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The best grass is on top of the mountain. Play as Romeo to get that sweet, sweet grass!
Submitted by Tina — 7 minutes, 32 seconds before the deadline
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The art on the game is pretty stellar, I really admire it! Maybe some of the best I've seen in the game jam.

To be honest, I found the game a bit difficult to play for some of the reasons already mentioned - camera, foreground/background differentiation. Also, sometimes the apples don't respawn, making it impossible to continue.

That being said, I really admire the work that was put into this and possibly see what this game looks like in the future if you both choose to work on it!


Thank you for the review! We're planning on fixing up the game with all the critiques. :D


I wish that I had more to say that hasn't already been said, but it pretty much sums it up: amazing background and animation, problems with the camera. I'd love to see more people playing this game and getting to appreciate the level of detail you put into it! The soundtrack was also really nice to listen to, and the SFX worked well with what was going on onscreen.

But yeah, I did have this feeling of jumping upwards into areas I couldn't see, which made it difficult to plan my moves. To add to those issues, I couldn't always see what I was jumping on in the foreground. Things that seemed to be climbable, like certain rocks, would just make me fall right through after jumping on them. It would be good to make your interactable environment assets stick out a little more, to differentiate them from the background.

All in all, you guys did an awesome job with this game. It really looks great, especially considering the 72 time limit! ☺️


Thank you for the review! We're new to this and really appreciate how in-depth your review is. Thank you for playing !! :D  


Absolutely loved the animations and art, i would only move the camera up a bit to see better when jumping. Other than that, great job :)

Submitted (1 edit)

WOW!!! this game looks amazing! hats off to Ana & Aythesa there! I assume the apples were a google image last min xD I loved the artstyle and the goat animations. As for the gameplay itself, I liked where it was going, but felt it could use a little work. The jumping was a little diffucult and a tad slow and for me the game timer was moving faster than time actually was. Also the camera felt a bit low, I struggled to see where I was standing at times xD. Other than that an excellent game, Well done!


Thank you so much! We're new to unity we appreciate all the advice we can get.  Thank you for playing