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hey garbas - sorry about this - email and i'll send you a steam key.

Hey penalist sorry about that - I've sent you a steam key for the time being. dwee

Hey IwantTICKET (lol) sorry about that - I've sent you a steam key for the time being. dwee

Hmm sorry about this! I will look into it. For the time being please send an email to and I can send you a Steam key.

hi sorry, unlikely it will be available on apple in the foreseeable future...

hey you can still submit a game - i will extend it again, no problem

nah it's a real game by two Swedish brothers made for a game jam in 1998

that's wicked!!!!

whats ol billy got up his sleeve now>

nice, i still want to try doing some 3D in gm, seems almost blasphemous

love it man, the gritty reboot
you doing 3D in gm ?

i emailed Johan Bisse Mattsson, one of the co-creators of BB, a few days ago with some questions.
straight from the horses mouth folks:

"me as a twelve year old while my brother was 14 at the time. He did the programming while I did most of the graphics, and we got help from friends making all the 100 levels."

"We made Billy Bouncer for a computer games programming festival that the Swedish PC Gamer magazine had back in 1998."

"Sadly we haven’t done any more “major” computer games since then..."
"But time to time we think/dream of making another game. We’ve got plenty of ideas for them..."

and the answer to the most important of all my questions:

"PS. Regarding Crunchy the Fox...
... that is a closely held secret."

billy buddy, brother of bonzi buddy, less virus riddled

i know the feeling of finding a game you thought was lost forever
hope you enjoy it !!!!!!

Feed My Billy Bouncer by leafo ★★★★★

f*****ckn sick

post yer screenz

I just finished recreating the original Billy Bouncer website, including download link for the game with install help.

Now you can all see what the hell I'm talking about.

Also added an mp3 of the song as a resource which you can find on the game jam page.

Let's get bouncing like there's no tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i agree

sorry no plans for that

my game TICKET is now $6 (which is about a 99.8% discount from the original price, unheard of)

"the newest, most spectacular innovation in audio-visual enchantment"

thank you

hahah thanks legend :)

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Hi all, the 35 track, 35 minute long original soundtrack for my new game TICKET is available now