to say so in the game.

EDIT: Ok the bugs are fixed :) Log

Love the art style and the music is a great match for it.

At first, I played the game without reading the instructions so I didn't know about space and what it can do. and the game was perfect you had go away from the flower early  and to a side away from where the bird is coming, to get your bees away form the bird. or go to another flower to call them to you, it added strategy to the game which made it extremly fun.
But when I found out about space the game just became too easy I can just hold space all the time and I won't lose any bees, it completely lost the since of stratgy it had. So in my opinion I think you should get rid of the call function (space) or make it so that you can only use it a very limited amout of times.

This is an overall well rounded game, I really liked the style of the art and the animation is fantastic. 
The physics of the falling objects allows for some interesting strategic gameplay and it certainly separates the game from other "Collect the falling objects" games.
I had a lot of fun playing this game, but sometimes a single water drop does more than one damage if it splashes on your head, I'm not sure if this is a feature or a bug but I feel it is unfair.

Definitely one of the best games I have played so far, really rewarding gameplay. That feeling I got when I jumped off the tree, and when I placed the ball in its pit, is one of the best feelings ever. I could totally continue playing a full on game like this.

On the other hand, I should mention that the game feels slow around the middle. I feel I was doing the exact same thing for a while, maybe you could shorten it or use it to introduce a new mechanic with every tree, though I understand it is hard to add many new mechanics in the timeframe of the jam so the first option would be better.
This is a small thing but I would appreciate it if the controls were explained in the game, even if by a stationary wall text at the beginning.

The audio is great and the music fits very well. The animation is also fantastic and works well with the atmosphere.

However, I feel the game gets a bit repetitive after a few lumberjacks, I found myself just spamming W which can kill any lumberjack before they could even attack.
I wish there was some kind of combo system to spice up the gameplay. or you can make different fingers do different damage amounts, for example, the ring finger, which hits much quicker than the rest, does 1 damage, while the slow thumb does more.
I also would have liked to see an increase in difficulty after a while. for instance, the enemies have more health or attack quicker.

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I added the animations to make the game feel more alive, make it so that there is always something moving on screen. It is odd to me that you thought the game had stopped, because there is always something moving.

Well thank you for your feedback, I will try to make the animations more see-able in future games.

I still don't know why I keep making these stupid spelling mistakes. I'll fix them soon. Thank you for your feedback!

Really like the aesthetic, your use of the colours, and the simplicity of the game.

One thing I think can improve the game is adding some kind of sprite to show where the player planted. I can't tell whether I clicked too early or too late, so it took me a long time to understand when I am supposed to click.

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Ah frick, I should have thought of that.

Thank you so much for your feedback

EDIT: I added the ability to hold, the gameplay should feel a bit better now

The art and music are fantastic. The atmosphere of the game is also really cool. you did much more than I could with 3 colours.

On the other hand, I feel that there are many things you can improve:

Firstly, you should add a way to show whether the player still has the power up or not.
Secondly, I think it would be more fun if you made it that winning happens when the player clears all or most of the polution. because I can win the game by just clearing one which isn't very fun. Or maybe make so the player can continue playing after getting 300 points.
thirdly, the pits in the map that polution can get stuck in, I feel they don't really add a challenge instead they are just annoying.

I know I went a little hard with the criticism, but I just want you to improve. as I would love if someone did the same for me.