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Animations were great man ....

Sick mechanics !!

Thanks !


Sweet and Unexpected :)

Thanks ! I will try :]

Glad you liked it ... and yeah i have that plan ... :)

Well my target was to make the player feel like getting something in the game so i added XP system....actually i was practicing the save system in Godot so ended up with this .... thanks a lot i will keep that in mind :)

Thanks a lot and yeah i don't know that much of game+music .... i will try to improve that thing :)

Thanks a lot ... it is my bad habit to mix "S" and "Z" .... and where is the fun without a bit different control :)

Well press "." in the numpad to hide the mouse ... i also accounted that but can't tell why it is happening in browser ...

Thanks a lot...

Well it does have a Classic Snake game type movement ..... creatively awesome...

Feels like i am in Japan !!! Though the "How to play" guide should be a bit more clear ... but it is good

The sounds are a bit lagging ... but loved the way you used the assets

Looks great ... The enemy are a bit faster than the player ....

Yeah i realized that ... i am not that good at game musics . still learning :)

Thanks and yeah my laptop have right and left click but it will make the thing more complex . And i will try to make things more dynamic .

Great game ! Well the bullets are going only one direction [Curve] .. overall loved the game :)

Loved the style ... specially that beep musics ..

Thanks for the advice , well , i already planned that but there is a problem . Some laptops [Like mine] doesn't have any right or left button . It is controlled by touch gesture . So i changed the player's control . :)

Bean would be proud of you ...

Thanks a lot

Thanks man!


Thanks ! i will try to add more art work in my game...

Thanks a lot ... the jump animation was a problem , that's true

Thanks a lot..and yeah the blurriness is a problem but i am new in Pixel animation so i just rotated that thing and took a pic...and as the result i got that unwanted blur:( ....thanks a lot and yep i am planning to do something with our Piksi character....

Thanks for your support but i think it maybe happening  because of html5 .. I am not sure but when i am running the game it looks like acting fast enough...Well i will try to improve[Upgrade] the Controlling issue ...Thanks a lot

Thanks a lot!!

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That's an undeniable thing :D Even i got confused for the first time i exported it!

Really awesome game , never thought one can do that much in a limited time . Really great . It would be more better if i can do like paint without hitting space key that much ... But after all i loved this game

Thanks to you...:)

Glad you liked it! Actually as for revolution means changing in a fast pace .... i though why not do this...

I will try to add more...but time flies really fast :(

Thanks a lot for playing my game... i used Godot to build it and as you are using Godot too [I played your game,it is really fresh!] i did this =>

$playe_sprite.texture=preload("the path of my sprite")

i also added the Godot project in the game page... again thanks a lot

Thanks a lot....i will keep that in mind...

Thanks for playing my game...and also thanks for those advice i really need some.....well, Piksi is a RADIO-ACTIVE cube and the main goal is to reach[kill] the DINOSAUR .... :) Tim is in cave ..Remember??