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Any Linux version planned?

It works on WINE but a native version is always preferable.

Just downloaded the demo, played for less than 5 minutes and knew
it was something right up my alley that I'd love. Immediately purchased
the full version and am enjoying this fine Metroidvania. 8)

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Hey! I dunno what I was doing wrong but I nuked everything I had
and started with the simple git clone you had and it is working now!

Thank you!!! Now I get to enjoy playing this locally! 8)

P.S. - Is there an easy way to rebind keys? I haven't looked at the source
yet, I imagine it can be done that way but I thought I'd ask. Also that would
be a great feature for future revisions. 8)

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I've tried 3 different ways, it's still just sitting there at the white bar.
I even completely removed everything & recloned the repo as well as
downloading the new v1.0.0 files and trying both source and dist.
I looked at LFS and it talks about selecting file types LFS is to manage.
I ran a few of the suggested options but nothing helped.
Could you please give the exact commands that one would execute from
shell to fully clone the repo with all assets and paths intact plus make sure
LFS is installed properly and linked to everything needed?
I feel there's something I'm not getting set up properly. Thank you!

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Okay that got it farther but still no go.
Now it goes to the blue screen with the white bar but it sits at
around 1/5th of the way there and the bar doesn't go further.
I have tried with FIREFOX and CHROME btw plus they both run it here.

I compiled the code on UBUNTU but what do I do to RUN the game locally? ? When I run index.html in browser, it just says Initializing.....

And sits there forever.

Cool little game! 8) Very intuitive, it was always clear what to do, where to go. Kinda like a Metroidvania I would consider it?

Anyhow, great job!

I'm aware of these alternatives but this doesn't answer my question.

Flying would rock! 8) I want a sequel! 8) And weapons!

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I'm gonna keep sayin' it... I got a new job that pays great but is very stressful and this game is perfect to come unwind to!
If you made a sequel or made it larger and more epic it's something I would gladly pay full price for. It's that good.
Already paid for this version even though it's free, just wanted
to show my appreciation. The SPEED and CONTROLS are DEAD ON.
The aesthetics and sound? PERFECT. I just keep feeling sad that
it may not ever be anything more and that you might not know what a gem you have. 8) I feel the same about the game "Bobo
Robot" which I loved but it's like it's just 1 level of something that
should be an entire game! You got my money man if you ever wanna enhance it or make a sequel! Like maybe make it HUGE so you have to save games and take lots of hours to complete?
Just do everything you're doing but bigger and better?
Weapons maybe? hehhe I love even that it has swimming sections!

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I gotta write again to say ya know, this game could be a full fledged release if it had more levels and was expanded a bit.
It really is the exact kind of game I love, extremely fast and dead on controls, retro style Atari 2600, great playability and very easy to just pick up and play and get into. It's a shame that there isn't more however, I would gladly purchase a more full version. 8)

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Very nice game! Exactly the kind of game I love!
Old school sensibilities, I think this is actually better than VVVVVVV!
It's kind of reminiscent of a classic old game called "Montezuma's
Revenge", even the sound f/x are similar!
I really like your design style! I'm donating $5.00 now!
Are there any keyboard commands to, for instance, exit the game
or do other things? Redefining keys would be nice too.
Keep up the great work! P.S. - Thanks for supporting Linux!

What language is the source for and can it be compiled on/for Linux? Thanks! Really would like a Linux version.

Please let us buy on ITCH.IO! 8)

Thank you!

I've been patiently awaiting the sequel for what seems like forever!
I wish they'd give an update. They had multiple trailers out in 2020, been working
on it since 2019 and it has a release date of 2024! For a 2D Metroidvania! Geesh!

When will this be sold here? I don't use STEAM. Thanks! Been a fan of this demo, would like to see the finished game.

Awesome! That rocks! Thanks! Really anxious to see the game! 8)

I use Linux and normally I write a script to rebind keys for games
that don't have built in rebinding but on this particular game,
my script won't work. Are you hitting the hardware directly or
something to make the keyboard work? Can you include key
rebinding please in the final version? Thank you!

This is what my script looks like, it rebinds to WASD for control,
. for whip, / for jump and TAB for map. Then after game exits,
it changes everything back. Except it won't work on your game
for some reason, yet this is how I do all my other non-rebindable

xmodmap -e "keycode 38 = Left"
xmodmap -e "keycode 39 = Down"
xmodmap -e "keycode 40 = Right"
xmodmap -e "keycode 25 = Up"
xmodmap -e "keycode 60 = x"
xmodmap -e "keycode 61 = z"
xmodmap -e "keycode 23 = space"
setxkbmap -layout us

This game looks fun but the key binds are agitating, hitting P to escape, etc.
If you could make a downloadable version and allow key binding it looks like it
could really be a lot of fine! 8) Right now it's just too frustrating constantly hitting
P to escape menus and having to play in a web browser.

Can you make a downloadable version please?

Understood!  8)  I grew up with a C=64 and love the fact games are still being made.

Understood!  8)  I grew up with a C=64 and love the fact games are still being made.

Hello! I just bought Return of the SLIMEPIRES and really like it but
would like to know if there is a way to rebind keys in PICO-8 games?
They all always have X and C and ARROW keys and I don't like that.
I use Linux and normally I can rebind by using XEV to find key IDs and
then writing a script that uses XMODMAP to redefine keyboard, run
game, then change keys back on exit. However, this does not work with
the PICO-8 games. I have been trying to figure out how to contact you but there is no comment section for SLIMEPIRES and this is the only area I could find to comment so sorry for being off topic.
Any help would be appreciated, I'd really love to be able to rebind the keys!

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Wow! What a great looking game!
I just donated $5.00, this is definitely commercial quality!
I hope others support your work as well.
I love MINI GHOST, the PC remake that came out a few years ago,
but I never finished it because I get to a point where I've
explored the entire map and the door to the next level simply never opens, nor can I find a card to make it open.
Anyone know what I'm missing on that game?
Hopefully I'll be able to win this one, I'm looking forward to playing it on my laptop in bed for the next few nights! 8)
It's always great to see new C=64 games coming out with modern
sensibilities as it seems this has.
Great job and I hope the bug Viata mentions can be found and
fixed soon, also is it possible you could add 2 button support,
1 for jump and the other for fire & special weapon? 8)

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My joystick only jumps, no other buttons do anything.
(I can move but only jump, not sword, roll or pause.)
Also, the keyboard layout is not very good.
It would be nice for the next build to allow key rebinding
as well as joypad rebinding.
A Linux build would also be nice! Thank you!
This looks like it could shape up to be great, it is exactly
the kind of game I like! 8)

Great game but we need to be able to download it please,
playing in browser is simply not feesible.
Linux build would also rock! Excited to see where this goes! 8)

Whatever happened with this game?
It's been years. I was excited for it! 8)

Stand alone build for Linux would rock! But if not possible, at least for Windows.
And key rebinding. 8) I always rebind keys with a Linux script if the game doesn't
have it built in but I can't do that with a web game. Game looks fun though!

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I don't understand why you're mentioning consoles unless you plan on releasing this on consoles?
In that case then it wouldn't be a free project anymore and you should want to
satisfy the most people. I would have paid for The Lightkeeper, it's that good. 8)
I don't think making a game require extra hardware makes sense at all if it
doesn't actually need it. New hardware can always run old things but old hardware
can't run new things. If you want the game in front of as many people as possible,
then it makes the most sense to have it run on the largest variety of hardware,
from a PC perspective. Of course with consoles you write for what is out.
The specifics of the control issues in Lightkeeper vs. Trespasser should be obvious.
The control in Trespasser is clunky, Lightkeeper's is very responsive and fast.
That's not the same as the game being slower paced, it's the control
responsiveness, hit boxing, movement, etc. It's very glitchy.
Maybe you were more used to the older language that you coded Lightkeeper
in and Trespasser simply doesn't run as smooth because you haven't learned to
tweak things to be as smooth as in the old language yet?
I understand wanting to learn new languages and I understand this is free, it's your
personal project and you can do whatever you want. Absolutely.
But the things I am noticing are there, nevertheless.
I'm a musician and sometimes when I get a new instrument, I think everything
sounds great just because it's new. It takes a while for the newness to wear off
before I'm able to objectively judge things and get to know it as well as I knew
the older hardware and become as picky, critical and fluent as I was with it.
The same goes for consoles, etc. 1st generation games are seldom as good as
the games that get made years later as people get to know the hardware and
really start pushing it to it's limits. The same with new languages, etc.
Sometimes everything we do on something "new" can appear great because it's
shiny and the newness factor hasn't worn off yet, or you work to overcome an
obstacle and once you finally get it, you're so happy you aren't looking at things
objectively from a 3rd person perspective.
I hope you don't take me wrong, I think you have a ton of skill and I absolutely
loved The Lightkeeper, but all of the reasons why I loved it are gone in this one.
This just seems unpolished and glitchy, I assume this is due to the new

Also, regardless of whether it is "preferable" to use a controller or not, some
people prefer keyboard and rock on keyboard better than controller.
What is the point in having keyboard support at all then if you don't want
people to use it? And if you offer the option, why not let us rebind all keys?
Not everyone plays the same way.
Key rebinding should allow every key to be rebinded, it isn't hard to do, I don't know what the big deal would be and why there should be a problem with not
limiting the keys allowed to be binded to?
In most languages, there are different methods you can use to grab keyboard
input at a lower hardware level (like look at keyboard interrupt memory location
to check if key is pressed rather than use scanf, etc). Switching to a method like
that is an easy solution.

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Why isn't this available on ITCH.IO?

I don't understand why some developers release demos on ITCH.IO,
using ITCH.IO to build up a fan base and gain hype for their games,
only to screw ITCH.IO over when the actual release comes out and
only release it on STEAM or some other DRM platform.

I will only buy games demoed on ITCH.IO on ITCH.IO.
I don't own a STEAM account and never will.

WTF? Updating Microsoft Visual Studio is not reinstalling the OS.
And plenty of games require Visual Studio updates, it is very common.
The links are right there for you, how much easier could it be?

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Do you have a link to the Twitter post?
I don't use Twitter but I'd love a link to any information on an update!
Also when will you be offering Timothy & the Tower of Mu on ITCH.IO ?
One of the best games of the year imho.
Also - Where do I find the key to the door at the very bottom,
on the ground to the left? I have searched everywhere!
I won the steam version but still can not unlock this small castle!

Crashes in browser (Firefox v105.0) and under WINE
on Linux just says Couldn't load project data at path ".". Is the .pck file missing? (All I downloaded was 1 exe file, there was no .pck file.)

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Many modern games work great on my laptop. The new Shovel Knight Dig and many other brand new games that are just released
all work fine. I could understand if the game required more advanced features but there are games that are far more graphically demanding that work fine.
Some programmers are always upgrading to the latest engines even if the game
doesn't need it, forcing upgrades that aren't necessary.
I understand the desire to want to learn the latest and greatest but it's a shame
when done on a game where it shouldn't be needed. I really loved The Lighthouse.
Tresspasser's control seems way more clunky than Lighthouse's on my big system
also, which is a GTX 1060 6GB with 16 GIGS ram and an i5 quad core.
Part of what I loved about Lighthouse was the speed and the control.
Is this just because this is still an early alpha/beta version?
Trespasser just doesn't seem as polished, smooth or fast as Lighthouse.
I love the fact it's in the same world though! 8)
I love my old laptop and am one of those people who really think most hardware
today is totally overkill, especially for the kind of games I like which are mainly 2D.
Even in 2022 I'm still able to run most of the stuff I want.
I'm against the idea that we need to just keep buying and buying new hardware
just because it's "old". Like people who keep buying new phones, etc. I don't get it.
I understand for playing big modern 3D games but I really don't like many of
those and my big system is for the few of those that I play but what I really like
are the Axiom Verge 1&2, Lighthouse, Alwa's Legacy/Adventure type 2D
Metroidvanias that my laptop can easily handle.

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The game does not work on my laptop which is older, but should
easily be able to play such a game. The laptop is a VOSTRO 2510
with an NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS. I believe I read below
where you told another user the game requires OpenGL 4.0?

My laptop is OpenGL v3.3.0 which is able to do many games of
this kind. Is it possible you can lower the requirements to 3.0?
4.0 seems a bit steep for this type of 2D game.
It would surely bring on a lot more users.
I have a GTX 1060 on my main system that the game plays fine
on but I like to play in bed on my laptop.

The laptop plays many games that appear more graphically
demanding, such as: Axiom Verge 2, WII Emulator Dolphin,
Chasm, Steamworld Dig 2, Skellboy, Alwa's Awakening & Alwa's
Legacy and many others. I understand it's all really about what
you use to program it with but is there any way you could
possibly make a build with lower requirements that don't use
OGL 4.0 features or just allow the game to run no matter what
version of OGL the user has and put in the ability to turn off
lighting and other effects in the menus?

I really loved The Lighthouse which ran fine on my laptop and am
looking forward to going through this game. Thanks!

Why not release the alpha version here too?

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think I won the game?
I made my way to one of the lowest areas, there was a ? and I pressed up...
It gave a statement (I will not say it in case it's a spolier) and then said
"Thanks for playing!" - HOWEVER...
There are still areas I have not uncovered, all the ROCKS?
I have not gained a weapon to allow me to go through or destroy the rocks?
And I only have 6 of the 9 eggs?
Have I only encountered one of many endings? 8)

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Loved The Lightkeeper! Will be playing this more later on today!

One thing I notice is in key binding, there are not many keys allowed
as well as the movement is not allowed to be binded.
I usually play with WASD keys for movement and /., for jump, attack,
etc. and usually have TAB as map. I can not bind any of those keys.
I'm using WINE under Ubuntu to play and I wrote a Linux script that
takes care of all this and remaps to those keys, then changes back
when the game exits but it would be nice if better key bindings could
be put in future versions. 8)

Other than that, I'm looking forward to enjoying this as much as I
enjoyed The Lightkeeper! 8)

P.S. - I have a PS3 controller that works via bluetooth but I prefer
to play Metroidvanias/Platformers with keyboard, for me, it gives
far better control than with a controller. I think all PC games should
have key binding that allow for the full keyboard to be binded as well
as movement in order to please those of us who prefer keyboard
and have our own layouts with which we've become familiar. 8)

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Very good game! Exactly the kind I like!
I've almost won it! I had to write a script to rebind keys though so
for a future update, built in keybindings in the settings would be nice,
as well as a Linux build. I'm running under WINE on Ubuntu.

I like that the boss fights are doable. One of the things I hate
about many Metroidvanias is that I will love them until I get to
a boss and then it will become so ridiculously hard that I either
give up or cheat. Or it will come to a part in the game where the
difficulty level sky rockets astronomically to an extremely more
difficult level than it had been. This game has a very good difficulty
curve as well and I also love the speed of it! It reminds me of
Castle in the Darkness as far as the speed and control, though it's
nowhere as difficult as that game. Many games that are fast are
uncontrollable but this has managed many design feats - keeping
the difficulty curve steady, making the game fast but still extremely
fair and controllable and fun, logical and well laid out puzzles and
level design... 8) Great job all around!