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This had me invested 'til the very end... very good job overall! The story was interesting and was presented in a way that kept me interested throughout the whole experience. The 1-bit graphic style and glitch shaders really conveyed the unsettling mood.

A couple minor bugs and funky controls, I got a bit stuck after reading the note right before the control room button and couldn't move forward or backward (unless I held both W and UP ARROW).

All in all, probably my favourite game of the jam!

Great work mixing the 2D and 3D aesthetics together.  The difference in art-styles really made it more creepy by disconnecting the characters from the environment. Amazing work!

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Here we thought we were the only ones creating a train game! Amazing work on this submission. Loved the aesthetic and details of the models AND you even had time for a second ending!

Don't think I'll ever go to a bathhouse after playing this game!

Loved the unique art-style of this game! Can't believe it was all hand drawn. Nice touch with the narration as well. Could really see this game be fleshed out a bit more. Great work!

Would love to see more of this game! Unfortunately I ran into that issue of not being able to continue after dying, which was a shame. Can't wait to see more updates post-jam!

I love the style, albeit a bit straining on the eyes after a while. Very interesting little game!

I feel like everyone deep down has this exact phobia, whether we are conscious of it or not. This game really does not help me forget about these sort of nightmares lol. Great work on creating something really unique! :D

Great to see an adventure game in a game jam! I could imagine it would've taken so much time to make all those screen panels. Great work. :D

Quite impressive how you managed to get a game to look so good in such little time. The PT vibes were definitely there, but somehow it felt unique. Great work!

Great use of mechanics! They really tied into the aesthetic well, bringing the whole experience together. Only wish there was more to play! Amazing submission. :D

I'm a massive fan of any lo-fi game, especially those dipping into the PSX style graphics. Great work on the atmosphere!

Music was super loud. But apart from that it was a very fun platformer to play! Amazing work!

Loved the ambiance! The models were very high-detailed for a jam submission. Great work!

This game gave me major nostalgia! Felt like a classic dungeon crawler mixed with a wave shooter. Great work :D

Wish there was a windows build for this game! Unfortunately my device didn't support the game :(

Wish there was a windows build for this game! Unfortunately my device didn't support the game :(

Very nice work for a 24hr submission! Nailed the aesthetic quite well. Wish there was some sound to add to the atmosphere! Got a little confused after pressing the button, wasn't too sure where to go.

Love the reference to local58tv! Very atmospheric, the sound design was spot on.

Loved the look and feel of the game. :D

I don't know if I was an isolated case, but I found the webGL version to be very choppy in terms of frame rate. Maybe you could add a downloadable version post jam?

Awesome work for a first submission!

Like many other people have noted, this game is very atmospheric! Gave me the vibes of classic black & white horror films with just a touch of found footage.

Only criticism was that it felt like there was a delay for jumping.

But apart from that, terrific game, would love to see more levels! :D

Unique story, audio is nice and atmospheric. The drawn pictures in the intro were fittingly creepy and conveyed the horror of cats pretty well. All around good job!

Very atmospheric!

I love the bird designs!

Very Spooky!

Very Spooky!

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The controls were very interesting, I really felt as if I was the crow! The lightning killed me a number of times!

Very good! I got killed a few times by some cones.

This is great! I can see this being a part of a haunted arcade.

Thanks for playing! We had many plans that had to be scrapped due to time, maybe they'll get added in. ;

I see you're a fan of skeletons too!

Was excited to see how this spooky rpg battle game would play out. but when I tried to use the "Hurt" spell and the game crashed. :(

Sad we couldn't play :(

Best game I've played so far! Got all 4 pieces but couldn't manage to build the friend. Loved the overall aesthetic of the game. With twisted nursery rhyme music playing, it really set the mood. My only critique was that there was a lot of time spent walking between the different zones with not a lot happening. But apart from that, excellent submission!

Great video. Thanks for checking our game out!

Unique setting for a horror game! Must say the track that's playing in the club had me grooving along. I unfortunately uncounted a problem - when I was meant to take the trash outside, my mission said "Talk to Emily" but I was unable to find her, after dumping the rubbish in the bin the game told me to go back inside, however I couldn't hit the trigger to progress the story. Would love to see how the story unfolds!

The jumpscare got me really good the first time, jumped right out of my seat! Would love to have a highscore on the main menu, so I can see how far I got. But otherwise great work on the submission!

The environments are super high quality, especially for a jam submission.  Very challenging game also, after 4 attempts I still couldn't make it past the keycard door without dying. Reminds of the SCP games, which I thoroughly enjoy, Great work!

Loved the spritework and animation! Had a few problems however, I managed to make the chest infinitely spawn candies but I was unable to give any to the NPC. Adding some sound effects would be nice also. Really excited to see how the game progresses!

Hey igor, thanks for trying out the game. Unfortunately Day 2 had quite of lot of bugs in the Jam build. But if you want the TRUE experience of Job Done try the latest build!

An interesting idea with controls that are confusing at first, but have the potential to be mastered. I didn't really know what to do until a friend suggested moving the boxes, maybe with some sort of objective it'd be clearer. Although, I did push the box onto the switch on the 2nd level and the door didn't open. Cool concept!