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we'd like to maintain steam version only (via steam key accessible here).

it's just too much of hustle for a solo dev to keep every platform up to date..


You can get the full version by your steam key (should be accessible from


Don't you have access to the steam key? It should be available to you.


Yes we will! In few days :)

Nicely done! 

I've had great time playing the demo, it's more polished than I expected and features quite a lot of good gamplay! 


glad you like it!


As you have described the issue, it looks more of an bug of the itch launcher, which is not Urtuk related bug..


maybe just don't use the launcher, download the game and just run it? :)


on steam page, there is a short introductionary video explaining very basics of combat and campaign.

Also we have already wiki:

Hope it helps!

Don't you use steam?

I will update, but the latest build will break saves unfortunatelly.

The characters are found randomly, so maybe you had just bad luck.

Resiliencie is learned when you sustain many injuries in battles.

Thanks a lot!

Glad you enjoy the game. I like your suggestions, and will consider, so thank you very much for those!


Thank you very much!

No, nobody from itch could have gotten his steam key because Urtuk did not release on steam yet. It happens at 9am PST 14 Feb.

Afterward you should be able to pick up your steam key from the itch website (there should be a button "request key" somewhere).

Hope that helps! 


Yes I've already fixed that in latest version (0.85.19+7). I'll push it asap to itch.

Done, fixed. Sent you the email!



thanks for reporting, we have already fixed this bug, but it's in later version which are not save compatible. 

But I can give you the fixed build so you can continue playing your current run.

Can you please email me your save file?

which class was it?

Hello and thanks for support!

The steam version is for beta-testers and thus is tested before I push it to public on itch. As for the newer version, tomorrow I'll be publishing it here on itch so don't worry!

Hello wowgeese!

thanks for playing!

At the moment we don't have plans to increase the battle roster, but that might change in future.


no it works okay. The delirium does not prevent from being pushed. And the push into solid object results into the stun which is not considered as a normal status effect, thus it gets not negated.

Also the 'weapon long reach' is not considered "normal damage" and so it also is not negated.


Hi stephP!

Oh yes the discord feedback (in-game) works. You can check it on the discord, under the channel "gamefeed-instant".

These are your messages, right?

steph: (v.0.85.11) Awesome game, just needs at least local multiplayer.

steph: (v.0.85.11) Can you differentiate with a slight different color the last slot for special items? thx

steph: (v.0.85.11) Can you add an option to start battles zoomed out?

steph: (v.0.85.11) after battles, allow to access manage party by clicking on the left party panel.

steph: (v.0.85.11) When the mouse pointer is on the edge, the game screen is shaking like an epileptic.

steph: (v.0.85.11) this append in windowed mode and full screen mode.

steph: (v.0.85.11) strange, the epilectic screen during battle doesn't appear on every battles.

No, currently Urtuk will be available only on Win, MacOS & linux.

Future plans are not set in stone however, so we might come back to the platforms.


Right now we work on some new features in the campaign and world, so stay tuned! 

cool! Thanks for sharing! You ain't english speaker? Would be even better if you could comment 😁

Sorry, yes I meant that level as the skill level and you cannot increase it directly. 

Yes you can recruit the Valdor units, but at later stage in game (zone4+).

The crafters "level" is important for the final item quality.. so the better level a crafter has, the better quality of the item. 

Yes the 'crafting' is just improving the quality of items, from +1 up to +5. Yes, having more weapon/armour-smiths in party increases the rate/quality of items.

Good idea with dismantling items, will give it a shot.

The smiths levelup when they improve the quality of item. And if an item is +1, it can be further improved to +2..

With the helping - I agree, we need to put more guides/help to game, thanks.

Thanks GameHermit - you explained that very well!

thanks a lot!

Okay for others who read this - we tried to resolve the issue with his Intel Integrated 3000 (7y old graphics card) on windows 10 (64bit) but we couldn't find the issue.

Even after updating drivers & game build (with olde jre) the game wouldn't start. I've refunded the poor guy :( 

Maybe in future, I'll come with something working..

thank you for your kind words, more content and updates will come every 2 weeks!

thanks, will fix :)


the focus mutator will be found in special quests, comming in next build.

Or maybe we add them as common loot from fallen enemies, just like the normal (trait) mutators.


fixed :)

Blood anf flesh are very special resources. They are used when one of your units turns into vampire or werebeast and needs to consume its weekly portion of blood or flesh.

Blood is also used for medicine creation once you have rescued the healer-priest.

Thank you, I hear that very happilly that you enjoy the game!

thanks for your points. You can always deploy 6 units at max, and also in party screen.

But will add more feedback to player when he attempts to deploy 7th unit.

I also will fix the maps where only 6 deploy spots are available.

Hey guys,

I've added the setting to adjust the speed of campaign travel. 

Besides that, we implemented tons of additions and adjustments. Like troops deployment at the start of battle, undo movement, new abilities, skills, etc..

We maintain the latest build on this link:!9wRFSCaT!TF57BNnJqyeTvGaZvCVDgA