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Unfortunately, I've had to end support for Mac versions as I no longer have a Mac to develop on. I'm not sure whether the problem is a 32-bit/64-bit thing, or just because the game was built against a very old version of OS X. On other storefronts, the game is no longer listed as being available for Mac; on itch, I don't have a way to do that without entirely removing the old download. (Maybe I should do that.)

If you need a refund, let me know and I'll try to figure out how to do it.

Thanks! It's track 7 - "Cthulhu".

If you're using the app, it should have updated it automatically. Else, click the Download button at the top of the store page to access your library.

It's up there too now! Let me know if you're having trouble finding it, I'll see if I can help.

Hi, sorry for the trouble! If I recall correctly, saves on Mac are stored in ~/Library/Application Support/NEON STRUCT, so they should be safe if you uninstall and reinstall.

I'm not certain, but I believe the key can also be obtained through the download link at the top of the page.


Added new plot points, Big Bad gimmicks, and NPC dialogue, written by Xalavier Nelson Jr. (@WritNelson).
Added Trick or Treat mission type.
Added Ritual mission type.
Added shotgun weapon and ammo types.
Added Harrow miniboss.
Added Sharpshooter bracelet.
Added Halloween gloom twist (increased minion presence).
Added pumpkin vine traps.
Added new level modules for Logan's Woods, Greyside, and The Howl.
Logan's Woods levels no longer always terminate inside a cave.
Adjusted challenge scalar coefficients to produce a more ideal difficulty curve.
In Hard and Expert modes, local threat level is no longer reduced by succeeding a mission.
Big Bads can now teleport during combat.
Big Bads now use more accurate projectile aiming method.
Katana animation speed is slightly reduced.
Katana damage output is slightly reduced.
Silver katana stun time is slightly reduced.
Fanged katana debuff effect is slightly reduced.
Added foreground hand motion when leaning.
Added grass cards to Greyside and Lancaster State levels.
Added experimental support for mouse buttons 4 and 5 (also called X1 and X2).


Fixed an animation bug due to float/double precision errors.
Fixed a rare crash caused by endless portal recursion.

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Yes, Steam keys are available! As far as I know, I can't email them out. Instead, you can claim your key from your unique download page (linked at the top of the page here: More details:

I'm not sure what I can do, but send me an email at david dot pittman at gmail dot com and I'll try to help.

I've avoided SDL2 2.0.4 because (at least the last time I checked) it's only available as x86_64 on OS X, and Slayer Shock is built for 32-bit on all platforms.

That being said, it looks like the headers for SDL 2.0.3 do support the X1/X2 mouse buttons, and I've made the appropriate changes for that; but I don't actually own a 5-button mouse I can test with, so that'll be an experimental change whenever it comes out.

Unless something comes up that absolutely needs to be fixed, this is the build that will launch on 9/29.


Added 6 new bracelets:
- Greased Bracer: power slide goes further
- Sticky Fingers: chests give more loot
- Undead Eye: sneak attack deals more damage
- Cleaner: vampire dust piles give more dust
- Iron Stomach: vampire dust piles give more health
- Weighted Band: shove staggers enemies for longer
Increased Elite health by 20% and Big Bad health by 60%.
Increased crossbow bolt damage and adjusted bolt ammo limits.
Increased shove impulse.
Made shove impact SFX punchier.
Made mission rewards give less dust (except for Patrol which gives slightly more).
Made dust drops from Elites and minibosses give less dust.
Added some animation feedback when tapping a lock.
Clarified camera flash ammo types with descriptive names.
Added flavor text for neighborhoods on map screen.
Added one more Big Bad "gimmick".
Added a handful of plot points.
Added a couple more NPC color schemes.
Added yearbook events (for all plot points now).
Added two new pieces of music.
Added Suburbs school module.
Added color grading for Suburbs, Uni, and Woods.
Added some environment art in Greyside and Howl houses.
Improved some environment art in Logan's Woods.
Made vial particles transparent.


Cut wider nav holes around Uni benches, which should fix some stuck AIs.
Fixed bracelet reward string not being shown in mission results.
Fixed some poses clipping through NPC clothing.
Fixed some gaps in the Greyside minimap.
Made the threat up/down messages not show when Big Bads are killed.
Fixed mouse movement being slow and erratic when fixed frame time and Vsync are disabled. (This should be considered an experimental change, and may not perform as intended on monitors with high refresh rates or mice with high polling rates.)


Minimap is shaded based on height.
Added camera motion when waking up in S1E1, and moved actors around.
Added camera tween when entering and exiting lockpick mode.
Light, Heal, and Quickload inputs are active in lockpick mode.
Lockpick taps and forces have an input timeout to prevent spamming.
Changed default flashlight keybind from L to T to put it closer to the WASD cluster.
Threat level changes are explicitly called out in results screen.
Camera UV flash enrages enemies (makes them target everyone).
Vials now have a larger radius and higher damage.
Player deals slightly less damage in Hard and Expert modes.
Taboo and Lupus now play vulnerable damage effects when hit by the damage types they are not resistant to.
Added new music for Logan's Woods.
Added music for the final yearbook sequence.
Reduced seasons per legacy from 7 to 5.
Added a new Rogue favor to disguise yourself as a vampire for 1 night.
Reduced cost of Scramble Vampires favor.
Added brief timeouts before allowing plot point, mission results, and research results screens to be closed.
Added Minion and Elite spawners to Suburbs streets and lawns.
Made Uni levels a bit shorter.
Eased up on coffins a bit.
Slightly reduced the number of hostages in Rescue missions.
Added a bunch more Elite, Hostage, and Relic Chest spawn opportunities.
Added an additional particle effect to distinguish opening a Relic Chest.


Enemy AI flushes behavior tree when it gets stuck, instead of random walking. Fixes some janky motion.
AI local avoidance properly accounts for differences in actor size. Fixes most cases of AIs stuck on pumpkins.
AI local avoidance handles objects placed against walls by always steering toward the object's front. Fixes most cases of AIs stuck on coffins and chests.
Camera flashes properly alert enemies to player's presence.
Theft plot point only occurs if you have 250 dust to lose.
Loading a game during lockpicking no longer causes odd behavior.
Fixed particle systems staying alive on dead Lupus.
Fixed Big Bad music not stopping when all Big Bads are killed.
Fixed multiple yearbook events in a single episode not being shown.


Tarrare has a new shoulder charge attack.
Melee weapons can be equipped in any slot. (The top slot is still melee-only and is now labeled as such.)
Player moves more slowly when backpedaling.
Enemies can hear breaking windows and doors.
Fog color and opacity change when going indoors to match environment.
Coffins and standard loot chests appear more frequently in high-threat neighborhoods.
There are more coffin opportunities in all regions.
A bunch of small environment additions.
Wood and Fanged katana have proper impact sounds.
Season/legacy final reports have a backdrop instead of solid black.
Player damage timeout and last-chance-save threshold are disabled in Expert mode.
Legacy Points and vampire dust have a more fair exchange rate.


Enemies can navigate stairwells in Lancaster State.
Lockpicking inputs display properly in help screen.

Post 'em here! Or email them to me at if you'd like.

If you're reporting a bug, please be as specific as possible. Screenshots are especially helpful if the bug occurs in a specific location.


Ah, thanks, I wasn't aware of that recommendation! The .so that's in there now is one I compiled myself, and is probably older than the Steam RT one.

Yes! Not immediately, but I'll be distributing Steam keys on or around the release date of September 29.

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Yes, it will remain on here and receive all future updates at the same time as Steam and other platforms.

My current plan is for it to also be available on Steam, Humble widget, and possibly the Humble Store.

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Thanks for the report and solution! I'll see if I can repackage it so the symlinks work as intended.

Edit: Okay, I've renamed the shared library and removed the bad symlinks. I don't know if that's a proper solution, but ~~it works on my machine~~. If this causes more problems, I'll revisit it.