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Or your favorite cat, if you can't decide!

Roberto - Cookies

Danna - Donuts

Icebelle - Ice Cream

Thank you very much!

the visuals and music add a nice touch to the atmosphere

i liked the note pad and the narrative

had a lot of fun

very old school 

i like the art and concept, didnt quite understand the game mechanics

cool concept very original, but i dont know if it fits the theme of the jam

Good game, the only problem is that I couldn't lose! cx

very good idea, nice art and concept, i just didnt understand the way it works exactly

Seems strange at first, I didn't knew what was going on, but it's perfect for the theme tho!

Great game, made me smile 

wow made me smile 

the art is very pretty, and the atmosphere 

i couldnt figure out the user name and password XP

Really nice job, super original, excellent art and great music.

COOL GAME, the art is awesome 

Hey, thanks for playing and posting a gameplay video!

If you want to know how to pass that last part in the video: you actually unlocked a new ability called Photon, which gives you free movement and you can use both abilities (lightspeed and Photon) in the air.