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Kingdom Bash® (Alpha)

A fresh take on classic friendship-ruining party multiplayer action. · By Matthew Alan Estock

Keyboard please!

A topic by Tony Garcia created Jan 09, 2017 Views: 521 Replies: 3
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Keyboard support please!!!!

Will do! Navigating menus (such as player-select) is weird when the game needs to check for controller (and keyboard) input independently. Also, though I will implement keyboard support, gamepads are still heavily recommended.

Thanks for your answer!!!! If you need some help to test, feel free to ask me!


I was thinking WASD + Arrows, along with shift & space for attack & dash, and control for item swap. Does that seem workable?

I fear keyboard gameplay will not be as easy or enjoyable for players, which is why I still stand by my gamepad recommendation.