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Slayer Shock

Assemble a team, hunt the vampires, and save your hometown! · By Minor Key Games

Build 42 (beta) patch notes Locked

A topic by Minor Key Games created Sep 14, 2016 Views: 724
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Minimap is shaded based on height.
Added camera motion when waking up in S1E1, and moved actors around.
Added camera tween when entering and exiting lockpick mode.
Light, Heal, and Quickload inputs are active in lockpick mode.
Lockpick taps and forces have an input timeout to prevent spamming.
Changed default flashlight keybind from L to T to put it closer to the WASD cluster.
Threat level changes are explicitly called out in results screen.
Camera UV flash enrages enemies (makes them target everyone).
Vials now have a larger radius and higher damage.
Player deals slightly less damage in Hard and Expert modes.
Taboo and Lupus now play vulnerable damage effects when hit by the damage types they are not resistant to.
Added new music for Logan's Woods.
Added music for the final yearbook sequence.
Reduced seasons per legacy from 7 to 5.
Added a new Rogue favor to disguise yourself as a vampire for 1 night.
Reduced cost of Scramble Vampires favor.
Added brief timeouts before allowing plot point, mission results, and research results screens to be closed.
Added Minion and Elite spawners to Suburbs streets and lawns.
Made Uni levels a bit shorter.
Eased up on coffins a bit.
Slightly reduced the number of hostages in Rescue missions.
Added a bunch more Elite, Hostage, and Relic Chest spawn opportunities.
Added an additional particle effect to distinguish opening a Relic Chest.


Enemy AI flushes behavior tree when it gets stuck, instead of random walking. Fixes some janky motion.
AI local avoidance properly accounts for differences in actor size. Fixes most cases of AIs stuck on pumpkins.
AI local avoidance handles objects placed against walls by always steering toward the object's front. Fixes most cases of AIs stuck on coffins and chests.
Camera flashes properly alert enemies to player's presence.
Theft plot point only occurs if you have 250 dust to lose.
Loading a game during lockpicking no longer causes odd behavior.
Fixed particle systems staying alive on dead Lupus.
Fixed Big Bad music not stopping when all Big Bads are killed.
Fixed multiple yearbook events in a single episode not being shown.