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Hi, i hop you have a good live, if you have time try my game :) 

Robot Blast Battle Online by NeoRetroGames (

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Hello, You probably know it but it is hard to create a player base or a community from scratch and especially with low visibility, but fortunately itch exists. 

If some of you want and can take 5 minutes to try my demo (or the game) that would be really cool and thank you in advance.

I'd like to have feedback on pretty much everything, from visual to gameplay and possibly to find bugs

You can play it solo (I'm trying to give a feeling to the mega man so it's difficult) or co-op but also in PvP, however for the moment only the LAN works, but to play online you can use hamachi for the best known or more recently and more advantageous radminvpn

The gameplay is a mix of Quake for rocket jump and fast fps, Smash Bros for the arena side, and a battleroyale for the game mode every man for himself 

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask me and do not hesitate to go to the game page for more information

Thank you all and have a good game!

Do not hesitate to send us your feedback, your proposals and opinions on the game.

 Thank you for your support.

Great Job's I made a video in French. And for robot lovers, maybe you could take a look at my game Robot Blast Battle Online also on itch :)

Rapide Présentation en Français !


I had never played it so thank you again for allowing me and allowing everyone to play it with all modern comforts without having to dl rom on obscure sites. I also want to say that I tried a lot of your games, I have a special mention for H.E.R.O 2 which is beautiful, as well as Mike Mech and Scout the Stray who have a very big potential in my opinion (Is it technically possible to add an accessory to the Dog Catcher? Otherwise I thought that Kojima was inspired by Pac Man to make metal gear, so why not make a metal gear like in view of above as pac man-like, with not purses full of money or bones but "data". Given what you do I am sure that you can easily do it, but this is only an idea I do not doubt that you already have a thousand others)

Congratulations, it's well deserved

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A big thank you for your work, and for the different versions (I personally play it on the C64 version with my wii on my crt tv), I am French and the original game is a forgotten part of our history, I myself did not know its existence until recently, I took the opportunity to make a small video for my compatriots.

Hi, very good job, the pixel art and the animation is almost perfect, the gameplay to, realy good works ! I introduces the game ( in french ) in the last part of this video :

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Hi ! Good job, the game is fun, and the soundtrack is amazing. You can see my first contact here ( i'm french )

Hi ! This is a very very good job. Only one thing is wrong for me is the music, but all the rest is almost perfect. I try this in part 2 of this video ( i'm french )

This is very cool, good job. I try this in part one of this video ( i'm french )

The First Boss !

I love the game ! The graphics, the gameplay, the sound and the music, all ... except the fact of not being able to save, but i can make a save state because i play on my wii amiga emulator with my crt tv

This is The first Part of my lets play (so i'm french yep)

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Hi, good job the game is very good like space zelda / die and retry adventure on commodore 64, i play on my wii with emulator on CRT tv. I love it, i made a video in french

Hi, great visual ! I want to test this. Possible to have a .pak files for use with other platform like wii, psp, android, ... ?

Very Amazing Good Works 👍

My Video for French Public ( En Français )

Hi, on Steam, soon a version will be available again on itchio

You have already helped me a lot by telling me that the Mac version crashed, if I compile a Mac version again it will be necessary to test it as well.

Thank's for the report, i can not test the MAC version, but as you teach me that it is not stable so I will disable it for the moment.

Yes i got this :) sorry for the delay

your game is amazing i realy like it, good job. I make a video on youtube: