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Maple of the Sappy

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Can’t wait to try this out.

Would there be a possible release for Mac? I’d love to try this out! 

Making me rethink about my smoking habits more than anything else ever did.

Amazing use of  the godot engine. I would love to see how much more you will create with this. 

Jesus, this is amazing!!

Not sure if you wanna try wine hq, that's how it worked for me on mac and linux. 

Your games are a treasure


Well shit....I'm not going deep sea diving. 

Here comes our white knight on his trusty donkey "abstinence" telling adults what to do. 

Yes, I tried it on wine and it does work. But again as with all applications through wine, it does have a performance hiccup at times. 

it's like they were made to be sent down sewers

Don't worry about it. Take your time on it! We know you got this :D 

Just don't push yourself too hard. 

Oh I defiently will. Thank you again for making this wonderful game.

Your game is beyond amazing!! I love the asthetic and everything you guys have done to it. Keep up the amazing work!!

Ok....this hands down one of the most amazing experiences I had in a game in a long....long time. The amount this game messes with your head at certain parts is just pure delight. This game gives  me a dread that no other horror game can replicate. It encloses all around you and gives you no escape. It's wonderful in all of it's aspects. 

Please give this game a try. It's only 10 bucks. How can you say no!?

Oh damn, I'm sorry about that. I know it's a pain in the butt when it does that at times. Thank you again though for making this amazing game. Love your style a lot!!!

Each time I try to start and run the game, I run into this message. Both on here and the steam version. I'm not sure what it could be, or what the error is, but I just wanted to bring this to attention. 

this game makes me clench my butt cheeks tighter than the security in the white house 

I'm happy that it worked through drive at least. And of course, thank you for telling me about it. I'm always happy to help :D

I'm sorry for the late reply to this! But Iooked into it and I re-uploaded the new files for the game. One a unity version, and the other a smile game builder version. If it still doesn't work, I'll give you a link to the game through google docs. I'm sorry for all the incovience for it.

yo noid regular mode: ps one graphics


Sorry for the wait for the response.  And I'll post a new link in a few mins. I'm not sure what happened to the last one, but I'll add new links. Along with a link to the mac and Linux version. Hope you will enjoy for sure!!

Oh no, it's not suppossed to do that. I'm working on a fix now for that. I'm not sure if it's the program itself or how I did the maze, but it's suppossed to go back to third person after you leave the maze. I'll be posting a update for a workaround for that later today, 

I'm so happy this song helped you find this game. Milkychan really does an amazing job on her songs!! Thank you again for coming :D

In the locked house the keys to the door are, behind the locked pillar, and in the wax skull in the closet. You have to find both so you can unlock the door so you can get out of the hosue. 

The lock behind the pillar can be found here.

Its to the right from where Sable is. Go towards the light on the right and the lock will be found there. 

As for the other lock is found in the closet down by the beds here. 

Choose "Look through it all" so you can come upon the wax skull.

Once you get the wax skull bring it to the fire at the top right and burn it in the fire so you can get the key.

very amazing update, helps stream line things a lot better 

Oh my, sorry for all of that. I tried making a direct link on the page for a website view but I see it's not going through just yet. Thank you for updating me on all of this though. If you could, could you send me your email address, or any other way I could send you a direct link for a download file for the game. Sorry again for the issues with the link, and thank you very much for taking  the time to check my game out!!

It should, and thank you for reminding me. I tend to forget things like that. And thank you for bringing that up with me. I'll be sure to fix that problem now. I'll make sure that's fixed by tonight. I was wondering why it showed no download results recently. And thank you, I'll keep up with it and make this as polished as it can be. It'll take a while but I'll do it :D

Just a short video of the shop keeps dialogue. A work in progress. 

I really can't wait to see how it comes along!! I really love your art style!

Added a few new updates to the games build. I hope to add a more in depth dating segment to the game soon. For now I'm updating the in games shop to make it more appealing. Also added a little cameo from another game series as the shop owner. 

Oh most definitely!! At the moment it wont be available for a while since there's still a lot I need to do with this version of the game. But down the line I'll make it for windows xp and other software formats.

Thank you so much for this amazing game!! i'm have a "ball" of a time playing it. But seriously though. Amazing work!

Good day everyone!!

Just a quick update for the game update for today. Later on today I'll be releasing the newest update for "Dreighnhart: Where Dreams Fade". In the update I added a few new things:

*Introduction of the dating sim routes
*4 new locations
*Changes to the games intro and plot development.
*Map Layout changes
*Camera changes
*6 new characters
*New selection choices
*Many numerous bug fixes.
*Save Station Options
*A hub area.

*Transportation option (Introduced after certain event in the game.)

I know a lot still needs to be touched up even with this current update, but I'll keep updating this game continuously to make it as touched up as possible. 

I hope you'll all enjoy!!

lol I am doing quite fine this sunday evening. Attempting to make music for the game and what not XD

Ah for which area does that happen in? Thank you again for keeping me updated in it!! :D