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Just replayed it. Fantastic. Nice camera work too, especially at the beginning of the level.

An absolutely tiny game where I experiment with adding as much juice to the experience as possible. If you do not die, the experience lasts roughly 1 minute.

Here is the game

Nice challenging and short. Pretty difficult but not too hard. Music gets a little annoying if you keep retrying

Super interesting! Sadly it keeps crashing when I try to zoom :( but it seems really cool

this looks extremely cool. I'm on my phone and can't check it out yet, but I will when I get on my computer. Your renders look very good. Depending on your tool I might have some questions on your zoom but until then fantastic job.

Hey thanks for the feedback! The deadspace aspect makes a lot of sense, as does the crisper sound design choices. Thank you for such a thoughtful post! I will check out the games you mentioned to see if I can glean anything :)

I made a trailer for a fractal generator, abd thought my sound design was pretty cool. However, my girlfriend HATED it. What do you guys think?

Fracfu! Draw fractals easily!

I enjoyed your game, though it was quiet the rager! Here is mine

Very polished for a game jam. So hard though!

Cute game, though it can get a little old after awhile. Some more variety in the background would be nice. Still a solid game!

Heres FracFu!

I'll check yours out :)


Here is fracfu!

Cool game! I liked how if I placed a cabin in the water the surf would texture around it. I only wish the crabs moved around :)

Here is mine! It's a physics based puzzle game about an astronaut returning home

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Hi! This has been solved in an update :)

Thanks for playing and great feedback! I will look into the double black holes level... That is so weird that it is doing that.

Nice art, nice sounds, cats were way smaller then I thought from the title screen lol

The game is really cool, but you could just move everything to the other side, without searching fot the objects. In terms of music and visuals, top notch

Made a fractal generator! Check it out:

I have to say the art in your game.. mind blowing


Pretty polished animations and movement on the hummingbirds for a jam game! I like the concept, and the execution. I could see it being an interesting multiplayer experience if it ever gets developed that way. One thing, sometimes it gets a little frustrating positioning the hummingbird *just* right to get the flower

Nice looking game. Having some more obvious buttons for the flippers would be nice. I think activating the flippers with some keyboard keys would be even better

Excellent game! Very polished and obviously your are is fantastic.

The art and music were really good! The hitbox on the spikes was a little large, and the game window was too big for my laptop screen! Also the music restarting every death got a little old. Still it was a really good jam game!

Didn't load man :(

Hey I don't see a game here :(

The art on this game looks phenomenal. Sadly I don't have a mouse, and couldn't rotate the camera on my trackpad. Still looks great!

Good amount of polish for the jam. Sometimes the balls would get stuck outside the camera, which could be annoying, but solid for the most part

This game is very polished, and well put together. A pretty complete package for a game jam

Wow the art and polish is insane for a jam game great job. I really liked the detail in the save points and stuff like that

Fun short game! Felt like Honnold for a second :) One thing, I don;t think the rocks should spawn in the viewer screen. It  looks a little off. Nice overall

Suprisingly relaxing game. I think it is the music! Fun to play around with. Sometimes the character gets lost in the particle trail if you reverse, which can be a little frustrating. Solid job!

dude that is sick!

So much polish! One thing, are you supposed to be able to jump right to the final boss?

Your polish is really good for a jam game. The doors look a little weird when they open but other than that fantastic job