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That is excellent news!
I will be buying it as soon as it's available! 8)
Good luck with the release!

How is this game coming along? I've been following it for years, just wondering if it's close to being released? When it does get released,
please release it here on ITCH also. Many developers choose to only
put demos out here and then sell the full game on STEAM. I do not
support STEAM but I will buy a game from GOG or ITCH. Thanks! 8)

I like the game but it's just too difficult to win in 1 sitting and with no save ability, I have to give up unfortuanantly. Got to the 2nd boss. The 1st boss was hard enough, it just keeps getting more and more ridiculous. Would really be better with a save as well as an easier difficulty level.

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This game is fuckin' awesome.

Basically, this demo is just 1 level and it's fun as hell.
Perfect control, great playability, everything I love in a game.

Are you guys planning on expanding it into a full game?

You've already done the hardest part - working out the game
engine, control, music, sound f/x, characters and everything
else, it seems all you need to do now is create more levels.
I think it would sell for sure!

Hope you know what a gem you have here! 8)

P.S. - I play on Linux and it works fine under WINE with
wireless bluetooth controller but a specific Linux build
would rock.

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I just want to let everyone know that the BUG described above was fixed within hours of talking to the dev on Discord about it! It had nothing to do with Linux, the game runs fine on Linux. Awesome game!

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I notice you said it's a bug specific to the casual version.
Are there any limitations to the casual version?
(Will I be able to go through it and win it like
the other versions?)

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Oh that kicks ass! Thank you! 8)
It's nice to know it isn't an issue on my end. 8)

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I am playing on Linux with WINE.
I have tried the latest WINE STAGING v7.7 as well as a bunch of older
versions of WINE and have been getting the same results no matter what.
The game is crashing when I go down the hole at the place where
the big fireball that hops is who is below the level with the skull that
has the fireballs spinning around it with this error:

"ERROR in action number 1 of  Step Event 0 for object objClubHead:
Unable to find instance for object index 111224
at gml_Object_objClubHead_Step_0
gml_Object_objClubHead_Step_0 (line -1)"

My NVIDIA GTX 1060 died about 6 months ago so I've been using
the onboard I5-3470 cpu's graphics which are INTEL HD 2500.
I realize this is crappy old GPU but the game plays perfectly in all
the other areas and most 2D games play fine on it.
I'm not using vulkan/dxvk as INTEL HD 2500 is too old to support it.
Coencidentally, I just ordered another GTX 1060 so that card should
be in soon and I'm hoping the issue will go away then as I'll then be
using dxvk and the latest NVIDIA drivers but I thought I should let
you know because it may be an easily fixable issue that will allow
others on INTEL HD to use. It may be a WINE issue as well.

Thanks! 8)

Just purchased!!! So excited!
So happy you got this released ZenTaco!
I really really wish you the best of luck with this and hope you make
enough money to justify making this the first in a whole series, it's
really that good. I am 49 years old and gravitate more towards these
old school type of games and for me, this is exactly what I love.
Well thought out level design and puzzles, excellent atmosphere and
music (so glad you kept the music from the original!), dead-on controls...
What's not to love?!?!?!
Might there ever possibly be a Linux build btw?

AWESOME !!! I'm buying as soon as it's up! 8)

WOW WOW WOW!!! Will you release on GOG or ITCH?

Super excited for this!

The original Into the Underdusk is a game I still go back to play every now and
then, it really has awesome atmosphere and playability!
I hope you plan on releasing the new remake on GOG or here on ITCH.IO, do you?
Is it possible you may do a Linux version?
If I can download from GOG or ITCH I will definitely be purchasing asap!

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Greetings! Your Galaga and Galaxian ports are superbe!
You asked for suggestions: I (and others) would really
love proper versions of the terrible U.S. "Quicksilver"
ports of Data East arcade games such as KID NIKI.
The NES version is superior to the arcade and, like most
NES games, is 6502 that can easilly be disassembled.
Thanks for listening & keep up the excellent work!

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If you don't have anything constructive to say, stfu.
You're trying to hijack my narrative and spin it so it
appears I'm sencelessly complaining when I'm simply
requesting an option to turn lighting and other f/x
OFF be added. If you read what I wrote, you wouldn't
ask what response I'm looking for because you would
understand the answer is an "F/X ON/OFF" option.
By painting my request in negative light, you are trolling
and causing confusion. What is wrong with people like you?

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What is the point in your insults and instigation?
Obviously you can't read. Throwing more hardware at
something that can be fixed by adding an option is not an
option. I did request a "graphics menu" in my first post,
hence the second post. wtf?
Why bother skimming posts just to attempt to troll and
spew insults which resolve nothing and only cause
confusion and conflict?

Please put a playable demo out. This game looks like something I'd
like but I need to feel how it plays first. Also, a LINUX build would rock!

Thanks for listening!

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Already posted once but no response.
This game requires way too high of specs for what it is.
You don't need lighting f/x and other useless eye candy in a 2D game
but if craploads of special f/x need to be used, at least give us the
option to turn them off so the game is playable on lower end systems.
I'm a sucker for Metroidvanias and would probably love this game but
it seems I won't be playing it unless there's a fix. Disappointing.

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The game is unplayably slow on my Vostro 2510 which plays games
such as the new Astalon: Tears of the Earth, Cyber Shadow,
Alwa's Adventure, Alwa's Legacy, Dolphin emulator and others great.
Both LINUX and WINDOWS versions crawl unplayably slow.
It plays on my desktop but that's a 16GIG i5 with a GTX 1060!
I do most of my gaming on my laptop as I prefer 2D games with
good playability over 3D games that look good but play awful.
There's no reason this game should require such high end specs,
it's only a 2D metroidvania. I have it set to 960x540 and Render
Mode to LOW but I can see there are still lighting effects and other 
things which, if turned off, probably would enable me to play it.
Is there anything that can be done to speed it up?
What about a low-end mode that let's us toggle f/x and
other things which could cause lag on & off?

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Yes, the demo works fine on WINE. 8) But it's always nice to have a native build.
If you need someone to test Linux, I'd be glad to help. 8)

Been waiting for this ever since the earliest demos! 8)
Will there be a LINUX version? (I hope so please!)

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I've had this game for years and STILL return to it!
It has such excellent atmosphere, sound and control.
I haven't beat it yet but I'm sure I will someday.

I came here to ask if you might ever consider doing a sequel to this?
I would definitely buy it! Maybe rereleasing this version with updated
compatibility (a Linux build would rock!) and a few new features
for starters would gain some attention as well.

I have a feeling not many people know about this gem of a game.
If true, it's a shame, because it really is awesome and one of the few
games I keep going back to again and again, years later.

LINUX users: Use WINE v3.17-STAGING to get it working,
newer versions of WINE don't work for me.

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STORYBIRD: I love your work, especially loved AGGELOS!
This game needs key rebinding however!
A linux exe would rock as well but it does work under WINE.

For LINUX users:


Type nano START.SH from CLI and hit ENTER.
Then enter the below script:

xmodmap -e "keycode 38 = q"
xmodmap -e "keycode 25 = z"
xmodmap -e "keycode 61 = l"
xmodmap -e "keycode 60 = p"
wine64 ./VARUNA\ Alpha\ 1-1.exe
setxkbmap -layout us

Hold CTRL+X then Y to save and ENTER.
Type chmod +rwx ./START.SH to give the script executable permission.
Now type ./START.SH and hit ENTER to have the game control
properly with WASD to move and / and . to fire & hold.

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Actually I just tested on my laptop and although better, there
are still situations where it simply can not work. Namely, when
holding diagnostically/things that require multiple keys to be held.
This is definitely an issue with some laptop keyboards, it works
great on my desktop PC & keyboard.
It also works fine on my laptop with a joypad.
I am going to do some research to see if there's any way around it.
I have seen this issue solved before by reading the hardware in a
more direct way on things such as the Commodore 64 but I'm
not sure if this is possible on my laptop's keyboard matrix.

Check this test page for N KEY Rollover:
I can get 8 keys simultaneously but they're in weird locations.
(q a z w s c f . , /)

Awesome! Been waiting for this! Grabbing it now!!! 8)

Thank you!!! 8)

Awesome! Thanks! 8)

Is there an ETA on the update with key rebinding?
I purchased the game and have been waiting for the update
to really get down into it. Thanks!

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Looking great so far! I love games like this, it's similar to Caveblazers.
A few bugs to point out:
Key rebinding does not work. When I pause the game with my
joypad and go to OPTIONS, I can alter music but not key rebinding.
Also, no keyboard control seems to work at all. Joypad only.
I really like using keyboard on games like this.

It works on WINE but it would rock if you could put a native Linux
build out. Gamemaker Studio should be able to export one.
Looking forward to watching this progress! Good work!

Thanks! 8)

Wow what a slick little game!
The music is top notch too!
And this was done with GAMEBOY STUDIO?!?!
Amazing! Great work!

So I can not download the game here until a "new" steam launch?
But it has already launched on STEAM. I do not use STEAM.
When will this be?

Can't download

Why can I not buy this game? The link is broken.
I would love to buy the Linux version. Thanks!

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This is not a bug per se, it's due to the
limitation of number of simultaneous keys
able to be pressed on certain rows of certain
keyboards. As mentioned above, the ability
to rebind should fix this issue as it will allow
people to play with different combinations
and find the keys that work with their
keyboard. I've also seen the issue fixed by
coding direct hardware key reading routine.

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Excellent arcade twin stick shooter in vein of Robotron but more fun imho! Great job! And it runs great on Linux too! 8)
Just made a donation. Others should as well!

P.S. - An option to rebind keys is needed as my keyboard
can not fire up/left diagonally and move. Some key combos
don't work on all keyboards so it would be nice to be able
to experiment with different bindings. I realize dual analog
is the way to go and will be playing with D/A most of the
time but sometimes I want a quickie on my laptop, plus all
games should have the ability to rebind the keys imho.

ALSO - It is possible if you code a key reading routine
that hits the hardware more directly, the issue may go away.

Still patiently waiting for the new version.
Another game called Sir Lovealot just came out which is very similar to Cursed Gem btw.

Just wanted to say I played through the DEMO a year ago and enjoyed
it very much. Just picked up the latest DEMO and played through it
again and the game has not lost any of it's charm! I love it! 8)
It played great on LINUX with WINE but a native Linux version would
be awesome if possible! Definitely will be buying this when it's out!
Something about the story and pace really hits home with this.
Hope the release will be soon!

Can you do a LINUX build? It's the only thing stopping me from purchasing. Thanks!

Been waiting patiently! Any update on full Linux version with more balanced levels for ITCH.IO ?

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AWESOME! Than you, you rock!

A linux exe would be awesome if possible as well. 8)

Game looks great but runs unplayably too slow on my
laptop running Firefox v81.0.1 on XUbuntu with AMD E-450
APU/CPU & Radeon HD 6320 video.

Would be great for stand alone Linux or Windows versions!

Link does not work