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General Feedback Sticky

A topic by Ogni-XR21 created 28 days ago Views: 219 Replies: 4
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I would love to hear what you think about the game.


First of all, I am very excited to see this game and will play it after the holiday "stress" is over ;) Thanks a lot for giving us "old school" Point & Click fans something awesome to play :) I really enjoyed the first game back in the days as well :) I will post in here when I started playing. Have a good time celebrating into the new year everyone :)

Hi there. 

First of all, thank you for the new Zak McKracken game. I am looking forward to playing it in the next few days.

Am I right you did this with the Visionaire Studio? If yes, is it possible that you can also a release a Linux version. I am not sure how much work this is or if you just hit an "Export-Button" within the editor, but that would be really nice. 


Yes, this is made with Visionaire Studio. But it uses a very old version of the editor (3.7) that does not support Linux exports yet. Updating the game to a current version  would take a lot of work so I'm not sure it will ever happen. The game should work in Wine, but I have no Linux experience and no way to test it. Let me know if it works, since I honestly don't know.

Thanks for your answer. I am pretty sure I can enjoy the game also in Wine^^.  And thanks again for making a new Zak McKracken game!