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Story-driven sci-fi fantasy shooter with procedural missions, deep weapon customization and action/adventure elements · By Ponywolf, MutatedScott

The game won't run.

A topic by Maple of the Sappy created Dec 21, 2018 Views: 86 Replies: 3
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Each time I try to start and run the game, I run into this message. Both on here and the steam version. I'm not sure what it could be, or what the error is, but I just wanted to bring this to attention. 


Yes... there's a issue with the last update we pushed. Updating as i write this... Steam has been rolled back so it should be good, and I'm re-publishing the 1.1 release now. 

Oh damn, I'm sorry about that. I know it's a pain in the butt when it does that at times. Thank you again though for making this amazing game. Love your style a lot!!!


This should all be fixed!