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The full game will be $10. As of the moment, we would like to have it out before the end of the year but we need to finish our initial testing before committing to any date. 

Hello all! There is currently no set release date for DR. We are approximately 90% done with development and 20% done with testing. The due date here was a placeholder set by itch when this page was created. 

Gosh, I honestly can't formulate the words as to how happy this comment makes me.  Thank you so so much for taking the time to leave these extremely nice messages and the team and I can't wait to deliver the final game. 

As for future romance options and dlc, let's just say the future is chock full of possibilities ;) 

There seems to be some debate about what qualifies a VN as kinetic. Personally I agree that it's not kinetic if it has choices, but some of the comments we had said it was misleading in the other sense, so I wanted to clarify the no multiple endings at least. Either way, thanks!

Thank you so much for the kind words! We also have a feedback survey here: Everyone who fills it out will be entered into a drawing for a free copy of the game :D. 

Spoilers, I'm afraid, though I can say it's supposed to be a reflection of the MC's future that she's thinking about. ;)

Finished the title illustration today!

I adore "waking up in an unfamiliar" place plots. Haven't had a chance to play through the demo yet, but I've got it on my list!

Great and very personalized art, looking forward to seeing this develop. 

Absolutely loving the aromantic succubus in a poly relationship with a werewolf and vampire concept. 

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I'm Farryn , the creator/programmer/writer for Diplomatic Relations, a high fantasy GxG visual novel! This is a project I started outside of Yuri Game Jam, and it's not scheduled for release until Summer 2018, but I'm hoping to get a demo out in time for the jam. 

We have a WIP thread on Lemmasoft,here, so please feel free to follow along and comment!

Our twitter is @princessdealtry and our tumblr is princessdealtry as well!

Our current overall status is:

Outlines: 100%

Scripts: 23%

Music: 30%

Sprites: 100%

CGs: 0%

GUI: 10%

BGs: 0%

Coding: 0%

Thank you for reading!