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[devlog] The Wolf's Shepherd (vampire/werewolf queerplatonic sim)

A topic by Suryce created Sep 09, 2017 Views: 322 Replies: 7
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I'm making a Twine game currently planned to have the long title of The Wolf's Shepherd and the Best Part of the Vampire Kiss, where the players takes on the role of Zakia, an aromantic succubus in a poly relationship with a vampire and a werewolf, and who has to decide who to spent a fluffy evening with. The theme of the story is queerplatonic relationships reinforced by physical intimacy of various types, sexual or else.

I'm planning three short routes with very different types of content, and quantity of player agency:

-With Chris the vampire, Zakia experiences blood sucking with little to no player choices as Chris leads the dance.

-With Sue the werewolf, Zakia can either cuddle or have explicit sex (or both), with in particular the ability to control the roughness of the sex and stop at any time in a Demon Crashers-inspired fashion.

-Or finally a quick "couch route", where Zakia watches TV with both.

Submitted (1 edit)

Here is the plan I made last month in preparation for the jam. Some nodes and links are purposefully missing for now for the sake of visual clarity.

I'm currently writing the characters introductions and how they met/got together, which comes before choosing who to spent the evening with.


I finished writing the introduction and the "couch route". While the latter is definitely going to be the shortest path, I decided on a goal for this game, which will be to try to make every path rewarding and not end too quickly, regardless of the player's choices.  So this concerns the "couch route" and the "stop" paths in particular, with the latter being the biggest challenge, as I still want to offer the player some content and choices after they choose to interrupt the sex scene. We'll see how feasible this is though, let's say this is an ideal I'm aiming for.

I've also started Chris route, and I added a choice in the introduction allowing the player to set the relationship between Zakia and Sue as non-sexual entirely and from the beginning of it. This alters a few sentences down the line, and remove the choices leading to the sex scene if the corresponding option was selected.

Finally, I've removed purple links (which show up when directing to a node the player has already visited), because I find them ugly in Twine and I generally want to decide how much awareness the player is given on how they are navigating the game with my own code.  I looked up how to do this for my last game and I'm probably going to continue using it. For anyone else who wants to get rid of purple links (without changing anything else about the default appearance of links), all you have to do is to copy-paste this into the "style spreadsheet" in the menu of your Twine story.

Absolutely loving the aromantic succubus in a poly relationship with a werewolf and vampire concept. 


Me too.


I'm glad to see some interest for the concept. Hopefully the execution will deliver on expectations!

I'm a little behind schedule, partially after spending a week playing through the new Danganronpa... but I've finished Chris' route! And I'm pretty glad this is done because this is a story idea I've been wanting to write for probably a  few years now but I never found the right characters and setting for it until I came up with this game. I wrote this route with very particular ideas in mind when it comes to vampire lore, taking some inspiration from the original Bram Stoker's Dracula in terms of how vampires work, while incorporating them in a society where they are accepted, and most importantly giving a consensual "feels good" vibe and social dynamic to the bloodsucking part.

Now all that's left is Sue route, though that's the most ambitious part with all the choices (but also the most fun to create). I've written the introduction of the route and heavily reworked its plan to make the choices more organic and flexible. There's no big triple choice at the beginning anymore, instead the player choose whether to take the cuddles path or the sexual path as the scene unravels.


Yay for aro and poly characters!

Submitted (1 edit)

I have finished the cuddles path of Sue's route, which leaves only the sexual path left to write. Unfortunately, the definitive and more organic plan I made for it is a lot more ambitious in terms of quantity of text than I was initially expecting and I very much doubt I can finish it in time for the deadline. Even with just the cuddles path, Sue's route is already bigger than Chris', especially with the variations. So at least I don't feel too bad about my decision: I'm going to release a first version of the game with everything else but the sexual path, before focusing on finishing it, to make sure I have something to submit before the deadline.

For now, I'm going to lock out the sexual choices, spell-check everything else, rework one ending I'm not satisfied with, and as soon as this is all done, I'm releasing this first version.