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I got 1008m, EZ 😎

Bashir flooded the station?! He is the one WITHOUT HONOR

Thank you! Though I am able to build an Ubuntu version (using GameMaker Studio 2), I currently don't have the means to test it. Unless there was a big demand for it (and the game in general), I would consider it, but at this moment it's not going happen.

Again, thank you, any interest in my work makes me happy. ☺

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I would like to offer Space Duet! 🐕🚀

Thank you for the review. There's certainly still more work to be done on Kingdom Bash, and I'm happy you enjoy it even in it's current state!

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While I can't quite afford going to GDC or PAX, I'm happy that leafo & recognizes that this is the case for most indie developers. Alas, our games are worth the attention and still need to be seen!

Kingdom Bash™ is a couch multiplayer game set in a fantasy world. Throw a party and encourage friends as they team up or demolish each other in fast-paced, retro-styled action. Fast-paced solo, co-op, and versus gameplay involves players fighting with or against each other using a variety of one-hit-kill weapons, all the while avoiding dangerous traps and lethal monsters.

Currently, Kingdom Bash is only available at! Go grab the demo & let me know what you think!

Thanks & keep supporting passionate indie developers!

Keep up the good work friend!

Thank you thank you thank you ^_^

I was thinking WASD + Arrows, along with shift & space for attack & dash, and control for item swap. Does that seem workable?

I fear keyboard gameplay will not be as easy or enjoyable for players, which is why I still stand by my gamepad recommendation.

Hi entomophagy!

I'm sorry you feel that way. Were you able to play with a controller? I'm looking to include keyboard controls, however, the game being a "twin-stick shooter"-style, I fear keyboard gameplay will not be as easy or enjoyable.

Do you have any suggestions? I was thinking WASD + Arrows, along with shift & space for attack & dash.

Will do! Navigating menus (such as player-select) is weird when the game needs to check for controller (and keyboard) input independently. Also, though I will implement keyboard support, gamepads are still heavily recommended.