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cool game, i like the simple theme, but i would love to see some way to win, or even see how good you did, so you have a goal.

imagine doing that in ludum dare.

it's a cool game, but there are no barriers! look what i found

thank you for the feedback! i will try to improve it sometime :)

oh my, wow that was amazing! i wish there was more. i really hope you work on the game some more, then that would be one of the best indie games ever!

wow, that's so good, i wish it was longer.

cool style and music, but there seems to be no place you explain the controls, which would be good, because i don't know how to get to next level

the gravity doors and the on/off-platforms doors

nice game, i like the animations a lot, but i would like, if there was a tutorial, because i don't quite understand what the blue coffins are.

really cool! i like the gameplay, it's really good made levels, and the simple style and sounds matches perfect!

but i have the problem, that when you move, you can't interact with the door

why shouldn't it

wow i really like that game, super creative, but maybe you could add animations to the birds, and maybe add crocodiles or something on the ground too?

wow super cool! i really like the animations and the subway surfers like gameplay :).

but i would like an endless mode and/or random generated levels

cool game :) i love the reactions of the cubes.

maybe you could make some better graphics? the cubes' emojis have a white background, which kind of makes it look like it's not meant for being in the game, and that does the opposite of making the game better.

really cool game :)

maybe you could put some obstacles around? that'd be cool