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Katelynn's Closet Charity Bundle

A bundle hosted by Courtney with content from 27 creators.
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This bundle ended 2022-10-22T04:00:00Z.

Update 10/22: thank you all so much for supporting this bundle!! i'm so amazed by how well this went!!!! receipts will be offered here soon, but i've got an explanation of what's going on here on twitter—tl;dr the timing of my employer's donation match program is weird but i'm going to borrow from my personal funds so that i can donate on monday!

Update 10/3: I don't even know what to say! We hit our goal yesterday and I just cannot overstate how humbled and thrilled I am. Thank you all so much for your support. I could get into my gratitude for ages, but in the interest of keeping things focused, I'll just make a few quick notes: only the first $1,000 is matched by my employer, but of course all of the excess past that will be donated! My employer will be covering all of the transactional costs, like credit card fees, associated with the whole donation as well. Further updates regarding the donation itself (including receipts) will be shared on my Twitter and Mastodon accounts.

Thank you all so, so much again for your support. This is more than I could have possibly hoped for.

P.S. As I've said before, if you enjoyed something in this bundle, consider leaving a five star rating and/or a comment! It would be a lovely, easy way to show support to the creators who so kindly offered up their work to make this bundle a success.

- - -

Update 9/27:  Holy beans! I expected to hit our $100 goal, but not so fast and not to completely obliterate it like that! I cannot emphasize enough how touched I am by the attention and support this bundle has received. Initially I was hesitant about setting it up at all, given the small scale of the cause, so this is really more than I ever could have expected. Thank you so much.  

I've decided to go for broke and set the goal for my employer's matching limit of $1,000. Any excess will still be donated! It just won't be matched. My employer's matching program does cover all administrative costs, like credit card fees, even past the match, though, so that's pretty cool! I've also decided I hate doing math, so instead of trying to calculate out Itch's share and the sales of my other games that have happened outside the bundles in the final payout, I'm just going to cover what Itch takes myself—that means everything spent on the bundle will end up at Katelynn's Closet!

Also, if you've picked up an item in this bundle and you enjoyed it, please consider leaving a rating and/or a comment on the game's Itch page. It does a lot for the Itch algorithm and would be a lovely way to support and express appreciation for the creators who so kindly contributed to this bundle to make it such a wonderful collection. 

- - -

Hey! My name's Courtney! A whole bunch of other creators and I have offered up a host of games and books in this bundle here with the hopes of raising some money for charity. My employer matches charitable contributions up to $1,000 per employee, and, while that's a lot to ask of only li'l ol' me, a bundle seemed like a great way to try to raise some funds to really take advantage of that matching opportunity!

The charity this bundle supports is called Katelynn's Closet. Katelynn's Closet located on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and they give clothing and supplies to disadvantaged children—including my high school self. I owe this charity a lot: they gave me both normalcy and celebration when I estranged myself from my parents and began supporting myself while I was still in high school, and it was because of them that I even found a place to live during my senior year. I'd really like to be able to give back to them, and I'm hoping to do so with this bundle's help!

This bundle contains a great variety of tabletop roleplaying games, and a couple PC games and books, too. Put together a quick game about finding humanity with the one pager Dolls of Theseus, and read about a trans awakening among a found family with volume one of Isekai/Online. In No Choice But to Win!, you and your friends can play out all the high-stakes drama of your favorite sports anime, or you can take turns GMing a romp through the stars in Once More Unto the Stars. If you're by yourself, you can play journaling games to raise an eldritch abomination in Eldritch Pets or deliver mail to faraway places with Flying Courier. Follow the adventures of a plucky teen paired with a grumpy recluse in a land of monsters in the beautifully drawn Rainy Day Dreams, or go help pea knight get a potato in...well, Pea Knight MMO: Get a Potato. There are tons of other brilliant games in here offered by a huge variety of skilled and generous creators, so you'll have a lot to enjoy!

After Itch takes their share, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Katelynn's Closet. Because I need to make the donation myself in order to get my employer's matching contribution, the money will have to go to me first. Receipts of donation and confirmation of submission for matching will be provided on my Twitter, andromedamn, and my Mastodon, On request, I'll happily provide any other form of proof asked for, privately or publicly. I'm very aware of the trust I'm asking for by doing this, and I'm not taking the responsibility lightly! If there's anything I can do to further reassure anyone that these funds are going to the right place, please let me know!

Thank you so much for considering and supporting this bundle. It means a lot! And of course, I can't thank the wonderful designers who contributed their work to this enough; supporting a little local charity and trusting me to get this right was a big ask for me to make, and I'm so deeply grateful that people were willing to do so.

Includes the following items:

At $10.00 or above

Social Deduction Storytelling About How We Choose To Live With Each Other
Everyone has magic and everyone is in line for the throne in this curling-based ttrpg.
Arcade Action Shooter in Ink Style, Play through Unique Levels and Defeat enemie Aircrafts!
A game of judging, dueling and riding
An RPG of Sentient Weapons & Friendship
Like a Zelda dungeon, but you play as a group of grubby grave robbers. Also, there's way more eyeballs.
A story building game about building storeys!
A Solo Journaling Game About Dodgy Downloads
A one-page RPG about humanity, purpose, and combat constructs
Equip your old-school characters for perilous adventures in the Stone Age that never was...
A table-top role playing game of heists, roguish swashbuckling & wealth redistribution.
A one-page RPG about Witches resolving a Disturbance through flashy Magic
A setting agnostic system for running crawls (hex, point, dungeon, etc.) using the Iron Core mechanic.
A sports anime inspired TTRPG focusing on drama and teamwork!
A game of ambiguous supernatural experiences
Orchestrate a daring escape with your mischievous grandparent, and cause no end of chaos!
A queer cyberpunk isekai adventure. It's 2047, and a closeted trans girl is about to get way too into her favorite MMO.
An exploratory top-down action prototype to get a potato.
Classic video game inspired roleplaying for 2-5 players
A supernatural slice of life about a human trapped in a world of monsters.
Wrangle the cutest Herd ever, but beware the clawful perils that await you!
A one-page RPG about a party of adventurers being guided by an Oracle that may not exactly be what it seems.
Your master is away. Brew the perfect potion or face consequences.
A Magic & Mischief RPG about making wishes come true.
A two player TTRPG about a broken relationship and the opportunity to fix it.
A wondrous and intimate pointcrawl festival
Rebuild after the tornado with your feathered friends, bringing happiness and stories back to your favorite human!
Tell tales of that one time you (and maybe your friends) went to the 100 Acre Wood
Breathless cosmic horror roleplaying in a modern setting.
A Solarpunk Collaborative Story-telling and Role-playing Game, based on the Four Points system.
Use GIFs to guess the song titles before the Devil steals your soul!
A No Choice but to Win! expansion featuring new Player options and PVP
A rules light RPG of spirits shooing away human campers
Role Playing
A one-page RPG about idealism, exploration, and space
A Short Table Top Role Playing Game. As Explorer you explore the Lost Lands invaded by Demons!
Role Playing
Lost in the woods, can you and your friends work together to find home?
A Lovecraft-Inspired solo journaling game.
Investigate supernatural mysteries
Can you use your dice to make a clock before your friends do?
A game of lost memories, lost hope, and lost technology.
A Dice 10 Singleplayer Table Top Role Playing Dungeon Crawler Game in OSR Style on a Business Card Format.
A Dice 12 (2xD6) Print and Play Singleplayer TTRPG, go through a Dungeon to Defeat the Undead General! Fantasy OSR Game
A tiny RPG about tiny rockpool creatures
A solo journaling ttrpg about delivering the mail.