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I've played through the demo, beat the boss and won it.
I'm very into the story and love everything so far! 8)
Just a request:
I love retro games like this. I don't play many modern 3D type games at all.
I have enjoyed many of the retro style games that have been coming out.
However, many of them start out great but eventually become too hard.
I like the level this game is at right now and of course, I expect it to become
more difficult as it progresses... Just don't make it infuriating please! 8)
Maybe different skill levels to choose from title screen?
I feel I've been burnt by games that start off great but eventually become
so difficult they are impossible and not at all fun, CATHEDRAL is one.
That game started off great but eventually became so stupid hard that it
was not fun at all and I gave up.

Thanks for listening and great job, I am looking forward to this game!
Please make sure to release it on ITCH.IO as I do not use STEAM.
I don't know why but many games which start on ITCH.IO seem to only
put the demo out there, but then when the game is released, they only
release it on STEAM. I think ITCH.IO deserves support. 8)

P.S. - Is there any ETA on the release date? 8)

Love the game. Quick question: Would you consider doing a Linux version?
It works great under Linux using WINE but a native compile is always best.

There are multiple solutions for MACOS users to run Windows.
A Windows build is really necessary, Windows is the preferred platform of most users.

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Is this really MAC only (unless you want to play via website) or am I missing something?

Awesome game! I hope GamePhase will consider doing a sequel or level expansion!

Awesome!!! 8)

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Why is it that so often, devs abandon this place as soon as they get on STEAM?

I do not use STEAM but I do have an account and purchase games here on ITCH.IO.

Why isn't the full game available here?

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You must just not be very good at these kind of games then!
Every day I play it I get farther. It has been pretty easy up till now but the portal opened and a bunch of baddies came out,
now it's fuckin' hard as Hell! I may end up having to cheat cuz I hate when a game I love suddenly becomes too difficult!

Since last message I typed here, I have unlocked many new abilities and levels. If you are really stuck, there is an entire walkthru video
now up on YOUTUBE. It will answer every single question you have! Good luck!

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Okay. I assume you're playing the full game, I don't think the demo has this part. I know exactly where you are!
Have you got the fireball teleport thing yet?
Once you get it, you have to go back and go through all the areas that were blocked by the two bars before.
You will find a room where a dragon gives you tasks to complete.
I am stuck here!
I'm not stuck because I don't know what to do, I'm stuck because the difficulty suddenly rose astronomically!
It's hard as fuck! I can get through the first task and the one where you have to go to bubble form and float around catching the gems.
After that, you have to complete a section without using special weapons and it's just fuckin' frustrating as all Hell!
You hold down and bounce across the bad guys, then you have to do the double jump/sword up thing as well and it becomes a tedious
chore! I'll eventually get through it though!

The thing about this game is, you can get to many places but if you don't have the special abilities, you can't explore those places in full.
For underwater, you need the bubble transform so you can go to the top and find various items. For many places with the two silver bars
blocking your path, you need the fire teleport. Also, the big tall wall that is made of "very dry wood" can be burned down with a fireball.
Of course, I assume you have the double jump/upward sword swing. That allows you to get to some high places you couldn't get to
before as well. I hope this helps!

I love how this game links all the areas together with secret passageways that can be navigated once you get power-ups as well!
It's just how WBIMW is! This game is really ending up being one of my most favorite games of the year!
I have been waiting for MONSTER BOY but the devs have taken too long and have become sidetracked on everything but the
actual game it's self it seems - Hyping it up for consoles/ignoring PC users/etc. I hope it's good but I'm sick of waiting!
AGGELOS is better than THE DRAGON'S TRAP remake as well! It's a better game all around and that's really saying something,
considering DRAGON'S TRAP is a 1:1 remake of the original but with new graphics and a few tweaked elements.

I was never a huge DT fan anyhow, I love Wonderboy (Arcade original), Wonderboy in Monsterland (SMS,C=64,ETC.) and
Wonderboy in Monster World. I also love Wonderboy IV (I think?) which is the one where you're a girl. That game rocks!
It's a great time to be a WONDERBOY fan! There's even another game, WONDERBOY RETURNS, which I have but it's just average.
AGGELOS is turning out to be one of my favorites!!!


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NCR - U talking about the DEMO or the FULL GAME? If you don't have the time to play then I don't know what to say,
most of us want games to be as long as possible and take up many days!
Personally, part of the thing I love about games like AGGELOS is that I can play for a few hours every day.
When I get stuck, I put it down and come back later.
If the game is good enough to keep going back to, as Aggelos is, eventually I figure it out and when I do, it makes my day!
ANYHOW tell me if you're playing the DEMO or FULL GAME and explain specifically & exactly where you are and I will be glad to help.
The only issue I have with this "forum" is it reformats my text.

It seems that as soon as devs get onto STEAM, they totally ignore other mediums. I don't like that and I don't
like STEAM. This place is dead now during the time it should be the most active! But no one on ITCH.IO can even
purchase the game from ITCH.IO now! Not cool to ITCH.IO or it's users. I will never use STEAM.

I think the game is perfectly balanced! I love it when a puzzle has me stumped
for a few days and then, I finally figure it out! On the full release of AGGELOS,
this happened to me when I didn't know how to get past a wall but I had to
throw a magic ball at the lower one and hit the upper one with my sword,
then the wall came down. It was so much fun finally discovering that!
If I had simply read a cheat sheet, it would have erased the fun of trying to
figure it out by myself and then finally getting it!

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Greetings! I love this game but I think it's unfair that ITCH.IO has
been ignored in favor of STEAM.
ITCH.IO is what put this game on the map and generated all the
hype over it. It's where I initially found out about it.
Its where I downloaded the DEMO from.

Now the game has been released but they have totally forgotten
about ITCH.IO, I can't believe it's still not available here.
What gives?

NEWS: Support us on STEAM! <<<----- NO! I support you on ITCH.
Don't abandon ITCH.IO, release the game here already!

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Awesome! So will it be available here on ITCH.IO ?
I hope so because I do not use STEAM!

I've been looking forward to MONSTERBOY & THE CURSED KINGDOM
for years now but they are taking forever and ever and have not released
any playable demos or anything yet.
I found AGGELOS searching through ITCH.IO's platformer/metroidvania section.
I had heard nothing about it yet it has become one of my most anticipated titles!
Of course, I've already won the demo so I am ready for the full game asap!!! 8)
I think AGGELOS is awesome and feels exactly how a WONDERBOY game should feel!
My favorite WONDERBOY game is Wonderboy in Monster World.
AGGELOS feels very much like an extension of that game but with all the problems fixed,
I think the control is even better! I also love WONDERBOY IV and AGGELOS seems to
have taken from that as well! I hope the game can be purchased, DRM free, on ITCH.IO!

All links are dead.

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Wonderboy-bobi/STORYBIRD - This game rocks!
I've been playing the demo for the last few days on Linux using WINE.
Do you ever plan on doing a Linux port?
Wonderboy is one of my most favorite series and this game has got
all of what I love about it! The only issue I have is that I think I'm
about to win the DEMO and then I won't be able to have any more fun
with it till the full game is released. 8)

What is the final game's eta?
I read an old text where FEBUARY 2017 was given as a possible
release time but obviously, that time has passed.

I don't use STEAM or support DRM.
Will AGGELOS be available to purchase from ITCH.IO when complete?
I hope so!!!

The game is awesome, great job!
Very anxious to play the final full version! 8)

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Awesome! I assume the full version is okay, correct?
Really love the game man, great job! I also love ADVENTURES.
Are you planing on making a full version of ADVENTURES?
It's hard as Hell but I keep going back for more punishment,
each time getting a bit further. 8)

P.S. - Just played the new DEMO you fixed, it's working great and I got farther than
ever before! What a cool game!!! I'm going to buy the full game RIGHT NOW! 8)
P.S. II - Just bought the full game. Plan on playing it tonight. 8)
BTW - I use WINE under Linux to play.
It works great but have you ever considered doing a Linux build?

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How  do I play this new DEMO?
Can't figure out the super jump, it only happens accidentally.
Also, I wish I could redefine the \, ], and [ keys.
All I do on the demo is go to the right,
try to roll under the snow bank,
I don't make it and die.

The demo version before this update didn't do this,
I at least got to another room at the far right.
Is this new DEMO working correctly?

I really want to buy the game but need to have these issues explained first,
I don't want to buy it and have all these apparent glitches still there.
I love how the game looks and feels though!!!