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Interesting concept: Unmuted was my favourite: I like the bird song and interesting percussion in the second half: great work!

Wow, cool idea for the theme, and quite sombre: good take on the seasons idea, and sounds like that would be a cool game. I really liked the rainy sax and piano, and a nice beat for the summer and winter songs too.


Thank you!

Thank you! Yes, it's a banjo: I played with some other guitar sounds, but the banjo felt the most expressive.

Thanks very much for the feedback! It really means a lot to me :)

This is really great: you really have perfectly captured the vibe of an epic SNES-era platformer to my ears: I can really feel that there is a game behind all this music. Lots of Earthbound vibes for me in the drums and bass. Awesome stuff!

Very interesting mix of different timbres with the instruments used: I can imagine the conversations going on between the different seasons where each instrument is a unique voice and all the overlapping discussion that is happening. Cool concept!

Thank you!

The guitar is so good! I love all the different moods you can capture with it as a lead instrument. The jazz fusion in winter is super cool, from a VGM perspective kind of reminds me of Mario Kart :) and I love the excitement in the Battle Theme! Rock on!


Sounds great: I really like the sound effects and background ambient sounds, definitely add character to the experience and I can really feel the game playing out. Really love that funky synth bass. Great work!

Really nice! I really like the concept and the music fits really well with this. 

Sounds great: I really like your choice of chord tones and progressions and how they drive the music forward, and with basically no repetition: I found this approach very expressive, particularly in Winter Storm and Seasons Change. Great work!

I really enjoyed the range of different emotions from ambient tracks to battle themes. I think the Sun-Drenched Plains was my favourite, just has such a catchy beat to it, and the opening theme does a great job of creating a sense of wonder and excitement with a great build up in the energy towards the lats 2/3rds of the track. Nice! 

Super amazing! Everything sounds so polished. The game descriptions fit the story told in the music so well. I really loved the main theme: so memorable and very mellow. I really liked the concept of mixing SNES sounds with the orchestra and felt like I would have liked to hear more SNES (although the orchestral instruments were very, very nice). I really liked the changing of the seasons in Take the Day and instrumentation choices here: does really convey the seasons you are going for: awesome!

Sounds like it would make good background music to a game you describe: some of the synths have a nice wibbly-wobbly feeling to them like jelly :)

Campfire camp and hypothermia are great! I haven't heard many tracks using live musicians playing, so great work. I also really like Temple of Ice: feels like an epic boss battle. 

Nice beats! I really like the mix of chiptune and samples. I like the way you layer different elements to create the ambience of the environments that are proposed in the game description. Cool work!

Nice work: everything had a lovely, chilled out vibe to it: kind of reminds me of sitting inside and watching the rain out my window :)

Awesome in scope: definitely has a very unsettling vibe to the whole experience. I think I loved the Summer Fight track the best: I liked the glitchy saturation coming into the fight and then the section from the strings onwards: I can definitely feel myself embroiled in a battle to the death. Great work!

Thank you! I wish I could have live musicians play too, but I think that I maybe wrote some part to be unplayable by humans (e.g. I wasn't really sure if a cello player could play pizzicato that fast, but I thought it sounded god any way :) ) ... The white thing that appears towards the middle/bottom half of the theme image (by Cheddy Ju) looks a bit like an ice spider to me, so that was the inspiration for the name :)


Thank you!


Thank you!

Really stella stuff: I love how the winter track slowly brings everything to life, feels like a sunrise setting over a dead frozen landscape. I really like the strong main theme and how it fits into each season: Its a very majestic sound that you have created. Flute ornaments in Spring sound so cool. I really like the little dark turn the music takes when it heads into that bvi chord after once through the main theme, add a really nice colour to everything. Awesome!

I liked the concept here, and the artwork. The strong synth sounds lend themselves well to the concept. 

Sounds cool: I like the beat. I can imagine myself playing like a farming 2D game like harvest moon, but with 16-bit era pixel art while listening to this :). Nice!

I really liked the chord progression you used: it created such a cool vibe. Nice contrast between the two tracks with instrumentation, but definitely feel the connection. The background waves and atmospheric reverb really capture a unique occultic kind of vibe: awesome!

This was really fun to listen to: I really like the mix of textures, it has a really nice ambience to it. "Daemon" was particularly cool for me, I like the use of main melody pushed into a minor key and the big brass section build ups make this feel really epic and exciting, great climax to the whole story. The artwork and imagined/story are super cool and unique and creative too: well done!

Thank you!

Sounds awesome: such an epic, powerful sound to the whole piece. It also sounds really well mastered and has a real sense of polish: great job!

This is a very charming short-yet-sweet collection. You make a lot out of the one instrument, and it's a good choice for that punchy sort of sound. I like how you layer different melodies and arpeggios and ostinatos together to create different tempos, it's very pleasant to listen too. Great work!

Great work: I think the instrumentation of woodwinds and harp really captures the mood you are going for. I really liked the texture you have created, everything has a very lush and dreamy ethereal sort of sound.

This definitely gives an AI slowly taking over the world sort of vibe: I really liked the combo of the bells and slowly rising synths: like a giant machine starting up.

I like the opening theme: it really draws you in with its strong and definite melody. Orchestration sounds really great. I like the electronic elements that slot into the orchestra at the start of each track. The final boss battle is nice and driving: I really like that low piano note ostinato. Great work!

Great opening: really feels epic, and everything is so well orchestrated, and just feels so polished and professional. The main theme used here and in the finale has such a lovely, memorable and catchy feel to it. I love the use of the acoustic guitar and subtle background ambience, feels really immersive to the setting described in story, and I love the playfulness of the indoor hometown theme. I really like the story arc that follows through Harvest Festival to Barren fields, I can really feel and visualise what is happening here in the game. I do like a good climactic boss battle and Natural Disaster really delivers for me. I also like how Eternal Permafrost has a more steady build up and synth baseline and high hat that drives the music forward. Love the Erhu in crossing the river ... I think this is my favourite track. If I had to think of anything critical to say, I'd say there's something a bit funny about the sound of the crash cymbal used throughout: it sort of sounds a bit lofi like a sample from A Link to the Past in the title theme, but could just be my ears :)

There's just so much packed into this soundtrack: I'm just amazed how you can manage to get this all down pat in a week! I can really imagine this playing alongside a full-scale epic adventure game, awesome work! omg I'm still humming that main theme in my head :)

I liked the feeling of depth in the orchestration. I liked the creepiness of the Void track. Well done!

Moon Man: so nice and smooth, love the sax. Temporary Paradise gives me a 90s sega sort of vibe, definitely feel myself riding on a jetski under the midday sun :). "Harvester's" is a good follow on to this theme, and I like the call and response of the sax and synth-like instrument. I like the connection of the pentatonic melody between the different tracks. I really dig the flower blood moon: frenetic drums have a real Aphex Twin vibe and combination of crazy chord progression and jazz reminds me of Earthbound. I could hear a little nod to Dolphin Shoals: love it :) ... there is so many cool ideas packed into this track :) Awesome job!