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Jun 18 2023 19:18 GMT+2

There are keyboard controls tho

This is so much fun! Songs are good, gameplay is really good, It's really fun to try and go for highscores!

Thanks! Also, the arrow problem's been fixed.

The platforming is so much fun with great art and sound design to support it. I really want a full release. 

Creative gameplay loop! Only issue I have is that after you place all robots down theres not much more to do.  I had a good time with it overall!

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Unfortunately there is no music, but I'm unsure about the button issue. Sorry!

Update: It should be fixed now.

Simple yet addictive!

fun character hopping gameplay!

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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I loved the atmosphere! A little spooky gem, while gameplay wasn't the greatest, the story and music kept it interesting :]

After a while the jumpscares got a bit repetetive but overall very fun.

extremely addicting with great music!

148 score!

I do not enjoy :(

yay! :D

Oh, thanks!

ending 1 and 2 were easy enough but I don't understand how to get the rest

I use this and I really love it. Quite simple in design but has many options to use! 10/10

Due to the limitations of the engine, there is no fix. Bitsy sprites only work in 8x8. 

Pretty fun! The indicator of where fish are at is smartly crafted, and I don't see many problems with it!

Can't wait for full release!

This made my day =D

When you swap to 16x16 the avatar stays 8x8 no matter what you do. Apart from that, great tool!


Very calm and nice! The only thing that bugged me a bit was the camera, but apart from that it's great!

Welp, I'm terrified.

Fun little game! I'm not very good at it but I had a great time!

Fun and frantic gameplay!

yeah same

Fun to toy around with! Maybe add drifting / a minimap in a hypothetical post-jam version?

Pretty fun to toy around with! Maybe add drifting in a hypothetical post-jam version?

Well im never playing games with a virtual cat again.

I. Love. It

Ah good to know, thanks!

Like, worthy enough to be a game on steam "proper".

I've been trying out Bitsy (color+) but it doesn't include any programming at all. Does it count as a "proper" game engine, because i'm not sure what to call it.

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Really weird yet fun to play around with! :D