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Have you really tried to interact with everything? There is one element that is the core of that level.


The Stanley Parable - Trailer - YouTube

Finding the right game for your mood is so important. Sometimes it's a 3rd person shooting frenzy sometimes it's Sudoku. All fair to me.

And honestly, when RPGs have good music it's just the best. Playing gets contemplative. I love it.

I totally get that!

Does it work better when there's competition with other players? For example, I find myself way more stimulated when my score (or time, etc) is in a leaderboard with others. I used to think about it as a rule, but now I see it really depends on the personality of your players. 

Great question!

As a team, I think we learnt how to find a middle ground for all our ideas, speeding up the decision-making process. This was very important and led to unexpected results of our creativity mixed together!

Also, how not to get too attached to your own idea of how something in the game should be -- sometimes it's just better to let go!

I believe the biggest one was that a limited time span for developing a game is a parameter and not a limit. This totally put us in a productive mindset and cut off all the frustrating "if only". We just started writing down all the ideas we had as extras and now that the jam is over we have plenty to work on!

We somehow found a compromise with that also by placing hints in the game suggesting that there's more to it. So far it looks you kind people who tried it found many of them, and that's awesome!

hey! Thanks for the feedback.

we can surely be in touch, whenever there will be another case of game developing (wheter a jam or just for fun).

We strongly belive in creating a network of creative people 😉

For this game, as you know, we used Godot, which is the only engine I’ve learned and, sadly, I’ve zero experience in C or C++, though I know it’s one of the main pillars of development in general.

Anyways, these differences should not “break” any possibile connection, we as a team have looked to create a game with some kind of lore and background, giving it some kind of poetic through the medium of the videgoame, which we believe is a very powerful communicative tool ( if you want to know  my top favorite game is The Beginner’s Guide), and maybe we can find some connection with other people that share a similar vision. 

this being said we could connect over Discord 😉

as for the godot terminal window I believe it’s a thing that remain when playing and also developing on Windows10 with godot, I don’t know how to remove it.

thank you! We don’t wanna make any spoiler of any kind, but if it can help you pass through that level keep in mind what you wish you could do if the train was running late 😉

thx for the feedback! We’re glad that you appreciated it 😍

Hi! Thanks!! Really glad that you liked it :)

Hey thx! Glad you appreciated, as we said before, those two games were in our main Moodboard while developing, so we’re happy that someone notice the ispiration that we took for realizing this game 😍

thank you! We’ll give you a hint for resolving that part. If you played minecraft there’s a similar interaction in that level that will make you open the door 😉

thanks for the review, we’ll give you a hint! Have you look around well that level?👀

Grazie della recensione, si in effetti ci sono dei messaggi “subliminali” o “chiavi di lettura” che rivelano un po’ la nostra idea di videogioco e, in maniera intima, del mondo come lo vediamo.

Apprezziamo il fatto che sia emersa anche questa cosa!

Thanks for the review, there are a few “subliminal” messagges or rather “point of views” that reveal our idea of videogame and, more deeply, our idea of the world as we see it.

We’re glad that this thing in particular was noticed!

Thanks for the review!
Godot is the first game engine that I've learned in these months, also thanks to the GameDevTv course on Udemy, and I've fallen in love with it.
I love how intuitive the interface can be, and with Python being one of the first programming language that I've ever learned, I couldn't resist the fascination of GDscript.
Surely maybe there is no comparision to other game engine under the 3D and lighting aspect, but we like to develop stories and narratives with unique gameplay that doesn't necessarily require heavy renders or huge models, and in this Godot is a trustworthy ally.

But, with Godot 4 ... who can tell? :) :)

Aww man :( sorry to hear that,  we still don't know honestly what could it be.
we had the same issue in development while one of our friends was playing it, and we found out that a low-fps rate was influencing the warping, so we changed it to be "audio reactive" and that seemed to have solved it, but if you tell me that it isn't working as GhostMiner I think we should fix this main bug.

Anyway thanks for letting us know it :)

Hi! Thanks for the feedback, really appreciated.

And yes SPOILER ALERT the story is a continuos loop, you should get some hints at the final level about the narration and it's further development

Thanks for the feedback!
It's great to see you guys appreciating our narrative way.
And yes, The Stanley Parable is probably another main reference in this development (I would add also The Beginner's Guide from the same creator).Thanks for the bug submit, we'll keep an eye on it ;)

We’re glad that you liked it! What was your favorite? 😀

My team and I are trying as many submissions as we can - by the way great job everyone, we found a few that are ridicolously COOL for a 30-day long developing time span! 

We found out that sometimes the same game appeals very differently to the three of us, with some being great for me and totally indifferent for the others, and vice versa.

We were discussing this and found out we seek very different things when playing a game. For example, what I look for is a challenge. My team mate seeks distraction and my other team mate looks for a narrative.

What do you guys play for? What do you really like in games?

Luckily I saved the village! :) 
I felt chills as the timer was near to the end and I was running to the final door.

Althoug these kind of gameplay are not in my main favorites, I must say that the vibes the it sent me made me thought of Rampart, an old arcade game that i really loved!

Thank you! Yeah we pointed from the beginning toward those kind of vibes in our project! :) :)

Hi thanks for the review.

We haven't heard of such problem in the first level so it's good news that you brought it up.

So you have to left-click one time to make the Apple go to Seed, then right-click one time to make the Seed go back to Apple, and the one last right-click to make the Apple go Rotten, can you confirm that you took these exact steps?

Also for the pointer, it's normal that it disappears, cause it is a 3D mesh on the front view of the player, if we'll release another version we'll change it to be a Canvas element 2D so that will never disappear again (developer mistake, it's still our first game jam ever :D)

Again, thanks for the feedback and thank you for downloading our game.

Thx man! If there will be a sequel we'll inform you :DD

Thank you for the feedback! Really appreciated :D

Thx so much for the review! We'll try to keep you away from spoilers for the Fox Level ahahaha :)

Thanks so much for the feedback! If there will be another version/second part we'll inform you ASAP :)

Very cool game! It fits the theme in it's minimal aesthetic along with an intruiging gameplay!

Good job!


I must agree with my team-mate of this Jam! I loved the Stop-Motion animation made for this game, it gives another look to the game.
Maybe also the walls (loved the random generated pattern) should have been also hand-drawn, that would have surely give this game more appeal than it already has.

Unique style in this game, I really appreciated it while playing, I found myself going around just seeing the ambientation! :)

Well done

Thanks for the feedback! :)

Thanks, we pointed from the beginning toward those kind of vibes :)

Thanks for the comment! We had the exact same feeling while developing the game, to go deeper inside the story telling :)

I always love when the Fourth Wall breaks :)

Great Mood !