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Well, there is a way to stall her a bit longer. I was assuming this was a bug, but now it dawns on me that you forgot to do something to make unclogging the toilet harder for her...

You need to make sure she doesn't have a toilet plunger when the toilet is clogged. You need to get rid of that toilet plunger for good!

It sounds like you did everything you are supposed to. If you closed all windows and turned off the lights at the intercom the stewardess should come out of the toilet and go back to her seat. Now you should be able to use the glowing costume.

Do you have a recent savegame so you can try those last steps again? 

Yes, this is made with Visionaire Studio. But it uses a very old version of the editor (3.7) that does not support Linux exports yet. Updating the game to a current version  would take a lot of work so I'm not sure it will ever happen. The game should work in Wine, but I have no Linux experience and no way to test it. Let me know if it works, since I honestly don't know.

You should now have a red crystal, right?  Maybe this will show something new on a map...

Btw. you can also ask Debbie when you're stuck, she can help with some of the puzzles.

Free games cannot be made claimable.

There is something else the  Caponian has, that might be useful for you. He probably won't hand it over but you can get it from him some other way...

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Your first 2 objectives (after visiting the office) are to make yourself a caponian disguise and help Debbie with the squirrels  and pimp the goldfish bowl.
Was there anything you gained from going to the airport? Any ideas on what you still need to craft that disguise?

The barber says you can have the scissors if you help him out with the ant. Also mentioning that the baker from across the street said he had something to deal with those ants.

You need something like big tweezers. Any way to aquire something like that?

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There is a short explanation , the part in the video at 1m40s.

It might have not been that obvious since I didn't use text, but symbols, to explain (as I wanted it to work for both English and German language settings).

There's also a "How to play" description at the info screen when starting the game.

Thanks for uploading a video.

You can hold left mouse button for a coin-interface action menu (use, pick up, open,...). While many actions can be performed by just using double click and right click, some specific actions must be triggered by specific commands from the coin-interface (at least the first time exectuing them, after that you can trigger them by double-clicking).

I would love to hear what you think about the game.

Post here if you are stuck in the game, looking at every item and object was no use, or you straight forward don't know what to do.

For puzzle help I will try to guide you softly and not straight out give you the solution.

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Zak McKracken goes looking for Hot Coffee (in several wrong places) is a classic point and click adventure game. It is a sequel to Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders, set right before the events of the fan game Zak McKracken - Between Time and Space.

A classic point and click adventure game that pays homage to the LucasArts adventure games of the 80s and 90s.

Development began as a test project to get to know the Visionaire engine but it slowly took on it's own life. Originally building on assets from the fan game Zak McKracken - Between Time and Space, adding new animations, several new locations,  and reworking the interface.

Supported languages are English and German.

It's a labour of love, I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I did making it.