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Absolutely awesome! This game DRIPS with a really well crafted atmosphere, and the environment art looks great. I think that some of the environment art that can collide with the player should look a little more distinct from the background, and rather than the same small crabs that show up when you find a ship part just a singular larger threat. Great entry!

Art looks good and the boss sprite and his attacks are very well done. Dashing and Locking position don’t seem to work, and the hitboxes of the attacks to the player are a little hard to judge. The 4color rule is kind of violated by the title and unpolished UI. Lovely entry :-)

Gameplay loop is really solid, explore to find ships and comets to bring back to the main one. It plays really well and it’s fun!

Some issues:

  • Navigation: There is really no way to find your way back to the ship, I got lost for a good while with a bunch of the stuff I needed. Maybe some sort of compass to point you back to where your ship is?
  • Movement: The player is very slippery, which is definitely fitting, but the character will drift away for a little bit after releasing a direction input. with no background to tell if you’re moving or not, you can miss bullet shots or not know where you’re going without ships or comets for frame of reference.

Great entry!

Really good juice for when you run over aliens, great arcade feel.

Only criticisms I have is that the car’s health is a little unclear (maybe have it show some wear and tear when its hit), and the aliens shots could be improved with a little bit of telegraphing.

Love it!

Some lovely arcade fun!

Thanks for the kind words! This was a first for me actually caring about game design and I’m glad to hear this reception!


Congrats! I’m super pumped for Hisato!

I want to make my game’s art from cut up stock images, but does that violate the rules of “all assets must be made during the jam”?

A run and gun gambler? Count me in!

In this case I like getting chased by mosquitoes!

Short and sweet! Reminds me of flappy bird but it has its own unique additions.

Very addictive! Simple idea executed well.

This was a hoot! I like running from row to row in a hetctic manner chucking snacks at people! My only problem is that I can’t seem to cycle through the snacks immediately after I press C, I have to wait a bit before I can.

This can play much smoother if it isn’t on a choppy grid. The 4-color rule is kind of broken with the opacity changes in the title screen.

The art is cute! There are a lot of spelling errors which can be an issue for games like this that rely on their dialogue. The Rock Paper Scissors style combat is a lot of fun, especially with the choice to shoot for more damage but with less of a chance of hitting. The only issue with this system is that the player can only have 3 hearts max, but I encountered an alien that had much more than 3 hp.

I love how you enhanced pachinko! Making the balls retrievable is a good way to add risks/rewards, and the lizard sprite is funny.

cute little art software :)

Game felt uncomfortable because the keys for bombs and attacking were on 2 different rows of the keyboard

An invisible maze is a good idea, but I think it could’ve been fleshed out more and given more of a spin here.

A fun arcade-style game! My only issue is that the game’s art has mixels (mixed size pixels) in its background and title.

The game seems like a regular platformer at first, but later on becomes very engaging with it’s enemy types.

This game didn’t follow the jam’s restriction of a 160x144 screen resolution.

I felt so cool when I pulled off a perfect flip (which took a while :P). Good job guys!

That sound Stickbot makes when you beat a level is adorable. Very polished and feels like it could be an actual gameboy game!

I love this nice, short, and wild physics based scramble to the checkpoint!

A lovely grid based puzzle! Level 7 has my head still churning. The art is done very simplistic which gives it a nice charm. I would say you wouldn’t need the heart sprite to indicate how many times you could split up, you could create different sprites for how much the player is broken down and save some space on the grid. Very polished and clever game overall!

This was a blast! The animation is both adorable and wonderful. I feel that having enemies being capable of killing you doesn’t lend itself to any mechanics though

Simple mechanic, addictive rush. Like a nice arcade game

This game's level design is incredibly inventive, and utilizes the little things it has to make yourself think, in other words, it's incredible!

Charming and goofy, my favorite drink

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i love it cause i was a part of it