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nice work. great momentum to the mechanics

thanks for hosting the jam and making a video and reviewing. :)

cool game. I like it

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super nice game. I love fighting games

interesting idea, well done

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was he a monk that became a bird or a bird that became a monk? Lobotomy kaisen memes have destroyed my humor

very nice game you got there. Rare to find a tabletop game. Great designs overall. I love it

Thanks for playing the game.

Also if it frustrated you, give it the fair rating you’d like to. I gave up on wanting high ratings from game jams a long time ago, and I think it’s only healthy for me to realize that my game is not as important or as good as I think it is. A good ideology to get better with each day.

If you’d like to give it a 1 star, do it. I’m not very interested in getting high ratings anyway. That wasn’t the goal of the jam.

fun game. Super nice work. Super cute game with a bit of strategy and with a good amount of risk and reward. Nice.

thanks for the heads-up. I’ll look into it

super smart puzzle game, I’ve thought of a similar idea before, but this is actually some really good execution

interesting title

tetris with guns finally exists. Though after playing for a while, I realized the boss couldn’t kill. A bit disappointed but looks great

an absolutely gorgeous game with fun gameplay and mechanics. I’m enjoying it a lot

fun. I like the diagetic? music

interesting idea.I’m not good at this, but I see the idea


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fun game

nice game

why would you make this? So satisfying yet so aggrevating

good work

works well so far, thank you

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of course you need x and y.

so x = 10; y = 10 should be away from a function associated with TIC(). You could use it in BOOT()

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mget usually works for collision on a tile. Take this function: map(0,0)

Then you have a player:

spr(1,x *8,y *8)

WHY *8 here? Because a tile is usually 8 by 8. And we need it for collision. This is my personal favorite approach. Alternatively you could divide it in the mget function by 8.

So if you want to make a collision, with my style:

if mget(x,y)==tile_1 then print(“cool”) end It will print cool.

Now mget(x,y)==tile_1 is specific to map(0,0)

So you what you want to do is to have mget(x+levelx,y+levely)==tile_1 to make it dynamic to each level.

map(levelx,levely) spr(1,x8,y8) –if you win, the map moves down by 17 if levelWin then levely = levely+17 end

–if you collide with tile_1 then you print cool if mget(x+levelx,y+levely)==tile_1 then print (“cool”) end

this is cool

it’s a cool piece of art

holy. This is an insane tic project. Adaptive music, semi-3d, with a banger of a music. I can’t complain because this is pretty wild. Maybe clearer instructions would work design-wise, I hate beating a dead horse, but this is super cool

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ahoy there, I finally uploaded it. Not the best game, but it’s a trial. I had a lot going on in the weekend

oh, I love this. I’ve been vaguely picturing a game that looks super heavily animated like this

cool game

sweet game

super fun

super cool game. Great music art and so much

thanks. Just downloaded your game. Will play it in a few as well

not yet, I ran out of time but I’ll add multiple options in the future

cool game

this is tough, didn’t lie. But it’s a cool concept

super cool entry

I was mostly sick throughout the week, so if you feel like the game is stupid, you know what to blame.