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{Devlog} Dreighhhart: Where dreams fade

A topic by Maple of the Sappy created Sep 09, 2017 Views: 552 Replies: 11
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The game I'm working on is a bit different than most conventional stories. It's going to a rpg game with a relationship system implamented in it, much like persona. I'm not sure if I'd be able to finish the game completly by then, but I defiantly will post my demo in this jam soon. Along with updates from time to time on it.  It's more or a less a story of self discovery, and confusion. All the while battling a threat in the world she lives in, while trying to open up more to those around her and trying to create a relationship despite her rough demeanor. It's defiantly going to be +18. 

Here's some screen shots I have available for it. 


Whoa, cool ideas: persona, r18, and wicked cool title. not to mention awesome graphics.

Def watching this one.


Thanks a lot :D I'm defiantly going to add more screen shots to the game soon when it has a lot more down the development line. There's a short demo up for it now if you wanna try it. It's not close to finished but it gets the idea across. 

Great and very personalized art, looking forward to seeing this develop. 


Thanks a lot!!! :D it took me a while to come up with a style that would suit this game. I'm happy it turned out well. 


Howdy! Got dumb question for ya? Care for some artist or writing help for your game? Got plenty of experience with Monster Girl genre and I really like concept your presenting here. I work really nicely collabartive art, and can give you a really nice edge in your production.

Here is my DA page:

And my upcoming Datingsim (Monster Girl) title twitter page to give you an idea on what I can offer:


Good day everyone!!

Just a quick update for the game update for today. Later on today I'll be releasing the newest update for "Dreighnhart: Where Dreams Fade". In the update I added a few new things:

*Introduction of the dating sim routes
*4 new locations
*Changes to the games intro and plot development.
*Map Layout changes
*Camera changes
*6 new characters
*New selection choices
*Many numerous bug fixes.
*Save Station Options
*A hub area.

*Transportation option (Introduced after certain event in the game.)

I know a lot still needs to be touched up even with this current update, but I'll keep updating this game continuously to make it as touched up as possible. 

I hope you'll all enjoy!!

can you make the windows xp?

Not Supported SP1 or SP2

well as support sp3!

This is idea post. i want make a 2d version for windows xp :)


Oh most definitely!! At the moment it wont be available for a while since there's still a lot I need to do with this version of the game. But down the line I'll make it for windows xp and other software formats.



Added a few new updates to the games build. I hope to add a more in depth dating segment to the game soon. For now I'm updating the in games shop to make it more appealing. Also added a little cameo from another game series as the shop owner. 


Just a short video of the shop keeps dialogue. A work in progress.