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Surprisingly kinda tough! I really like the art and the zombie sounds.

Is there a way to restart after you die? 😅

Hey! Thanks for trying out our game! That number is the health actually - we were meaning to replace that with a health bar later, but ran out of time.

The spawning issue is a known bug as well, unfortunately. Thank you for bringing it up though!

I like the concept! Vaguely reminds me of just shapes and beats. I'm curious to see if you ever plan on making a bigger game out of this!

I love the sound effects. Great work!

I like your game too! First time I've seen a Pico-8 game in a game jam before, and I'm really impressed!

I love the gameplay, the amazing artstyle, even the little news tutorial at the bottom. Really impressive game!

Pretty cool and simple game! A bit hard to get into initially, but really fun when you get the hang of it!

Something about the gif and gameplay of this game immediately reminded me of a game I played years ago on Newgrounds, it was Galaxy Jumper by OneLifeRemains. I recommend you check it out - I think it could give you some inspiration for interesting things to do with the magnetism and ball-hopping mechanics you have going!

Ack! Sorry about the text on the page. Thank you very much for your feedback though! We ran out of time for a menu but we definitely should add one!

Really cool concept! I like how the different environments have different themes to them, and I think this was a very unique take on the climbing theme. The game does seem to break on the fourth level, but otherwise I think it's a cool game (no pun intended)!

I love the overall atmosphere of this game, visuals and audio-wise. The chaotic particle effects, the really pretty customized UI, the way the screen shakes and how all the stuff is all over the screen, it's awesome.

That the platforming is a bit difficult to play, though. Since the platforms are always falling as you stand on them and your shots can't go through platforms, I often found myself being walled from going any higher due to not being able to shoot enemies or platforms falling too low.

That being said, I would love to see where this game goes and where you go as a creator from here. Great stuff!

A pretty fun simple game! Simple graphics, simple concept, and an interestingly unique way of viewing the "climb" theme. I think it might be cool though if the ladder hopping effect was a part of the game as opposed to just being a powerup, that way you could maneuver around the game better.

The art on the game is pretty stellar, I really admire it! Maybe some of the best I've seen in the game jam.

To be honest, I found the game a bit difficult to play for some of the reasons already mentioned - camera, foreground/background differentiation. Also, sometimes the apples don't respawn, making it impossible to continue.

That being said, I really admire the work that was put into this and possibly see what this game looks like in the future if you both choose to work on it!

Fun game! I do think that managing/memorizing the different knights was a bit frustrating though, and I would generally prefer to use the blue/green knights to just dodge instead of using the others. I think there's a lot of potential to this idea though, and I'm very curious to see what you may do with it in the future!

Pretty fun, though a little slippery and slidy at times, and I wasn't always sure of where to go.

Overall, I have just one word to summarize my thoughts on this game:

I really love this game, it looks like such a fun, goofy little game. It's also cool seeing someone do a fully 3D game with such nice-looking models. The best part is the *squeak* that happens when u lose.

Really creative platformer and use of the theme! Great theming on the art as well!

Super cool minimalist art! Reminds me a lot of the game "Nothing" (the game where everything is an upgrade)