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Grabbing objects from others is really satisfying.

me too. ur art is nice.

Great concept and art. Music is perfect. What is lurer? Nothing happen when the channelling is complete.  Nice game Overall.

Great game. Want to see different tasks like among us style.

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Nice game.Very clean Ui.

V stars from me

It was a surprise when i saw a swarm of enemies

combat is really satisfying.Nice art and story telling.

Several rooms for improvement in animations. U couldn't hear the background music in all levels?

Thanks a lot !

Chaos Meter is needed to fill a certain amount to open the door. Yes, falling through the void might be a bug to fix.The lvl is unlocked house by house

Yep, the level should be filled with more fast-paced things.

Yep.really need some more works on meow controller.

And Evil!!!

Best intro ever seen .Can't move the cursor horizontally.

Nice concept.Really interesting

nice concept! really interesting

We programmed the chaos bar to only increase when objects touch the ground which isn't very ideal for our level design also forgot to add the ESC key exit in certain scenes which will be fixed after the jam. Thanks for playing our game.

We really need to fix the object stucking in both lvl design and mechanic ways. I love people sliding with banana peel in your game. It is a big inspiration for our future updates.

It's fixed  now! Sorry for the inconvenience.

Nice concept. It will be nicer if the lvl can be reset during gameplay. Background song is superb.

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check our game for a surprise  XD

Nice game !!! So satisfying !!

Is sound added?

Great idea and particles.Want to see diff shape of particles where u rewind it,it hit others and make way for u.

Great Idea.Direction control will be simple and nice think

Nice idea and feel  well balanced.

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A Game made for Brackeys Game Jam 2020.2.The Theme is Rewind.

Time Rewindable chrono is your only weapons to defeat invaders