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Thank you so much!!! I appreciate it!

Hello! We both emailed on Feb 1st, but haven’t heard anything back yet. asked about this a week or so ago with no reply. 

It has been another month without movement. We really need to get this moving along. Thank you.

Hello! We both emailed on Feb 1st, but haven’t heard anything back yet. Do you know how long it normally takes to get processed? Thank you for your help.

In their case, I know you cannot give specifics. But what happens when an account that is direct pay is the payout for a bundle and then can’t get the pay out to give to the charity? In a hypothetical situation. Would you have to provide a different account?

They have and never heard back. 

Correction: they did get a 5 digit number from support.  But nothing since. I wish there was a call center for payment support though. 

They emailed 12/21. No ticket number. I did not get a ticket number when I emailed either.

My friends and I hosted a bundle to raise money for charity. The person who the money went to has a direct pay account and did not know that would not work with a bundle. That person has emailed support twice and received no reply. 

I looked online for a phone number to contact for assistance with how to proceed, but there is none.

How can this issue be resolved?

If I released a game for $5 or $10, is there a way to have that money skip past me and go directly into a charity of choice?


Thank you!!! I had so much fun playing it with you! Our play and theater were absolutely wild! Trash bag crows, random house lighting, and hemp milk! Who knew?! XD