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Urtuk: The Desolation

Challenging tactical turn-based RPG in an open-world dark, low fantasy world · By madsheepstudios

Full Release

A topic by OneRedDog created Mar 04, 2021 Views: 349 Replies: 9
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Hi guys,

will you also release the full version on

It would be sad to see the release only on Steam.

Thanks for the great game.



Yes we will! In few days :)


Any news / updates? If you don't plan any future itch updates, maybe you could reward your early itch customers with Steam keys?

Don't you have access to the steam key? It should be available to you.


Found it! Thanks for quick reply :)

Sweet. Thanks for the update! I am looking forward to play the full release :)


Hi guys,

any updates on this topic?

You can get the full version by your steam key (should be accessible from



Thanks for your answer.

So the full version wont be released on itch?


we'd like to maintain steam version only (via steam key accessible here).

it's just too much of hustle for a solo dev to keep every platform up to date..