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You should be able to just type in any name* and hit enter. If this is not the case, make sure the game window has system focus (ie. make sure it is 'on top' or 'highlighted'.)

*There are numerous "Easter eggs" where the game will smack talk you and not allow certain names to be used.

The all-clear is given based on time. It shows up (IIRC) 8-12 minutes after the operation start. There is some randomness to the finish time which is rewarded with a higher operation score. Note that this is at normal speed and without using fast forward. The timer is synched to the game's speed and will adjust accordingly.

I would also like to see this feature added.

I cringe every time I see a Ludum Dare Tips page that even mention streaming (and they all seem to these days). Unless you are very experienced at both LD AND performing on stream, you're causing yourself extra stress and won't have a show anyone is going to want to watch for very long anyway.

Other than that, its a good list. Thanks for sharing and here's wishing you the best of luck in LD!

Thank you for your kind words and feedback!

Well, after tinkering with this for about two-and-a-half years, I'm proud (and relieved!) to finally shove this little baby chick out of the nest and hope it goes on to make lots of friends.

Zero Sum is an experimental new form of RTS that challenges you to manipulate both sides of an armed conflict into a deadly quagmire so your Illuminati-esque masters can make money selling them supplies.

You can watch a launch trailer I cobbled together or download Zero Sum for Windows, Linux, and Mac over at

Thanks for taking a look!