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If you like racing games 🏎️ Try E.C.R.O. 🔋

A topic by NeoRetroGames created 10 days ago Views: 80 Replies: 3
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E.C.R.O. is a small game, part of a very small project which was expanded during its development, which after an intensive week now has an arcade mode and a simulation mode in addition to the online mode which was the basis of the prototype.

After a short break for technical reasons the WebGL version is back.

Please give us feedback on the handling both solo and online.

Gamepad: A (throttle), X (brake), B (handbrake), Back (reset car), Y (view), Start (menu)

Keyboard: Arrow Up / W (throttle), Arrow Down / S (brake), Space (handbrake), R (reset car), F (view), Escape (menu)


E.C.R.O. for Electronic Cars Racing Online

Take control of the equivalent of a Formula 1 in races at crazy speeds of up to over 300kmh
Overtake your opponents online in multiplayer or in arcade, combat racing and simulation for solo

Please, we need you for the future, so don't hesitate to make us suggestions, leave us your opinion and impression

and more with the Supporters version

(Your nickname will be in the credits)


Peace & Love

Yep, I commented on my post myself, but there have been a lot of updates since and the game has evolved significantly, and this is my only way to move up the list. Try it, the game is free, and above all tell me what you think of it. THANKS

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So I tested the game on the WebGL version.

Overall, I liked the environment graphics and they feel ok at this stage. The car models however are too simple, especially given the fact that the player's car is by definition the biggest thing we can see.

I see a lot of room for improvement gameplay-wise :

The biggest issue IMO is the car's behavior. It really doesn't feel like we are driving a car, it looks like you applied a (strong) rotation around Y axis every time the player tries to turn, and it bounces back when the key is released. Car physics are very tricky to get right and I don't think you need realistic physics, but this is way too far from a driving simulation.

For the speed feeling, it would probably beneficial to play with the camera's FOV depending on the speed. Also, when turning the camera should lag a bit compared to the car rotation (if the cars turns left, then the camera sees a bit of the left side of the car), right now it's just at a fixed position. A speedometer would be nice too.

Also, I tried the "combat" mode but did not understand at all what was to be done, clicking on the mouse seems to do nothing.

I think you have a lots of runtime errors, my browser's console was spitting many errors, you probably need to check thoose.

Good luck!

Many thanks for the feedback.

You are right on most points, however I would like to say that the WebGL version is by far the most buggy, I even deleted it a little while ago. The game is made to be played with a controller, there is even vibration on the Windows version.

As far as the camera is concerned, I returned to something more conventional since in the first versions it was a dinamyque camera which moved away with the speed with the effect that you mentioned in terms of the delay compared to at the corner of the car. But after testing it on a smaller PC than mine, I noticed that this camera was not reliable with non-constant framerates, so I'm doing without it for the moment. Furthermore, with this dynamic camera it was more difficult for me to offer several views.

For the combat mode on the WebGL version it comes back to what I wrote above, the fact that this version is buggy.

I'm even thinking of deleting it again or leaving only the beginning tracklist so that at least people can get an idea of the game in motion.

Thank you again for your feedback.