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Hey guys,

I've added the setting to adjust the speed of campaign travel. 

Besides that, we implemented tons of additions and adjustments. Like troops deployment at the start of battle, undo movement, new abilities, skills, etc..

We maintain the latest build on this link:!9wRFSCaT!TF57BNnJqyeTvGaZvCVDgA

Alright, I added new game settings to adjust the campaign animation speed - this includes the travel speed. 

Hello there!

We don't have a release date set yet but should be very near Q4 2019.

The differences will vary, as we still have something we want to experiment with and add to the game.

yes true. Focus is now accessible from lvl 4.

Hi there!

thanks for playing! 

I'll try to answer as many as I could understand:

Karwla enemy is a not common enemy, and player should actually avoid fighting them because they are supposed to defeat player. Their role is to push player east direction.

The enemy level is based on zone, in zone1 - the level goes from lvl1 -> 5 (near the boss node), zone2: lvl6 -> 10, and so on... Then also the Global threat is considered which also increases the enemy level, but globally. The Global threat is raised, when player remains in a zone too long (>10 days).

The XP is calculated based on attacker Lvl versus enemy Lvl, each lvl diff increases/descreases the XP by 10%.. base XP for any hit is 10XP. Max XP for any level is 100. Also there is distributed XP for all player members when an enemy dies like from falling or bleeding.. 

The Aegis and other health cost based abilities reduce from MAX HP, not current HP. It should be in description.. But I also added a warning when usage of given ability will kill the wearer, so thanks for pointing that out!

Bleeding dmg for each turn is 5% max hp, but hitting a bleeding enemy adds an extra 15% mx hp dmg so bleeding is very strong when hitting with multiple hits...

Poison dmg is 15% max hp per turn.

There are much more terrain effects in other zones.

We release first in with First Access, and then on Steam... 

focus is just a 'battle resource' like health or mana. It charges when the character is doing or taking damage. When at 100%, the characters's focus ability gets available. And other abilities/traits may get available as well, if they depend on charged Focus - like the Aldehyde Injections.

Thanks Lynchen for your spots, will fix soon!

beta will last for another 3 weeks. I would love to see you play through the whole game, right now you can win the beta by 4-6 hours, so it's not too long.

ok I see .. but you can do the same (restart battle) by retreating in the very beginning of the battle - it still costs 12 Trilium, but you will get new map generated when you travel into the battle again. We think that is should have some cost for the player to 'restart battle'.

The Aldehyde is linked to the Focus gaining - so if you Focus charges to 100% (for the Priest, or whoever has the mutator item equipped) you gain 1x Aldehyde injection. Was the battle advice about this feature not clear enough? There is also a help screen for this topic.. Let me know so we can improve it for the player :)

Hi there,

by design we don't want to have a 'replay battle' - the game is rather hardcore and challenging, so we want to go this way. But we are forgiving :) and we have the 'retreat from battle' implemented - so if the battle is hard for you, maybe it's better to retreat.. Also, if you kill some enemies before retreat, the next time you visit the same battle, those dead enemies stay dead. So you might think strategically here..

The ranged support is now treated as a mutator item - meaning you have to aldehyde and kill enemy archers, and then after battle extract this 'ranged support' mutator (it's 100% chance). Then you just equip our ranged unit and the support becomes available during battle. Shield ally triggers only when the 'protector' is not exhausted and also he must not stay on the opposite hex as the enemy - that is a weakness we think it's fair (also enemies have shield ally abilities and they use it often). 

The upgrade of abilities - something we currently work on :)


it just tries to stop the movement towards you with a push attack

yes I was thinking about that also - but the icons are too small, so we added the info about effects into the big "?" tooltip window.. 

okay, thanks. Do you think the speed is too slow/tiresome? It takes about 2s to travel from node to node...

Intended. We want to give the player an indication that this trait needs some discovery to reveal itself .. hopefully it makes sense to you?

yes - that is actually only something we will either remove completely or rework.. Not sure, what would be the right design choice because of kind of mystery of any given enemy character ..

Hi there! So we released our closed beta as promised - you can get it here for win, macOS, linux:!A1RAzATC!oRvh9OPOsExIi83rpUiPYQ

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Hi there!

Please for each of your feedback bug, suggestion, create a new topic (thread) for it. It's better for tracking and replying.


thanks a lot! Next week we plan to start closed beta with the campaign, party managment, skills, quests and more! Would you be interested? If yes I let you know and send you the build.

yes that could be possible, we might think about that in future - right now the game engine is already quite complex and it's not so easy to implement that feature. 

thanks! Unfortunately when a unit moves, he might sustain tiles effects or can trigger enemy attack of oprtunity, so an undo is not possible.

thanks, but at this moment we are not considering going with a publisher. Just for curiosity - what is the publisher name you work with?

Hi there!

yes..., but first we want to release the game in "First Access" here on, so we can gather more feedback when we create our beta version with all-features, including the Campaign mode!

If you are interested in participating in closed beta, please sign-in on our newsletter -

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We know that there is a known issue in Windows 10 and Intel Integrated graphics... can you tell if you have this kind of graphic card? 

If yes, you can try this solution:

Hi  Flyinghigh,

thank you for installing the demo. Can you at least tell us what error do you get?  Any windows dialog ? Or the game screen freezes?


I've sent you some text for the proofreading, did you get it? Not sure if it didn't end in your spam? 


No online or co-coop at the moment planned. We focus on single player experience. Maybe later :)

The diversity is main focus when designing characters/classes... on top of that - you can even attach various traits/abilities from fallen enemies after battle.

Thanks! There are already bosses in some world locations, mainly at the end of a zone... Also player can hire/recruit bosses under specific circumstances :)


With the english wording - you're right, I am not english native speaker, so your help would be really awesome!

I can send you some texts for proofing to your email, if that's ok with you?

Alright thanks! I tried the itch launcher myself and downloaded & played the game with no issues, but I have windows 7... 

What file did you downloaded? What is your OS?

oh yes, definitely! Probably doing like max 3x stack of critical stike.

Please check our demo for Linux, I uploaded it.

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For the strategic layer - we do develop a world map with many zones/biomes with all different types of enemies. Each zone is its own small map with traveling system like in FTL, e.g. points of interest interconnected with routes. Player then chooses where to go with his Urtuk & party.. The last node within each zone is a boss camp. We also introduce small shop mechanics, and injury system for your party member - if a character falls in battle, he gets 'injured'. If he falls again, he dies and is gone for ever. The 'injured' status can be healed using bandage - a game resource.. 

There is really much going on regarding development & design, so hopefully, if you are interested, we will publish a private pre-alpha build of the campaign with combat.

Wow! Thanks for this huge list :)... took me a while to get all of this :)

You have very valid points - most of them (like wasd keyboard, skill readiness, balancing of terrain/units) we will implement into game.

For the RAM(charge) ability (scavenger warlord and footman) - it is intentional to ignore terrain effects on the path to target.

You can stun/exhaust enemy only if the height  behind enemy is 2 and more.

Engagement is a special effect and should trigger free attack only when target moves, and only with some chance, so it's not always. The engagement icon should go away when the engager is not in melee range, if it's still there -> bug.

Units will retaliate if pushed against them only when: 1) is not exhausted, 2) is melee. 

I've updated all  description text in game  related to your suggestions, and reduced the damage effect of spikes.

As for the Berserker class - he had 'grappling hook' ability - which pulls enemy to him, but we thought it's just too OP. He's  still a candidate for re-design :).

For the ranged support - you probably right it seems to be OP, so we might add some mechanics to limit the effectiveness, like 1charge/turn..


Yes we know - many players have requested HP bars, so we enabled them by default. As for the armour pierce attribute for any weapon - you can check this in the "?" icon for any character on battlefield when hovering over him. But we might present this information more readable for player..

yes, soon we release also for linux/mac...

Hey there!

We released a combat demo where we feature our primary focus of the game - the battles.

Quick summary:

  • Tactical turn-based RPG
  • Dark, grim, low-fantasy world
  • Combat focused: hex-based
    with interactive environment
  • Procedurally generated survival campaign
  • Upgrade your characters with extracts
    from fallen enemies
  • Single player, for PC, Mac and Linux

Get it here on

So have fun!

Your feedback would be invaluable for us, so please, any suggestions or ideas, let us hear it from you!

Teaser screenshot:


In this thread, please add your bugs or issues here.

wow, you guys are truly awesome!