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You have already helped me a lot by telling me that the Mac version crashed, if I compile a Mac version again it will be necessary to test it as well.

Thank's for the report, i can not test the MAC version, but as you teach me that it is not stable so I will disable it for the moment.

Hi Ha22aN, This is for you. SEP4-A0PV-6VNZ-25QU

A small comment is enough, I offer a key to the 5 first person who will post a comment, so here is for you: 41PX-6KFU-QW18-IH3O

Sorry, show here :

Here you can find the code, the password is your pseudonym :

No problem, as indicated above I offer 1 key to the 5 authors of the first comments, I send you this in a private message. Thank you for your interest in the game.

Yes i got this :) sorry for the delay

your game is amazing i realy like it, good job. I make a video on youtube: