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Nice game ! The chaos bring by the bell is interesting and fun. 

Thanks for this comment. Very releavant. I wanted to make the game playable on browser but the vibrations didn't work. Ofc gamepad + the fact you have to DL the game is such a constraint. 

Also, I'm agree with the problem of sound, I anticipated it but didn't fix it.

 I wanted to vibrate the gamepad in the same way as the sound : left vibration/right vibration, but could not find how. I think that the mental scheme of strong vibration > left, weak vibration > right is pretty interesting in fact.

Thanks again for your comment and for playing. I did an article about the game design of Saving Senses if you want to check it.

Good game, nice feel, nice polish !

Bubbles are pretty mesmerizing haha. 

It's easier when you understand that you can hold space to see the way.

Nice work !

Oh I'm sad to hear that. Thought xbox and ps gamepad are working on it... 

Thanks for the comment tho

Fun and addictive !

Nice concept and feel !

Nice concept ! 

The game is hard tho haha

Moving the ship with a keyboard is... HAAAA

But the game is very polish and has good feel.

I was engaged all along to discover the new weapon !

Very smart idea to upgrade enemies and not yourself !

The feel works well ! It's fun to play.

The duality between :

- the fact to have a long sword is easier to touch yellow squares 


- the fact it becomes harder to NOT touch purple ones 

is very interesting.


Nice game !

Controls are disturbing first, the accumulation of upgrades that you lose with time works well !

Nice feel and graphics

First I thought "How work the upgrade system" until I understand your fire rate raise with the score. 

I hoped to see upgrades around all the data of the game :

- My life

- My speed

- Type of bullets

- etc...

Ofc it's 3 hours, priority is on the feel, good game tho