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I have failed my friends, Pinky and Tealo as I could not guide them successfully through the second spike stage. I had nice time though going through the rest of the game. :>

I wonder if I missed a mechanic or is that second spike stage just super super hard ?? It's okay if I wasn't gamer enough. You can say this.

Ahh I really enjoy the the part where the player rushes back towards their soul charging through enemies. It also a chance of killing you but it's the more fun out of the two options of either recalling your soul or pulling yourself toward your soul. 

I believe my high score after some attempts was a 17,035. :> Not too great but not too bad either I think. 

Wonderful presentation (sounds, music and visuals!) and also quite fun game mechanics. I was expecting the the tethering two objects together to be the main mechanic I used to defeat enemies and it technically was. But the tether boosting mechanic is so fun to try to get better at. My go to was tether any enemy ships to an object and then just spearing them as fast as possible with the tether boost. I would either quickly get rid of them or accidently fall into an object and lose all my hp (usually my own fault at not being good at the mechanic)

Very fun and pleasant experience overall. :>

Pleasant game of goo (?). A bit easy to softlock yourself but it seems like there is a lot of room of potential puzzles with these mechanics. The growing smaller to fit under half open doors surprised me. :>

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I did a couple runs of this and had a nice time. One a pacifist route and the other a "No Mercy" route.

The concept is a pretty fun idea and it's pleasant to plan out the route on the last stage for the pacifist route. The robot behind the wall spooked me the first time I went through it lmao. :>

Ah I like the little purple friend. :> 
Going through this short little game is actually a fairly dramatic experience to me? ? Like I am projecting a lot onto it but the sounds chilling out as you finish each door felt like there was a lot of melodrama going on in the background events of this game. And once you complete them all you get silence and if you play again right away you cannot enter any doors. It has become an eerie silent land full of doors that lead nowhere. And somehow this all weirdly works for me. Protagonist demanded silence and accidently ended the world is my head canon I am sorry. :>

Fun concept! And it was easy to imagine what farther puzzles you could come up with this with how the bullets bounce nicely too. 

ah I also got stuck on the second level due to the box not moving. I was eventually able to.... somehow glitch past the box and get to the third level where I was still unable to move the box. :<

I like the concept though and I think there is plenty potential puzzles from this. :>

I had a nice time going through these levels. The characters I enjoyed the most were the ones that had specifically player movement altering ones. The red one with their jump power up was my favorite to be since the jump lent itself to traversing the environment in perhaps unintended but fun ways. (Like jumping around barriers instead of getting a cube. I think this is kinda a pleasant option to keep in sometimes though even if not intended)

The camera was a bit hard to control but I think that was mostly just me being unused to the directions that mouse movement defaulted to. 

I think the blue and red challenges were the most fun overall but I was glad to go through all the levels. :>

okay this is super tough as noted by everyone. The cute presentation really helps balance it out though. Love the title screen based off of old cartoon title cards. :> 

This is all hypothetical but a version of this with all sorts of different obstacles could be really engaging I think. This was a nice time though. 

I only made it just under halfway so I cannot record my time here. Sorry to both Willy and Rosie. :<

A pleasant fall. :> I'm sorry but I made the two characters kiss. I have sinned. 

ah! Found it now. Thanks for the assistance. :>

Wow okay! Favorite game so far I've rated for this jam.

Love love love the graphical style and atmosphere. I was ready to just love the style and walk through a pretty/scary place but then also the puzzles were quite nice as well. Especially the later ones which really use the concept well. 

 The only problem I have isn't really a problem but it is something I am curious about. 
uhh spoilers for anyone who hasn't played for Parallell the GMTK Game Jam game.

So I am in the hallway at what I assume is the end but I just really want to make sure that it is the end since the game spawns you back into the hallway after the spooky thing that happens happens. I am pretty sure that's the end (and it worked great for me actually as an end if it was) but I just want to make sure I didn't miss anything. If I did, let me know and I'll gladly playthrough it again. Really great game. :>

This was a very compelling experience. 
At first, I thought "why is this drama piano here? A bit much isn't it?" but then, as I helped this poor robot escape the chasm, I realized how important this robots struggle for life was. 

Uhh so suffice to say it all comes together quite well somehow ! It's rather tough and I feel like it is a better experience for players who have already played a game in a similar format like that one rock climbing game related to QWOP. 

So yeah, getting to the end was extremely satisfying, good game good music good experience. :>

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ahh these puzzles are very solid and pleasant to solve. The bridges along with the wires have a lot of possibilities it seems.

Oh and I love the sound effects for switching between the wires. Makes them seem like cute little wire friends. :>

ahhh this was a very enjoyable playthrough. Or at least I assume I got to the end when the game suddenly exited? I did get through a pretty good amount of stages so hopefully. :>

The main movement mechanic is of course very fun and also it controls pretty well despite looking like it would be difficult! 

There actually isn't really any rough moments or anything notably off. I had one moment where it was on the flies in a pit and I was having a ton of trouble until I finally realized I was supposed to bungee for it but I think that was a me problem. 

I could imagine expansions upon this movement system (something with the scroll wheel? ? Changing lengths ? ? maybe that would be bad?) Either way a pleasant time. 

ah! The yang character feels so great to speed around as. It's a little messy control wise at first since they are so fast but once you get it down it truly feels great. There's tons of little things with the movement that I felt myself getting better at and wanting to get better at. There's even little tricks that are fun and most likely not intended but using the momentum from yang to fling the monk when you transform back. 

The the movement of the camera in the world feels great too. The parallax looks quite nice and the zooming in and out is just pleasant to see. 

The one rough spot (but not even much of a bad spot!) was that the yin character has just so much less moments of giving the player fun things to do. They have their one mechanic and they stick to it.  I understand why it would be difficult though trying to make an opposite to yang. 

Either way though I had a pleasant time going through this. :>

okay the vibe of funny little guys who share emotions with each other is fantastic. 
I am not sure which puzzles I was supposed to use that mechanic with (or really even what the mechanic does) but it is still a great idea. :>

I figure I missed what the advantages of the other color clothes did but from what I experienced the red ones were the only ones I used in puzzle solving. They could push and pull switches so I usually just turned most of the the fellows into that. 

This is still an excellent idea I feel somehow though. I feel like with some tutorial-ing (god knows the game I worked on needs that too) and a nice progression of levels there's a really pleasant game here with some pleasant bubs who feel together. :>

I got my score up to about 645 which I feel pretty okayish about. :> I could have done worse! I even got one of the harder later (Or at least it seemed like they would show up after time had passed?) big jumps that you need to use the momentum from the guard for. 

Getting that big jump was definitely the best feeling part of the game. It was a nice time overall although I also suffered from occasional issues with the jumping. Usually when I was close to the edge to make a far jump. 

It's easy to imagine a hypothetical version of this where the guard has more moves that do a variety of things to the player character and perhaps different ways of signaling which move they are going to use. 

I rather enjoyed the concept! :>

Really pleasant experience throughout!

I only ran into a couple rough spots but thanks to the fact you can restart so fast it didn't hinder my enjoyment much at all. The main things I ran into though was accidently dividing goomens into walls or dividing them out of walls and existence. The buttons that multiple goo had to touch also seemed a bit finicky? The timing for getting both goos on seemed very precise or perhaps I was doing it incorrectly? I wasn't exactly sure if the buttons need the goos to both land on their buttons at the same time but that is what seemed to get them to work. :>

The puzzles were nice and it had a pretty good difficulty curve. It is quite easy to imagine some rather difficult elaborations on these designs. 

Thanks for the nice goo experience. :>

Ah at first I thought this just a pretty neat concept and it was more of a slow paced puzzle platformer. But! The last section with having to chain multiple together and do it with out pausing was a really good demonstration of a fun, quick thinking platformer style game. 
It's really easy to imagine you going from this and making some sort of fast modern platformer out those later ideas. A pleasant experience. :>

ahh this was a pleasant time. :> It was a bit messy at first but once I picked up exactly what the loop was it clicked pretty well. 

Like I said at first I was a bit confused. I didn't make the connection right away that putting away trash increased the truck energy level. After getting that concept the only other problems I ran into were some physics ones. I had a lot of trouble getting the robot back onto the road once I left. And I did have one time that the energy cable start vibrating continuously and I was unable to reattach. Or least I wasn't able to find the place to reattach.

The game idea is super cute though and the loop works pretty well.  I did find myself wondering why I would leave the truck cable though at a certain point. I noticed a few things off the path that seemed like they would reward becoming unattached but they didn't seem to give that much energy? Hmm perhaps I missed the truck when I threw them in. 

I found it very difficult to play with mouse but keyboard worked pretty well! :> 

Overall, quite pleasant experience. Very easy to see a refined version of this down the line with perhaps stages ? ? Boss battles  ? ? Who knows! :>

I had a pleasant time going through all the levels. :> It had a decent difficulty curve too.

It kinda gave me newgrounds platformer energy (in a nice way lmao) 
There's actually not much about that is rough. Like it was pretty pleasant throughout. 
A mechanic of the player cube I was interested in seeing was the cling ability it had when pressing up against walls. I did that early on and thought it was going to be a mechanic later so perhaps in a hypothetical future. 

ah I had the same problem that commenter "Regorius" had about trying to extract it in Windows 10. However I then tried using 7zip instead of Window's default extraction method and that actually worked and let me obtain the game. :>

Very pleasant graphics made for this. Definitely my favorite part.  Little ghost friend. :>

The controls and menus and most things in general were very easy to read and get a handle of. The only part that was any struggle was the room full of pits where the mechanics of the soul world changed. The cliff edges were very unforgiving in their hit detection and the sudden new addition of the timer was a bit hard to notice at first. Once I did notice it though it became much easier to get what was wanted from me there so it wasn't too bad but it was notable little rough spot.  

I had a pleasant time throughout though mostly so thank you for that! 

ah the intro cutscene is actually a very good motivator for farther attempts. I very much wanted to protect cube. :>

The game is very difficult! I put about 7 attempts in and I was learning each time at least. 
The main mechanic of the game was a little difficult to grasp at first but once I did it a couple times I started to rather like it. It's almost like possessing objects and drawing resources from them to power spells/abilities and that's rather nice. It's easy to imagine a game from this where you have to try possessing different objects to find the proper resources for situations. 

I'm sorry to cube I have failed. :< Thanks for the pleasant experience though. 

I built a mass of around 350 and then drifted off into the hell dimension located above the earth. :> It was a pleasant experience. 

Imagining a hypothetical later version of this game with stages that you go through and you have to power up and craft your "ship" to be ready for bosses. :>

i had a nice time going to the store

Will we ever find out what the Mystery Cube is? Fans and critics demand closure. 

:  - )