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Slayer Shock

Assemble a team, hunt the vampires, and save your hometown! · By Minor Key Games

Build 44 (RC0) patch notes Locked

A topic by Minor Key Games created Sep 24, 2016 Views: 663
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Unless something comes up that absolutely needs to be fixed, this is the build that will launch on 9/29.


Added 6 new bracelets:
- Greased Bracer: power slide goes further
- Sticky Fingers: chests give more loot
- Undead Eye: sneak attack deals more damage
- Cleaner: vampire dust piles give more dust
- Iron Stomach: vampire dust piles give more health
- Weighted Band: shove staggers enemies for longer
Increased Elite health by 20% and Big Bad health by 60%.
Increased crossbow bolt damage and adjusted bolt ammo limits.
Increased shove impulse.
Made shove impact SFX punchier.
Made mission rewards give less dust (except for Patrol which gives slightly more).
Made dust drops from Elites and minibosses give less dust.
Added some animation feedback when tapping a lock.
Clarified camera flash ammo types with descriptive names.
Added flavor text for neighborhoods on map screen.
Added one more Big Bad "gimmick".
Added a handful of plot points.
Added a couple more NPC color schemes.
Added yearbook events (for all plot points now).
Added two new pieces of music.
Added Suburbs school module.
Added color grading for Suburbs, Uni, and Woods.
Added some environment art in Greyside and Howl houses.
Improved some environment art in Logan's Woods.
Made vial particles transparent.


Cut wider nav holes around Uni benches, which should fix some stuck AIs.
Fixed bracelet reward string not being shown in mission results.
Fixed some poses clipping through NPC clothing.
Fixed some gaps in the Greyside minimap.
Made the threat up/down messages not show when Big Bads are killed.
Fixed mouse movement being slow and erratic when fixed frame time and Vsync are disabled. (This should be considered an experimental change, and may not perform as intended on monitors with high refresh rates or mice with high polling rates.)