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Honestly no clue.........! 

Glad it fixed itself!

I'd say so!

izza mastapiece 


travel through the center of the earth!

or something like that

Game Maker Studio : 2

I'm glad you finally did it !

Here ya go

You just get a little mid-air boost!

HAHA thanks! Yeah I kinda felt like "this is how cannon should be played"

Great design y'all. 

I think the fact you guys included special dice was the cherry on top of an already functional jam game.

I found a little bug, I had unlimited rockets if I right clicked :P

My only nit pick is I wanna play it much faster!

A masta'piece !

I genuinely could easily see this being a perfect game to compete with friends.

Also the extra levels made a solid foundation just bloom!

Sweet Design + Theme + Art style.

Had a blast playing and I only wanted more upgrade to choose from!

Solid design + Building nicely on the mechanic with nice clean visuals.
I found I got a bit confused on how to win since I lost track of my dice too easily.

Did make it though!


Yeah that was a huge oversight by us on the game over screen !

But whenever I finish a game jam, the same nagging question pops into my head: When am I going to finally work on a bigger project?

I can relate to this. But I found I stopped the nagging of maybe bigger projects aren't for me. At least for now.

If you're enjoying working on a bigger project, then do that.
If you're enjoying game jams, continue to do that.

I find there's a lot of external pressures to be successful financially. But I think just being in love with the art is the most important thing. The financial stuff may just naturally come (hopefully).

I was/still am very privileged but for a time but I still had some bills to pay and jams actually were a source of income due to non-exclusive licenses.

anywho! Awesome work the past 3 years. It's been a real journey to see you develop as an artist and a designer!

GameMaker Studio: 2!

Sweet game! Good visuals, feel and choices.

I heckin suck at it though >:(

:^) thanks y'all.

yeah I might polish it up since there is a "game". just lately don't have as much time as I use too.

thank you adam <3

I'd think it would be the scanline/crt vibe ;)

I'd love to help out but I'd rather take the discussion somewhere else
you can ask me questions on my discord at
it'd just be easier is all

There is a prebuilt Animation End you can use to detect that stuff.

I felt a really similar way when I first started gamemaker too (seeing people use all these tricks). I think there's a ton of tutorials out there that can help whip you up into shape to figure these things out.

I think your profile looks great haha! and thank you for the kind words.

No problem.

What do you mean my profile background?

Like the banner I have on my profile?

All I did was create a background layer and put in a sprite with the dots you see.

Then the yin and yang symbol is just a sprite sheet animation on a background layer as well.

gamemaker 2 !

o jeez. sounds like some sort of bug I never caught!

when you dash down and all the seeds are flowers it should be completed!

he's kinda nuts.

he also beat cuphead at the age of 5, not to flex.

This game was such a treat even with a boss battle. Great mechanic and level design! 

Also tons of movement options for only having one button is impressive!

Time : 194.4

Yeah I agree there's room for some pretty whacky stuff.

I didn't utilize the full 48 hours at all so I didn't have much time to flush out the level design sadly.

Though seein all the positive reception so far I think I'll expand it to make it a more full experience!

Also I like to think the style is this wombatish/baba is you combination hahaha!

thanks jon ur the best

HAHa yeah I got super lazy towards the splash art phase

Hey this is awesome!

(1 edit)

Thanks >:^)! Yeah here's a link!

thank you murilo! im hoping all is well with ya

thanks mason! :^)


Yeah go for it :)!

Thanks! Tell her I say good luck :^)