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Such an original and well designed puzzle game, I love how fun it is to play with black and white holes, giving the player the chance to pass each level using different strategies. Also, the rockets movement feels so smooth and it is very enjoyable to watch.

The graphics an audio are cool and fit well within the game, the only advice I would give is to polish a little bit more the UI.

Congratulations again on your submission, it is an amazing game and Im sure you will do great in this jam!

Congratulations on your cool submission! It was fun to play, I love how you used the top view and adjusted to the theme in an original way. Both visuals and sound fit very well within the game, so congratulations on that too!

Keep up the good word :)

Congratulations on submitting such a funny and tricky game, I sure felt like being part of some weird Japanese TV show hahaha.

Amazing job implementing those 2D ragdoll physics, its control is sure hard to master, but at the same time so interesting to play with. I also love how the main characters gets dismembered when colliding, It was a really cool feature to add.

The graphics are minimalist, but I think they fit very well in this particular game. I really like the main audio loop, in my opinion it helps the player concentrate to achieve the perfect pose.

Thank you for submitting such a cool game, I hope you do great in this jam! :D

We are really glad you liked it! Thank you so much for playing and giving us your valuable feedback, we sure will work hard polishing to achieve a more entertaining and smoother experience. Regarding the name, the idea of the game came up from one of the developers, who heard that in ancient times there was said to be an endless hole in Canada. We dont know if its true, but we liked the idea and stuck with it :3

Wow, that's a really cool idea, we sure will work on it. Thank you so much for helping us improve our game!

Congratulations on the amazing job! The controls feels so smooth, I love how you can  use the speed you achieved just before diying to start again the level with an extra boost, very original!

The visuals are amazing, extremely beautiful pixel art right there. Also, you did not only animated the blue cristal but also the background as well, awesome!

The audio fits very well within the game, and the main loop is outstanding, it gives an misterious but at the same time charming aura, I could listen to it for hours.

Thanks for releasing such a nice game, I hope you keep working on it to release more levels! You will do great in this jam :)

Thank you so much for being patient and playing even while experimenting lag. There were plenty of perfomance issues we werent aware of while programming this game. Be sure we will keep working on it to make it feel smoother! Regarding the title, the idea of the game came out from one of the developrs who heard that in ancient times, in Canada there was believed to be a bottomless hole (we dont know if is true though hahaha) we liked the concept and end up using it as our game title :)

We are so glad you had fun while playing, that was our main objective with this game! Thank you so much for your feedback and kind words, we are really happy to read your thoughts regarding the mobile version, as the game was designed from the beggining with the idea of releasing it for Android devices :3

Thanks for playing and commenting! It is indeed a moustache, we couldn't work as much as we wanted on the main character model/textures during the jam, but we will polish it for future releases :)

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Thank you so much for playing! We are really glad you liked the animations, our favorite one is the explosion death :D

We are so glad you gave us feedback on the Android version, as we spent so much time adjusting the gyro control, it is very rewarding to read that you had fun playing with them. We are in fact more proud of the mobile controls than the web ones <3

Thank you so much for your valuable feedback and patience while playing. We know we can achieve smoother controls, so we will keep polishing them to give a better experience :3

First of all congratulations on the outstanding game, one can tell it has lots of work behid it just by playing.

You did an awesome level and game design, as with the same mechanics, each level felt very different and unique in their own way. Also, through all the game the controls felt very smooth, I managed to escape from critical situations thanks to the responsiveness they allow, which gave me not only a thrilling but also very rewarding experience.

The visuals are just amazing, I love the pixel art and effects, its charm made me want to explore the whole first level so I could see all the amazing assets in it. Also, the cinematics are a plus for sure, it adds so much to the experience along with the narrative (something one does not see very often in jam games).

10/10 for the sound design, in my opinion is flawless and fits like a glove within the game.

Keep up the good work, I know you will do great in this jam for sure!

Thank you so much for playing the game and giving your feedback. We are learning so much about 3D web game development thanks to this jam, since our only previous web experience was using adobe animate. We are thankful for your patience while playing the game, your kind words inspire us to keep working hard :3

Interesting idea, it was sure fun to play. The brain character as well as the other sprites got me very intrigued in a good way.

Overall amazing game, It is easy to understand how it works, but some additional information on how to control the barriers and which elements need to be repeled and wich let pass would be nice. Then again, the visuals for each kind of element gives a huge hint on that regard, so good design job. Also, some feedback like score or level number would be nice, as I knew I was progressing through the game because more elements appeared on screen, but that extra info would be nice.

Great job, thanks for submitting such a cool game and hope you do well!

Thanks a bunch for the feedback! We sure did struggle while implementing the controls, and we are not yet fully satisfied with them. Be sure that we will keep working on them to make the gameplay feel smoother :)

First of all, congratulations on your amazing game. I just fell in love with the idea so much, its uniqueness, randomness and well execution in conjunction its simply incredible, you sure are a creative fellow.

I love hoy you give the "health" feedback not using image/text interfaces, but you rather implement it on the scene, extra points on game design for that. 

The aesthetics are extremely good, I really like the minimalist yet cute vibes they give me. The animations are very cool too, and I also love how the coconuts splits in half when impacting an enemy, that extra detail is so cool!

The audio design is gool and fits the game.

My only advise would be that you gave some extra information on how to get the ammo, I get (and really like) that you use the coconut trees as an environmental resource that also has gameplay usage, but it would be nice to explain it a little bit before throwing the player on the scene.

Again, congratulations and keep working hard, great job!

Thank you for the amazing game!

Amazing and very tricky game, I had to play it on coward difficulty (please dont judge :() but I sure had plenty of fun.

I thing your visuals are very unique and give the game its own personality, good job using the colors to teach the player what can be interacted with and which are the dangers, so great game design right there as well.

Also, I love how you modify the amazing main sound loop when changing speed, it gives that extra movement feeling that builds up the overall gameplay sensation.

Congratulations on your game, outstanding work, and even more being this your first unity project!

PS: I will never give up, thank you for your wise teachings shovel-sensei

Amazing, good luck to both of you on your future project and on LD as well. I will buy your game on Steam when you release it for sure <3

It is so nice to see a multiplayer game submission, that gives extra points for sure!

Loved both the art for Earth and Wild Planet, and I also think that the VFX and sound fit very well within the game.

Great game overall, I would only give two advises:

  1. It would be nice to control Earth with one hand on the keayboard instead of two, using WASD or arrows for instance
  2. I think Wild Planet player has a clear advantage over the Earth one, but then again, I feel like that was the original idea and also balancing a game for a jam is extremely difficult.

Congratulations again for the grat job, keep it up!

Very enjoyable game, congratulations on this amazing submission!

Even if the art looks simple, I like how you managed to leave the drillers traces on the screen, it looks awesome and the explosion effects are very cool too. Some extra polishing on the background art and it will be outstanding for sure.

I really liked the audio, the main sound loop is funny, fits well in the game and I love how you manipulate it when grabbing the power up, extremely cool detail that adds to the overall experience.

Congratulations again, hope you keep up the good work :)

Wow, I would love to have someone with such a good understanding of math and physics on our team. Your profile is hard to find, Im sure developers will fight over begging you to join them :)

Outstanding game, I love it when a game has simple mechanics, is smooth to play and you know by just watching the screen what to do. Achieving that is extremely hard , congratulations on your amazing job.

10/10 on the visuals, love the pixel art, love the drill animation and also the transition between levels, your art work is simply marvelous.

The sound design is also remarcable, fits extremely well within the game and the main game loop is pleasant to listen to.

I would also like to report what it looks like a bug, while playing, I failed one input and got what it looks like two next possilbe steps, but it only happened once.

Congratulations again, you have made a remarcable game indeed!

Incredibly fun game that has also an important social message behind it

I love how the mechanics are simple but entertaing at the same time, you understand whats going on from moment zero, so congratulations on tht game design job!

The visuals are simply marvelous, i fell in love with that pixel art, and I also really like how you put so much work in little details like the small animals running or fliying around, it adds so much to the environmental design. Moreover, the sounds are very charming and fit perfectly within the game

Grimm, you disappointed me, I knew you ripped souls, but I cant belive you rip poor trees as well :(

Congratulations again on the amazing game, hope you keep working on it! PS: I played the web version on Windows 10

Wow, one of the most original submissions I have seen so far, congratulations on the amazing job! Im impressed on how you have managed to implement so many different mechanics in such a small ammount of time while also making from scratch the visuals.

The game is challenging and fun to play, and its frenetic gameplay makes it stand out from all the usual farming games, I find that extremely interesting. I personaly would like to keep more than one tool at the same time, but then again, doing so would have impact on that fast pace gameplay.

You have put a lot of efffort behind this one, ope you do well in the jam. Keep up the amazing job!

Such an interesting, entertaining and also tricky submission! I must admit that it was hard indeed, as a matter of fact I got stucked a long time on the second level, but when I learned how to play with black and white holes, I got great feeling of accomplishment. It was not frustrating, but fun all along

I played the windows version as recommended, it was worth it as the particle effects add so much to the game visuals

As a recomendation I would advise to discretize more the radius range of the holes and limit their max size, but is just a minor fix

Congratulations on the good job, and see you again space cowboy  :3

Thank you so much for your possitive feedback, it made us incredibly happy to read your words, you gave us the strenght to keep working hard on this project!

Good job! You have managed to develop an awesome and entertaining game, I love endless runners/fallers, on this one my personal best is 30 :3.

I enjoyed the visuals, I think Amims advise is really nice, as having each layer with a different color would help identify better the holes.

The audio is amazing and very charming, I would love to fall for hours and hours if I get to listen to this jazzyness.

Congratulations for your submission, hope you do great on this jam!

Lovely game! It brought memories of my old Nokia 6110 hehehe

Its very fun to play, but I agree ith the comments saying that it takes too long to level up. It would be cool if, for future releases, you implement different items other than the green apple from level 1, so you can get a wider variety of points.

I really enjoyd playing, congratulations on this one! :3

Wow, thank you so much for those kind words, we really appreciate it. As a matter of fact, we doubted if we should keep the parachute mechanic in our final release, now I'm glad we stuck with it <3

Thank you so much for commenting! We are actually Spanish, but we think that Canada is an amazing country, and sure has some of the deepest and finest holes ;)

It simply amazes me how you have managed to code this complex gravity mechanics in such a short period of time, you rock! It is indeed a tricky game, but at the same time I find it enterteining to keep trying even when I fail several times, and thats because of those amazing physics programming.

The visuals are amazing, it kinda gives me the retro vibes in an amazing way. Also love the cinematic detail when completing/failing a game, its so cool you have put so much attention in those details.

I hope you keep working on the project and add some audio design. Congratulations for such an outstanding game!

Very cool platformer! I love how you managed to create this entertaining and original game using simple shapes and mechanics, really good job there.

The visuals along with the sound create a charming aura that I sure enjoyed.
As some people have pointed out, I felt a little bit lost the first time when I pressed S and did not enter the warp hole, also some wall jumps are very tricky, but I felt very accomplished when achieving some crazy jumps.

Great game, congratulations :3

Very cool use of both platformer and puzzle mechanics, and nice level design too!

I love the minimalist but cute graphics, the mole is adorable and fits very well with the environment elements too!

Nice audio choice too, I believe its very important to use smoothing relaxing audios while making puzzle games, since it helps the player fell calm while playing again difficult levels.

The only advice I would give is to add some extra difficulty, maybe letting the iron blocks fall fown when directly diggin beneath them.

Congratulations on such an entertaining game!

Thanks a ton for playing! One must always remember to bring its parachute while going on a hole-trip hehehe

Very good on level and game design. It felt entertaining and diferrent on each level from the beginning until the end. The visuals are simple, but fit incredibly well within the game.

I would really love to see future versions with a map edditor feature, so we can create our own levels.

Great game, congratulations!

PS: Level 10 almost gave me a heart attack while watching Kennys head bounce towards the spikes haha

Superb game design work, its amazing how you teach the player how de warp-dimension mechanics work by example, avoiding the use of boring text while in game. Its also remarcable how you managed to combine the platformer gameplay along with the puzzle aspect, great job!

The environmental visuals are simple but elegant, and both the detective and the thief have their own aesthetic personality and ar not only well drawn but also animated.

You have some nice sound design too, as the audio suits extremely well the crime-warp theme.

Amazing job, you will do great on this jam!

Really interesting game, it gives a frenetic (accentuted by the audio) but smooth feeling while playing.  The grapple mechanic is so fun to play with, and It also impressed me how you can use the rocket launcher to achieve higher heights while jumping, very cool!

I also enjoyed a ton the visuals, kind of a fusion between Doom and Tron, love it!

I would only suggest a crosshair and allow the player to reload with the left mouse button when out of bullets, leaving the R key as someyhing optional.

Congratulations on the amazing job, hope you do great!

Thanks a bunch for the feedback! Not only Canada is a great country, but also the paradise for game developers.

We will work hard solving the perfomance issues, thank you for your patience while playing :3