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hi pals!!! so one thing i would like to do is include a list of games in the description of the jam that creators have offered up to be highlighted; of course, you can make playbooks for any game you like, but it might be nice to have a starting point for those a li'l newer to the whole thing. if you're interested in having your game featured in the game description, please fill out this form! i'll take submissions until november 30th, so i can get all games up on december 1st!

thank you!!!

this game is an absolute joy. our usual game got canceled and we picked this up on a whim and i'm so glad we did. the options are all so evocative and make for brilliant prompts, and in general the writing on this game is just an unfettered delight all the way through. the mechanics are easy to pick up and follow and the whole game makes for some brilliantly done pick-up-and-play!! thank you for sharing this!!!

hello friends! i recently launched Flying Courier, a solo one page journaling game. you'll play as a messenger trusted with only the most important of parcels, making your deliveries against a backdrop of political turmoil that you're bound to get yourself wrapped up in, one way or another. tarot cards guide your story, their imagery combining with provided prompts to help plot your scenarios, and coins used to determine your success.

flying courier is debuting in the Katelynn's Closet Charity Bundle!!! me and a bunch of other creators have come together to take advantage of my employer's generous donation matching program and raise money for Katelynn's Closet, an organization on Cape Cod, Massachusetts that provides clothing to disadvantaged kids. they did a lot for me when i was young, so i'm super excited to be able to support them!!! 44 items (mostly ttrpgs, but also a few video games and books as well!) for $10, including Flying Courier! i hope you'll consider supporting it!!!

hey there! i'm planning on setting up a bundle this weekend after collecting submissions for the past week or so. this is my first time setting up a bundle and a couple of interesting cases have come up so i wanted to ask about how to handle them!

1. one person is submitting a free game that has additional content if you pay more than $X; is there any way to make the item in the bundle as though you had paid $X for the item instead of the free version?

2. one person wants to put an unreleased game in my bundle—something that will only be accessible by those who bought the bundle (at least, for a time). is this possible? my gut instinct was to make the game unlisted and send me the link, but i'm not actually sure if that will work.

thank you so much!

i ended up leaving the jam because i knew i wasn't going to get my entry in—i started a new job somewhat recently and expected to have the downtime during my training to write, which i mostly did, but my work computer blocked google docs lmao... ultimately despite having a really solid idea i was just too busy to really get anything going!! 

great to hear, thank you!!!

i had an idea for a game for this. there are 18 days until the jam begins but i know how my brain works, if i don't write it now while i have the spark it isn't getting written. if i write it now and post it on itch now, may i submit it when the jam begins? what if i write it now but just sit on all those words and don't put it on itch until jam time?


i'll need a title, but my plan is to make a hack of beyond the rift (with heavy leanings on anyone can wear the mask)—a chosen one travels the land to prepare to defeat the dark god trying to impede their progress all the way, held back only by a benevolent god, weakened but using the last vestiges of their power to protect the chosen one as best they can. each player plays one, the chosen one is destined for victory, and cards are used to tell the story and determine successes and failures along the way.

this expansion is so fun!!! it fits so seamlessly into the game while adding some cool new ways to play; i'm super excited about some of the new refines in particular! the intro calls this a love letter to three houses and it really feels like one. not that i don't trust cecil and rubin to balance their own stuff but gauntlets and their inherent Brave felt like they would've been real tricky but i think they nailed it! i'm super excited to play this!!!

my pal and i played a game of this and we were craving pokémon verse content so that's what we did—obviously it involved a lot of tweaking (dancing was swapped out for battling lmao) but we had fun with it!!! my friend was unity, a gym trainer for a romance-themed gym who was vying for the soon-opening title of gym leader and of COURSE needed a partner for it; i was tetsu (who went by amethyst), a c-list social media influencer trying to edge in on the double battling scene and of COURSE you need a cool gimmick for that if you wanna make it!!! unity was a full on herbo, amethyst was an emotionally constipated it-girl. they had a nidorino and a nidorina, respectively, who fell in actual love meeting at a park and gave us the idea for our fake marriage. we ended up getting a LOT of affection VERY QUICKLY and rolled doubles at our first boiling point—amethyst was in the middle of doing unity's makeup for a video and their faces were SO CLOSE and they SMOOCHED c:<

this was a delight of a game, thanks so much for sharing it!!!

i'm using these tilesets to make maps for my d&d/tabletop game! thank you so much! 💖

i went into a fugue state and when i woke up i had written Soul & Survival, a dark fantasy Lasers & Feelings hack inspired by the vibes of Bloodborne and Dark Souls as interpreted by someone who has played neither. your two stats are Survival, the skills that keep you alive in a world full of dangers, and Soul, the humanity you work to remain in touch with. it's a simple one pager available on a pay what you want basis! if you like it, please consider leaving a rating 💖

and definitely check out the other entries in the Thing & Another Thing jam, which inspired me to make this!

when's the ranking period begin? i don't mind adding more community copies but they got gobbled up pretty fast last time so i want to time it so they're available during ranking!!

A Stop Along the Road is a solo journaling game—it provides prompts to guide your storytelling as you write from the perspective of your character: someone who's chosen to settle down in their comfortable home despite their land being full of adventure and glory, offering their hospitality to passing adventurers. It's intended to be a gentle, cozy sort of game, offering the chance for exploring and developing the point of view character as well as the adventurers you meet.

It's $3, with community copies available, with more added each time a comment or review is left!

lmao also probably same... nonzero chance i'll pump this out in like the two hours i'll have when i get home but also probably not. ty for this thread, i didn't realize you could submit a restricted page!

a friend introduced this game to me yesterday and served as our butler and we had an absolutely lovely time! there's a lot of opportunity for flavor with this game and it's fun and easy to really dive into it and expand the narrative together. sometimes it was easy to let the mild strategic components (especially in collection) get in the way of the fiction, but i'm not sure how i would fix that—it may just be a matter of having the group be more willing to "lose," as it were. this game was a delight either way though, definitely something i'll be playing again!

we got to play this this weekend for a birthday party and had an excellent time!!! in the end, the friend who struggled the most with initiating vignettes was the only one left alive. we struggled a little with the passive part of passive-aggressive just due to who we are as people and as such didn't do as much of the roleplaying out the vignettes but still had an absolute ball gasping dramatically at one another and collapsing to our various deaths. building off each other's flaws and sordid histories as we went was a ton of fun!!!! the consensus was that we'd love to do another round sometime after researching inspiration for things rich socialites get petty about, lmfao

i'm excited to play this!!! just so you know, the download is just for a generic file that has to be manually renamed into a .pdf!

thank you so much for leaving such a kind comment!!!! i'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed the game!! the ace of spades placement tweak is an excellent idea, too, so thank you for sharing it!! 💖💖

The Wizard's Tower

You are an apprentice to the wizard, living in a grand tower, assisting the wizard's magic and learning the craft yourself.
From the inside, the tower seems vast to the point of infinite, emphasized all the more by how much of it is forbidden.

So many rooms are sealed by locks, sigils, and warnings. The wizard has always provided what you need, except for answers.
Even so, the wizard is not your keeper. The wizard is your master and mentor, and perhaps even your friend.

The wizard is gone.

You can find no trace of the wizard's whereabouts, no sense of where the wizard may have gone.
Almost overnight, it's become as though you never had a master at all.

There are these last places you haven't looked, though; the forbidden ends and edges of the tower finally open to you in the wizard's absence.
But why were these secrets kept from you all this time? And will you be ready to see the wizard again?

i wrote a Descended From the Queen game about being a wizard's apprentice and learning your master's secrets following the wizard's sudden disappearance by trawling through forbidden parts of the tower you've lived in all this time! it's free/pwyw right here, and all it takes to play is a deck of cards and 30 minutes to an hour! this is my first game and i'm super excited to share it and to hopefully take on more projects in the future!!!

obligatory image with some prompt samples:

thank you both for the input!!! i think i'm most likely to go with the first one but i'll set up some boards when i have some time and decide for certain pending the results. i appreciate the chiming in a lot!!!

hello!! so i'm trying not to fuss with the game mechanics too heavily, as this will be the first time i'm creating a game, but i'm considering doing a Collect Mode game that has more than one resource to collect: Favor and Taboo, where you require enough of the former to win whereas acquiring too much of the latter is a fail condition.

i'm not entirely sure how i want to do this and how i can while keeping things balanced? my thoughts so far include:

  1. keeping it so that 13 cards are resource cards; when you land on a resource card, roll a die, and the result determines whether you gain Favor or Taboo (probably slightly in favor of Favor, 1-2 Taboo 3+ Favor)
  2. 13 cards are Favor cards, 6 cards are Taboo cards (but i'd probably have to lower the amount of Taboo necessary for a fail state to 3 or even 2—maybe i should increase it from 6 without quite getting to 13?)
  3. 13 cards are Favor cards, 13 different cards are Taboo cards (is this too much?)
  4. put survival mode in a headlock and shake it down for its lunch money; 15 cards are Favor and 10 are Taboo, you still need 4 Favor to win, but maybe 3 Taboo is the fail state number?

i'd love to hear what people think about this and how i might manage to do this while keeping things relatively balanced!

thank you!!!

i really recently stumbled upon this newer 5e homebrewed witch class! i've only been able to give it a brief skim myself but it sounds like it hits a real good niche.

depending on the mood you're going for, i might offer:

this was a JOY to play, the premise is inherently the most hilarious thing in the world, and the spritework is so cute!!! i had a ton of fun playing this, thank you for sharing it!!

my role in my local friends group is the Designated Extrovert And Hostess and i haven't shut up about how this game is the FIRST party i'm throwing once we're allowed to throw parties again, i don't know if we could handle doing it virtually but i'm SO excited to play this game and SO grateful you've brought it into the world