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haha i forgot about azerty, in my mind it's wasd but it's actually zqsd, sry about the inconvenience! thanks for trying it!! <3

i couldn't dethrone the king! this is a lot of fun, balancing stuff in my hand was my fav thing to do when i was young! i love this! ^-^

This was a fun little game! I Spamming missiles feels good but isn't exactly a winning strategy xD

Nick Cage killed all the doors in search of the one room but alas he died in a lava :p

the heat is over 9000!!!

Neat! Thanks for the info.

Is RAR ever going to be supported or it just doesn't work with your implementation?

Sounds like a cool idea, I'm curious how this is going to work. Good luck! I'll make sure to keep tabs on Superpowers. :D

The demo was quite fun, I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the music, plus the art is beautiful. The mechanics are a little odd at first glance but it soon makes sense. Keep up the good work! x

The final resting place for bugs where they come to meet their demise!

This thread is meant as a way to report various bugs and issues that occur in the game so I can fix them as soon as possible. Looking forward to ironing them out as they come! よろしくお願いします!

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Please post any feedback or criticism you have about the game, anything that comes to mind is welcome here!

Here are some categories that you could comment on :

  • Gameplay & Mechanics
  • Performance, controls, ease of use.
  • User Interface
  • Art & overall theme
  • Story writing & the use of languages

I'm really excited for this app. It looks awesome already! <3 <3 <3