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I had the same issue: the file is hidden: if you open it up in the terminal, you can rename it to remove the "." at the start and it should become visible.

Thanks! Yes I struggled a bit with how to manage what happens when the player dies: I ended up resetting everything in the scene because I didn't have the skills/knowlege to manage it better in Godot, but I think as you say it would be better to just drop back in from where you left off and keep any words you touched already :) 


Thanks! I'm not sure whats happened with that as the html export didn't seem to match the resolution I was going for :) I'm a Godot newb so I think I need to read more to understand what's going on, thanks for the tip!

I couldn't get the mac app to run: says it can't be opened (on osx 10.15)?

Wow, this was amazing :)! fantastic game concept, graphics, music, the lot :) ... the graphics are so cute, and the main menu is just incredible. I like how the music subtly speeds up as the time runs down. I liked the gameplay concept, it was really fun to try and race around for books: one thing that could make it even better would be if there were multiple customers at once :)

Cool idea, I liked the little animated figures in each part of the story.

This was such a cool game: neat concept and well executed: I really liked the artwork and music, great fit. I realised that my typing speed must be pitiful because I pretty much couldn't avoid taking damage after the first enemy :) Great work!

Thanks! Good suggestion about the transparent cat! :)

Thanks for playing! I'm such a Godot newb :) I'm still getting my head around all the different function calls for processing, physics, rendering etc. ... it didn't occur to me that a 144Hz screen would call that function faster than a standard display :) Thanks!

This was great: she really did love books! What a hot and steamy story :) ... this was a pretty unique experience. I liked the cute humour in the story. The graphics were really cool, and transitions were so nice and smooth. The music really added a relaxing atmosphere to the story too. Good work!


Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! The end of the last level comes into view after you defeat the mean boy: you can get him with his own laser :) ... unless there was a bug in there I didn't know about :) ... the lastchapter var should be 4.

This was cool: I really liked to overall design in terms of the art, sound design etc. it has a really nice atmosphere to it. The game control and concept were good too: I found it a bit hard a first, but got the hang of it after a few deaths :)

This was an interesting game idea: I also had alot of trouble with the UI for organising the words, I could get them in the right order (I think) but then wasn't sure what to do?

Fun game: the music was really nice, the overworld music was some peaceful :) ... I liked the light and shadows in the dungeons and main character animation.


I like that you had a backstory :) the game was pretty fun. I found the physics of the platforming a bit funny, like I would overshoot when moving mid-air, but I couldn't put my finger on exactly what I found difficult with it. cool game!

Great work, this game looks, feels and sounds amazing. The artwork is so detailled.

This was great! I really liked the music: perfectly sets the mood and the sprite are is really cool.

It's not 64x64, but still a pretty fun game!

Pixel art is absolutely gorgeous: took me a bit to understand the mechanics but got it in the end. Great entry!

Really cool game!

Super awesome! The graphics look very nice and creates quite a spooky atmosphere.

This was very fun, but also quite hard!

I really liked the graphics and the story! Nice use of the resolution limit.

It works very well! Kind of reminds me of metroid zero mission in a way ...

Cool idea, I like the graphics. I don't know if it's just me, but the timer ticks much faster than once per second. It's insanely difficult. 

Well done! This game had a lot of depth and I liked all the exploration. I liked the vibe and atmosphere, even though I couldn't pick up exactly what the story and backstory were.

Really cool game: super nice graphics, I love the bounce and flow in the animations, great use of limited palette, reads really well. Good fun gameplay too, not too hard which I like!

Cool game! I like the graphics and how the instructions are built into the background. Also, super cool logo intro :)

Thanks Bucketon! I didn't think it broke the 64x64 grid, but it' s possible I had a bug or something :)? Thanks for playing!

Thanks Nils!

Interesting game mechanic! Was pretty fun to play!

The player character looks kinda cool (and a bit creepy): not sure if there is something to do in the game beyond exploring empty rooms?

I didn't quite understand where I was supposed to go or what I was supposed to do: I couldnt quite tell if the things on the screen are items or enemies or how to interact with them

Couldn't get the OSX app to run: it brings up an error message "This app can't be opened". Running on OSX 10.15, not a security issue ...

I love Sokoban ... this is a cool setting to wrap this gameplay mechanic up in: the graphics are very cute!

This was really fun: I usually don't like turn-based combat as I feel like nothing I do tactics wise makes a difference, but I didn't feel that in this game: it was a good balance of different options based on magic, attacks and fleeing too. I really love the artwork, and the music is super awesome!