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Any chance of a Linux build? I get graphical errors when running in Lutris.

Roles are not equal in time contribution, and this was a project on the side. Keep comments like this to yourself, maybe.

Any chance of exporting a Linux build?

Game crashes on start-up for me with wine.

For an existing project, copy-pasting the shaders and setting up the materials yourself using the demo as a reference.

For a completely new project, copy-paste the project itself and start making changes from there.

Don’t forget to include the license info in whatever it is you make.

There is no full thing, this is a standalone project styled as a demo disc.

Nice stuff! Really enjoyed playing through this.

It’s all on the GitHub, check the older commits

Hi, that feature is enabled in the itch settings; if there’s an issue, however, Ko-fi is available:

IIRC it was accurate dithering that led to moving it to a post process effect rather than object-level (had issues dithering between colours, and didn’t play nicely with transparency).

Wasn’t overly happy with cutting per-object dithering, but it was a relatively obscure hardware feature to begin with (so far you’re the first person to bring it up). Hopefully we’ll be able to get it back in 4.0 by rendering to a buffer to mask dithering, AFAIK that should do the job.

Keyboard controls are listed in-game under “Controls” on the main menu.

Thanks for the playthrough!

I’m unsure what you’re referring to with the controls; D-Pad is tank controls, and analogue is REmake style analogue controls - was this not the case for you?

Nice time!

I’m not sure what you’re referring to with the controls, sorry. Tank controls are bound to D-Pad, while REmake-style analogue controls are bound to the analogue stick - was this not the case for you?

Collision around the wooden boards is a confirmed bug - there’ll be a patch in the near future that’ll fix this.

Very neat little environment’em’up!​ The soundtrack reminded me a lot of the dungeon synth scene.

Not at all! MIT license just requires that you place a copy of this license in a visible place somewhere (as in, “I used X code, here is the license”). Godot engine itself is also MIT license, so this is a requirement you have to fulfill when releasing a Godot engine game regardless.

Credits are a good place to dump this - self plug but I did this in one of my games if you want to see an example.

Would you believe I haven’t? Thought of the pun and went from there.

Hey thanks for playing & leaving such detailed bug reports!

Wooden boards was known about but somehow forgot to fix it, but being able to move before accepting the item prompt is a new one (though I’m 90% sure of the cause)!

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Made my own system as my needs were simpler than the complexity Dialogic offers - planning on making a postmortem vid in the next couple weeks discussing aspects like this, would probably recommend Dialogic in most cases though!

Ran this as a one-shot using Knave for a group of 3, and we all had a blast!

Was looking forward to playing this, but the camera doesn’t work right with any of my pads - does it only support Xbox controllers?

Very charming! I quite enjoyed playing through this!


Thanks for pointing this out!

Yeah I can see that - there’s a finished version coming in the near future which addresses issues like that, so stay tuned!

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It is! It’s available on GitHub under MIT License

Please click “View game page” for instructions on how to host and play.

Reminded me of a Zachtronics game - would love to see more levels!

Absolutely loved it, reminded me of Hoplite but with hand-crafted levels rather than randomly generated - please make more!

Glad to hear you liked it! There's definitely more content planned for future updates, had several more areas and enemies planned out that had to be cut due to time

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Really good example of asset re-use to make lots of different content, great job!

Thanks for playing! It was a matter of over-scoping for the time on hand, I'd reached the point where I'd got all the systems working but ran out of time before I could do any actual content (the map included was just what I was using for testing).