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this is a bit out of date.
If you’d like to export it as an exe file, type:

export [platform] [gamefile]

For example if you have a gamefile called “game.tic”, and you’d like it to be native on windows, type:

export win game.

If you’d like to export it as a html file, type:

export html [gamefile]

Hopefully anyone who’s looking at this won’t be confused.

weirdly fun game. I was going to make a similar game but this game has some well done ideas

very cool work here. Came from icelypuzzles vid.


you cracked the code! Thanks; that really means a lot. I like it when people smile at my weird and convoluted problems. I’m not the best at making games, and it means a lot that you could comment :) I don’t know if I really want to focus on this game though, but I’d like to explore this kind of gameplay in future projects. I’m looking for future ideas to jam together into a single game and this just me doing some bit of exploring. Have a nice time

Very thanful! :O Very cool commenter!



thanks. You are doing a lot with text too!


nice work

very fun game. I love how you use the 1 button and just make it incredibly fun. Great work. I love desktop os webgames like this. Very charming

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nice game. I found my optimal way of winning is running in short bursts as the song played. Well done

fun game

thanks for playing. That was indeed the premise. Your game is super fun too

nice game. Simple concept and it had nice music

nice work. Super fun

thanks for playing! It’s a pleasure. I had to like and sub.

before anyone says it- this game is not about dungeons. I thought about it as a theme and then dodged it a bit. I thought of dungeons of sort of rabbitholes your brain can dive into. They’re hard to get through

thanks for playing

nice work


nice game. Pretty fun

nice game

very polished game. Saw it in an update and I tried it out. Your games are really fun

I feel aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaangry. Nice game

rip hand muscles. Also fun game

nice. I’m not familiar with the language but the game is fun

nice work. Great entry too

really cool work

super fun game

really cool game

wow. This was made in TIC-80? Mindblowing


hm… interesting concept. Would be cool if the levels were shorter to finish. Like instead of long hallways of nothing to walk through, interesting gauntlets of jumps would be there. Great work nonetheless

very fun

I think it’s interesting when you have to leverage running away as a valid option

very cool

super fun

this game is incredible. I loved every second. Please, I need more