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Thanks for your answer.

So the full version wont be released on itch?

The game looks really cool. Will you release the full version on as well or only on Steam?

Hi guys,

any updates on this topic?

Sweet. Thanks for the update! I am looking forward to play the full release :)

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Hi guys,

will you also release the full version on

It would be sad to see the release only on Steam.

Thanks for the great game.


Thanks for your answer. I am pretty sure I can enjoy the game also in Wine^^.  And thanks again for making a new Zak McKracken game! 

Hi there. 

First of all, thank you for the new Zak McKracken game. I am looking forward to playing it in the next few days.

Am I right you did this with the Visionaire Studio? If yes, is it possible that you can also a release a Linux version. I am not sure how much work this is or if you just hit an "Export-Button" within the editor, but that would be really nice.