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Yep ='(

I tested it on an another PC and it worked, great app =) I had fun playing with it, and the look is awesome =)

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I have an issue, when I open the app It only display it's name, but I can play sound with my keyboard.

Great game!!It was really fun, I've spent too much time playing. =) 
 Add a small progression system and port it on mobile phone!!

Great game!! The mechanics is good and original, the visual is cute but I misreaded  the numbers 1 and 4 at first. The music choice <3

Nice! hard but nice game =)

Nice rythm game =) The track design is good, The inputs are confusing at first though.

Really original!! It's a nice idea =)

It's reaaaaally good =)
A little too slow but I enjoyed it!! I was surprised that even the menu was controlled by morse!!

Just awesome!! your mechanics is so clever and original how did came up with this idea?

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Not really a hack, but I wrote the ugliest code I never written =)

I used unity for the jam and I used DoTween everywhere for animating stuff and I used lamda as callback to launch other animations.. in one place I have something like  8 nested lambdas in one callback.. this thing is several hundred lines long...

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Was it "tits"?  =P

I didn't remove that one =)

To the person that used regedit to replay the game, I don't know who you are but I Like you very much <3

Yes, it was a big question.. what if nobody play the game? The number of of silence should decrease with more player =)
I really wanted to have only genuine players answer and no fake answers. It's amazing seing the database grow in realtime !

One sence at a time is a really good idea! Didn't have the chance to really use other senses than "look" though.

The ball hurting players is a really good idea, and a good take on this type of game! And the artstyle/music are cool !

Really cool artstyle and cool mechanic, the camera is hard to work with and the level design do not use the mechanic very well but the concept is top! ( I really liked the "pop" sound of the arrow =p )

Really cute game, the pidgeon are awesome!! Don't really get where the theme is used but it was cool =)

I really like the idea, it was fun, challenging, and original. The last phase have some issues but the concept work very well!

Soo cute and really fun =) I agree, this game need a bark button =)