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Whooh woow that feels so cozy im alredy in love

You can find ammunition for gun on the map just like matches, oil and whiskey

Glad to hear about fun!

Even a bit messy brown walls in first levels can't break this overwhelming feeling of WEAPONS. Truly beautiful game

Such a wondeful music! It's really a challanging game, I wasn't able to beat a single track. Still loved gameplay and feeling of progress!

Maybe, with a couple simpler levels everything would be a bit easier

Just a scratch with cool character, sadly no gameplay provided. Still, it's already base for animations and map!

Whoa, thanks a lot for such a review! It will definitely help us increasing quality of our games in the future!

Also I personally have never thought, how warming it feels to read a comment from someone who really tries to give a good piece of advice :)

Gorgeous art, music and camera. Amazing use of 64*64 pixels!

Maybe, camera moves too much, from some point it hurt my eyes a bit, would be awasome to have an option letting players to choose how fast and active camera is

Half of hits are sadly ignored :(

Also, when you kill last enemy with last bullet, you see win screen, but when bullet hits the wall - it's shown what lvl is not completed

But somewhy you don't loose, if enemies reach you. You just can kill them

Also volume setting doesn't work somewhy (and looks like it uses way more pixels then 64)

Besides bugs - very nice scratch with base mechanic I absolutly loved !

Gorgeous usage of pixels animations and music, a piece of truly fine art

Gorgeous, that's all

Wait, was all this generated? Or each piece of every world is hand-placed?