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This game is great but it is stuttery and slow on my
Geforce 8400M GS Vostro 2510 laptop.
I have tried with vsync on and off as well as in lower resolutions but it makes no difference.
I realize the laptop is old but this game shouldn't need
high end specs. I run other 2D games like Axiom
Verge, Shovel Knight + SK Dig, Astalon, Alwa's
Adventure & Alwa's Legacy, Cyber Shadow, Chasm,
Dolphin emulator and many more fine.
Maybe you could add some options to turn off some graphic features (lighting, etc.?) in future builds?
That would rock! I love playing games like this in bed on my laptop. It runs great of course on my gaming system in the living room which has 16 gigs RAM, a GTX 1060 6GB and an I5 quad core but I tend to prefer smaller 2D games like this anyhow.
A Linux build would rock too!

Hey MENTD, we recommend a mid-range PC due to the 2D lighting, post-processing, etc. That said, we will be looking at making some optimizations in a future update, as well as adding a few quality options, so stay tuned!

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I do have a pretty kick ass PC - an i5-3470 QUAD CORE @ 3.20 GHz per core with 16 GIGS of RAM and an NVIDIA GTX 1060.
It runs the game great! However, I also have a laptop which has the GeForce 8400M GS and I really love it for gaming in bed.
It is nice to have all the features cranked to high on my big gaming PC in the front room hooked to my big screen HDTV and using my bluetooth connected PS DUALSHOCK controllers,
but it's also nice to be able to play on my laptop while in bed
using the keyboard and, if needed, the option to turn off or
reduce some of the graphic features so that the game runs
better. 8)