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Thanks! Tell her I say good luck :^)

This is awesome work Mason :^)!

yo this was fricken great! nice job! i really enjoyed the puzzles and the game flowed really well once I knew my jump distance. 

also the key bait was wonderful.

the music and overall look really put me into a chill/puzzle solving mood so props to that. 

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thnk u jon topielski

sweet concept and level design.

it took me a while to figure out the flow of the levels though and it kinda felt like I was guessing at the start.

but once I got the gist it felt like it really opened up to some cool thoughts and planning.

HAHAHA! My thoughts exactly. Thanks Mason!

Thanks for taking the time to write this out and I am glad you enjoyed it :) I'll defiantly consider some of the points you made.

For platformers I'd probably say all of of Edmund McMillen's work then obviously Celeste.

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Thanks for mentioning your quibble. I kinda agree completely I think if I tinker with the project again I'll tackle that waiting problem.

edit: I just halved it it try out the idea and it feels 100% better. 


yo this is so great overall. im to trash to get passed level one but man this is fun.

i like to spin

i have acquired seed


thanks Jon :D. hope all is well

I worked with them to flush out a couple more levels for it to be more suitable for their website! And glad you like it :)!

Thanks Eric :)!

I don't get the mechanic either. Thanks for trying it out :)!

this was awesome to watch. Glad you liked playing it, and I'm sorry the pears don't do anything.

Thanks, we will see.

Nice vids btw

Unfortunate that I didn't get the chance to try this out, but after watching the video what a wonderful way to wrap it up. Incredibly well done.

Thank you very much :)

we got 2nd. and a coffee maker, couldn't be happier :).



Could be even more awesome with more levels :D!


Thank you for the well written feedback, and for playing.

I agree with everything that you said hahaha!

I hope to maybe get back to this concept, but I think I have a couple ideas that are currently ahead in queue.

Have you tried my other game DED GUY? It's very inspired by the TF2 rocket jumping.

side note, it's pretty tough.



I did not do the music my friend Connor Grail did.

Here's a link to his youtube, he will for sure know way more about this then I do!

Thank you! 

I'm not sure yet honestly. I was thinking this just being a small write off. But it seems like it has some promise, so I may continue development. 

Thanks Mason! I hope to talk to you soon and we can catch up.

Thank you so much Mason :D!

Thank you Chris :D

:') thank you

Thanks Mason!

I hope all is well!

I'd consider it finished.

I've got some other things in the works I want people to try out hahaha

it was just optional difficulty.

I didnt get have time to throw in something special for people who collected all of them.

I still admire you getting all of them though :)!

Thanks Mason!

thank you so much