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hey y'all do you want some optional themes for the games you make or nah

this comment made my day!! i'm so glad you all had such a wonderful time with it and i'm thrilled to hear that this game ended up at a cool li'l library event; thank you so much for taking the time to say something and i'm so glad you made and found such a wonderful story!! 💖💖

super charming pixel work in this!!!

notably, you can somehow end up with 11 coins—i think if you talk to the cat's owner multiple times they'll keep giving you coins? anyway the first time i played this i ended up with 11 and the ferryman wouldn't let me proceed because it wasn't 10 lmao

oh this is so cute and whimsical!!! absolutely precious visuals and the halloween cards are SUCH a fun variation on this game. thanks for sharing it!!

aaaa best wishes for your shoulder recovering soon and quick!! you're an absolute treat 💖 i hope you have fun making stuff at a safe pace, tysm for the good luck!!!

thank you!!! okay for the record i'm dropping a whole lot of things but i am doing so with the understanding that you are beheld to NONE OF THEM lmao; if any of them inspire you by all means but i would never expect you to just drop everything and make any of these never mind ALL OF THEM

but some things i've found myself wanting as i've been designing are:

- craft objects, like yarn or a sewing machine
- a li'l flower pot for indoors
- board games or like a chessboard
- sports objects like volleyball nets, soccer balls, etc.
- foodstuffs, or at least the illusion of them (i wanted to make a li'l bakery but couldn't manage it)
- benches for outside!! in general more obvious chairs tbh; i've been using some of the tiny tables with uncertainty as to whether they're stools fkjfgh
- more outdoor space-fillers in general; birdhouse, street lamps, mailboxes, that sort of stuff
- stalls!! the crates full of stuff made me go "oh i could make a REALLY cute farmer's market with these" but i didn't quite have the additional materials to do it
- also i would ABSOLUTELY buy a big set of characters in this style i LOVE the ones i've got. i saw tiny neighbors and intend to grab it but i want more, especially in this color scheme

like i said this is A BUNCH OF STUFF and i don't expect all or really any of these out of you!!! but in case you end up in a mood to do pixel art and aren't sure what to make here are maybe some prompts

thank you again for the lovely asset pack!!! when my project is finished i'll share it so you can see it all in action if you'd like

hi!! i have two quick questions about this pack:

1) the name says 50, but the description says 10. are the other 40 recolors or are there other designs?

2) what size are these sprites?

thank you!

there's such a good variety of tunes in these packs!! the spread here is so generous and versatile. i used wild winds in a tiny bitsy game i made. thanks a ton for sharing!!!

what an incredible variety of tunes across all these packs!!! i used golden turrets in a tiny bitsy game i made. thanks so much for sharing!!!

absolutely lovely tracks; this kind of chill lo-fi is harder to find in chiptune so i'm so grateful you're filling that niche!!! i used one of these in a tiny bitsy game i made; thank you so much for sharing them!!

(1 edit)

these are so cute and so full of personality!! the animations of the characters especially add a lot. i used a bunch of these in a tiny bitsy game i made. thanks so much for sharing these!!

i used some of these tiles for a tiny bitsy game i made!!! you pack SO much clarity into such a tiny space, it's incredible. thanks a ton for sharing these!!!

there are so many files in this asset pack that every time i open the folder within my computer fan starts making a noise like it is single-handedly responsible for providing enough cool air to stave off the heat death of the universe. 10/10

bought the full set bundle and i'm OBSESSED; the color scheme is so perfect and charming, the buildings are all delightfully designed, the li'l monsters are all PERFECT, and the gui is the cutest thing i've ever seen. super looking forward to designing with these!!!

do you take suggestions or even commissions for extra assets? there's some stuff i'm missing for interior design purposes so i figured i'd ask before digging around and mismatching styles!!

oh wonderful, tysm for reaching out!! i am absolutely WILD about your coloring in particular. what's the best way to contact you? my discord is magicalgurll if that works for you but i am open to others!!

i'm cooking up an idea for a fantasy story using an elemental construct, based loosely on the jewish golem, as the artificial intelligence, themed around truths and lies, with a variety of characters to converse with. looking primarily for someone interested in doing the art, but also would be happy to take on a co-writer who's interested in developing characters and scenes together! anyone interested in offering other roles to the project is also welcome to throw their hat into the ring—i don't want this to outgrow its scope too much, and am mostly interested in making something fairly small, but if anyone is interested in this idea and wants to contribute i'd love to hear what you want to do!!

important disclaimer: i want this project to be diverse, featuring characters across a wide range of genders, sexualities, abilities, body types, races, etc etc etc. artists who only ever draw pale skinny anime characters won't be a good fit, nor will anyone bothered by the inclusion of things like ze/zir pronouns.

hope to hear from you!!

particularly obsessed with the li'l rose fella in the bottom left corner i gotta say

not rude at all!! generally i put up community copies in exchange for comments, ratings, and reviews. this is done manually so sometimes it takes a while—but i just noticed some newer ratings so i dropped a couple more community copies! i might do an event of some kind that'll let me drop a bunch more sometime in the near future too. thanks for asking!! 💖

absolutely it is!!!! go nuts have fun!!! also congrats on the feature!!!!

hello everybody!!! wow i had the WORST time at work and just totally dropped the ball on doing anything here but it looks like that didn't stop a bunch of y'all from making a lot of excellent content!!!! i'm so happy!!!!!

what's everyone's status at the moment? would there be interest in an extension of a week or two? if i extent more than 2 weeks, is there interest in a discord server? i feel like 1 week doesn't justify it but 2 might be long enough for a discord to also put a fire under everyone's butts lmao

let me know!!!!

do it however makes the most sense for you!!! there's no upper limit, have fun!!

ohh i don't know if i have anything to offer (unless you have more specific things you're looking for in terms of resources maybe?) but this sounds SO sick

PLEASE do!!! use this forum (or the hypothetical discord server) to talk about your projects and show off your work and do whatever the heck you want!!!!!

god that is SO incredibly valid


we're almost up to 100 participants and oh geez oh gosh that's so many. thank you all so much for your interest + support!!!

is there interest in the existence of a discord server for this jam? i didn't make one at first since i expected it to remain small, but if folks want a place to gather and talk about their projects, bouncing ideas and supporting each other, i'm totally willing to make and moderate one. of course we can also just keep on using the message boards like The Old Days if there's not much interest in a server!!!

it's totally fine to submit them both!!! a lot of BoB games use playbooks for settings so that sounds like it makes sense to me!! and if that isn't quite it but you feel like the vibes are right then absolutely go for it :>

ohhh this looks SICK, there's so much personality in it!!!

no apologies necessary!!! generally a playbook will involve some game mechanics, but it depends on the system—i would recommend looking at some of the example games to see what their playbooks look like for some examples!!! some of them are free and all should have community copies available. all you have to do to make it is write it out! some people will do fancy pdf formatting, but just a txt file with the words is also totally fine :>

hey pals!!! i'm super excited about all the interest in the jam so far and just wanted to see about getting folks talking. does anyone know what they're going to be making yet? any games that are catching your eye, any systems you really want to play around in the space of, any concepts you want to explore? would super love to hear what people are thinking of making once jam hours hit!!

hi gang!!! this took me longer than it should have, sorry about that, but this is just to let y'all know that i updated the jam description with all the wonderful games folks offered up to be featured for this jam!!! if you're not sure where to begin, please check them out!!!!

hi pals!!! so one thing i would like to do is include a list of games in the description of the jam that creators have offered up to be highlighted; of course, you can make playbooks for any game you like, but it might be nice to have a starting point for those a li'l newer to the whole thing. if you're interested in having your game featured in the game description, please fill out this form! i'll take submissions until november 30th, so i can get all games up on december 1st!

thank you!!!

this game is an absolute joy. our usual game got canceled and we picked this up on a whim and i'm so glad we did. the options are all so evocative and make for brilliant prompts, and in general the writing on this game is just an unfettered delight all the way through. the mechanics are easy to pick up and follow and the whole game makes for some brilliantly done pick-up-and-play!! thank you for sharing this!!!

hello friends! i recently launched Flying Courier, a solo one page journaling game. you'll play as a messenger trusted with only the most important of parcels, making your deliveries against a backdrop of political turmoil that you're bound to get yourself wrapped up in, one way or another. tarot cards guide your story, their imagery combining with provided prompts to help plot your scenarios, and coins used to determine your success.

flying courier is debuting in the Katelynn's Closet Charity Bundle!!! me and a bunch of other creators have come together to take advantage of my employer's generous donation matching program and raise money for Katelynn's Closet, an organization on Cape Cod, Massachusetts that provides clothing to disadvantaged kids. they did a lot for me when i was young, so i'm super excited to be able to support them!!! 44 items (mostly ttrpgs, but also a few video games and books as well!) for $10, including Flying Courier! i hope you'll consider supporting it!!!

hey there! i'm planning on setting up a bundle this weekend after collecting submissions for the past week or so. this is my first time setting up a bundle and a couple of interesting cases have come up so i wanted to ask about how to handle them!

1. one person is submitting a free game that has additional content if you pay more than $X; is there any way to make the item in the bundle as though you had paid $X for the item instead of the free version?

2. one person wants to put an unreleased game in my bundle—something that will only be accessible by those who bought the bundle (at least, for a time). is this possible? my gut instinct was to make the game unlisted and send me the link, but i'm not actually sure if that will work.

thank you so much!

i ended up leaving the jam because i knew i wasn't going to get my entry in—i started a new job somewhat recently and expected to have the downtime during my training to write, which i mostly did, but my work computer blocked google docs lmao... ultimately despite having a really solid idea i was just too busy to really get anything going!! 

great to hear, thank you!!!

i had an idea for a game for this. there are 18 days until the jam begins but i know how my brain works, if i don't write it now while i have the spark it isn't getting written. if i write it now and post it on itch now, may i submit it when the jam begins? what if i write it now but just sit on all those words and don't put it on itch until jam time?


i'll need a title, but my plan is to make a hack of beyond the rift (with heavy leanings on anyone can wear the mask)—a chosen one travels the land to prepare to defeat the dark god trying to impede their progress all the way, held back only by a benevolent god, weakened but using the last vestiges of their power to protect the chosen one as best they can. each player plays one, the chosen one is destined for victory, and cards are used to tell the story and determine successes and failures along the way.