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You are quite correct - Pocket Adventure is actually a full-featured game that has an extensive rulebook for world building that I attempted to squeeze a portion of into a single page for this jam. Perhaps I was too ambitious!

Thanks! I hope you enjoy it :)

I've went through so many of these submissions, and this is truly one of the first games that really made me stop and smile. Great mechanics, awesome flavor, and overall excellent job. I really want to try this one with a group of friends.

Thanks a lot! I really appreciate you checking out my game :)

Thank you for checking it out! 

This is my 60's sci-fi dark comedy RPG one-page romp, Bell Bottoms and Brainwaves

I'd love any feedback you might have, but my goals are:

  • Find any inconsistencies in language or wording
  • Clean up verbiage or stumbling blocks
  • Clarify any rules that might be tricky
  • Make any text rules into visual elements where it makes sense

I've made the rules purposely loose/vague in some places for narrative freedom, but hopefully that's not too wily nilly. We'll see. 

Thanks for your time.

Check it out! Bell Bottoms and Brainwaves

The year is 1962. 

The United States military has been conducting secret experiments on “willing” subjects in a program called PSY-CLOPS (Psychic Covert Learning Operatives). The program has successfully created a 6th sense in a  REDACTED number of subjects. This 6th sense can manifest within a subject in several ways, but all of these abilities are simply referred to as ‘powers’. The project has been funded for the past REDACTED years, but in last month, there was a problem. The Pentagon wants answers. REDACTED subjects have managed to escape.

You are one of those subjects. 

The game takes place in the ‘normal’ world of ‘62. Big cars, color TV, drive-ins, malted milk shakes, and beehive hairdos. You and your fellow escapees need to blend into society and avoid the feds, police and sending society into a panic. All of the patients had a regular schedule of pills, known to as ‘candy’, and without candy, your psychic abilities are becoming more powerful... and more difficult to manage. Your other senses are more sensitive from unlocking a 6th sense—you’re more irritable, and when your senses are overloaded, your powers can become erratic.

You start with nothing except a shaved head, white top, white bottoms and white slip-on shoes. No money. No job. No home. You’ve been barely getting by since you’ve escaped. Thank goodness you have powers. You need to stick together with your fellow escapees if you have any.


I would love any feedback or critique you might have, and I appreciate your time. 


Yep! They’re in the downloads section!

Thank you!