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Mono Pixel

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thank you for the feedback!

wow thank you!

yes, i'm plnning on expanding it. thanks for the feedback!

PLZ keep in mind that game is not polished at all, so plz do not expect anything very good  from it, though i  think its a neat idea for a game. *I was in such a hurry that i forgot to even add the player in the last level. my bad  


* i'm thinking of doing some more work on it. ENJOY!!


You can   play it on the browser though.   It is working fine for me on windows 10  chrome browser. 

On the main page it says   the jam starts in two hours.   But on  the jam page it says 1d remaining.   what is the actuall   starting time of the jam .

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Can I get the source?

Glad you liked it!

Oh, really solid advice. Thanks for it.

Thanks for this man. I would love to work with you. We can make a game together. Can you make sure your drive link is correct. It is not working for me.

Thanks for your feedback. I'm glad you liked it!

Thanks. I am glad you liked it.

Thanks for your feed back!

Sweet gameplay mechanics. Interesting take!

Sweet gameplay. Game art was engaging. Good take on the theme btw.

really cool game mechanics. I really love it. Great job.

super sweet gameplay! Nice job.

I like the sounds of your game very much. Good job!

Thanks. Your game rocks btw.

Good game art. It was fun experience.


Good take on theme. Actually liked it.

Oh dani!

Glad to know that pixel art and voices turned out not too bad. I am actually a programmer and suck at art.

Thanks for the feedback. I will sure check out your boyfriend's game.

I'm glad you liked it.




I like your concept for rewind. Very cool.

Thanks for the feedback. I sure will checkout your game.

Good take

I am making a team for this game jam. I am a programmer and suck at game and sound design. Let me know if someone is interested. 

Don't worry bro. My game is also not fun, not beautiful and no nothing. If you just managed to finish the game, you rock! Game Jams are about having fun and learning.