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Came from Retromation's video. The game has really good visual and audio feedbacks, it feels good when enemies are defeated. The synergies are fun. There is enough variety to the enemies, I can form a clear strategy on what to do for each encounter based on the enemy design. The progression is quite fast when compared to other similar games in this genre, and i think it feels good. 

Thanks so much for playing! Currently the game does have a major bug where if you restart the level, collisions will stop working, restarting the webpage should fix it.

Thanks a lot for playing :D
The keyboard textures were a inspiration for the game but didn't have any use, it confused a lot of people and it will be removed soon.

Yup I'm using Unity :D. Also I used the TopDownEngine for many features like the character movement and projectile etc


Yeah the difficulty curve is quite hard to adjust. The game would be easier if you know which upgrades are the most powerful.

I like that this game is experimenting with new concepts. I think it was a little bit overwhelming at first for me to both walk + dash + think of what card to use. I think limiting the player's deck at first and only let him get new cards once he is familiarized with the deck may help a bit. 

My max depth is 1029, and I did it by spamming the touchpad with the drain water button XD. I feel like the holes appear too fast, I can hardly keep up with patching the holes.

I thought it was surviving for 50s at first too! I discovered later it was actually letting the ghosts eat the 50 of those yellow spikes.

The game was fun! I like the silly and goofy and scary atmosphere that it gave off XD. I got caught a few times when a ghost just appeared right around the corner. It is amazing that you made the levels randomly generated within this game jam. It might be fun to have two people with the same seed competing with each other lol

Just know that I rated the game 5 stars in "Creativity" and "Gameplay Enjoyment" lol XD

I love myself a rolling yahoo bird that kills slimes by squishing over them menacingly :D

The feedback on shooting and the meteor exploding feels good. The resolution of the game seems to be tooo big, it even expanded your page XD. There were many instances where I didn't know where the meteors are landing and seem to take damage out of no where :( I played the game multiple times and had the same result.

The atmosphere was great, it was horrifying. I died a few times because I didn't know where the arms are going to appear at. Also I didn't like that the game automatically makes it full size when I just start running the game.

The sprites are all very cute. The keyboard controls are a bit uncomfortable at first. I liked you can choose 3 weapons. The sprite animation of the alien shooter, aiming with one of his eyes closed, nice. I can see that there were more and more enemies the further the level, but when I realized I can just ignore them, I ran past all of the enemies in later levels, which turns this action game into a weird enemy dodging platformer, which I must say I quite enjoyed it XD

Yeah sadly there is a huge bug where the collisions will not work after restarting the game :( You can refresh the webpage to get it working again. 

yea because in my playthrough, all of the objects didn't seem to cast any shadows.

A fun little platformer. The controls are fine. The wall jumping needs time to get used. The spikes placed on the wall can be more noticeable, since sometimes it blends with the sky XD. Also, I experienced a bug where 2 player characters were spawned at the orange autumn zone when I was interacting with the booster thingys. The game kept both player instances even when I die and it made that when the cloned-me died, it also respawned the real-me, thus I cannot finish go pass the rest of the level and finish the game :( 

Wow thx for the nice compliment, it means a lot to me :D 
I just played your game and realized we both made a vampire-survivor-like game XD . I liked the game a lot and cant wait to hear more from it!

Wow!  Very nice visuals, the art is good. Fits the theme. Solid controls. The only downside is I want more upgrades and enemy variations if there is a full version.  I got a little bit bored after playing for 3-4 minutes because the same upgrades are showing up and the enemies faced didn't change that much. 

First, congrats on finishing your first game! Keep on improving on your later games

A good little parkour game with a good environment. I see that you build many "other-worldly" structures to suit the game theme. The game had a clear goal, the objectives are very clear in where they are located, the player movement is working nicely, overall I enjoyed exploring the world you created. I think adding more audio feedback like footsteps, jumping sounds, can help make your world more immersive. Also, I am curious on why there is no lighting in the game, is it because of performance issues?

Overall good game.  I made some analysis on the game for myself since this game is similar to something I want to create, and currently it mostly consist of cons about the game. It is a mess but if anyone wants to read it I included the link.

the game is good but the graphics are from kenny assets lol


Thanks! I tried making more levels and mechanics since i know this idea of mine isnt that interesting. I'm very happy to hear that you had fun playing the game!

Thanks for leaving a comment! I didn't know how to code the game mechanics I imagined so it ended up quite glichy XD. 

Really cool game, love it!

Cool Game!