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Urtuk: The Desolation

Challenging tactical turn-based RPG in an open-world dark, low fantasy world · By madsheepstudios

Suggestions on InGame features

A topic by Fr1nS created Feb 26, 2020 Views: 212 Replies: 3
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First, I want to say that I just started to play your game some days ago and I really love it ! It remembers me one of the Playstation 1 game named "Vandal Heart 1". You should really look at it and takes some good features in this game which is like similar to yours.

For example

1st suggestion : in battle, you can find hidden item on a particular hex, your character has to use action like "hide" or "seek" while staying on this hex to find this item.  It will add more interest into battle/strategy and not just win against the enemy team.

2nd suggestion : Increase team size by one for every world/area completed. It will be cool to win/add 1 more spot to our team once we reach a new world. It will add more diversity / difficulty to the game by increasing enemy team size too.

3rd suggestion : Add the possibility to upgrade "skin" of characters in our roster after reaching a certain level. Once you reach lvl 10 with one spearman, you can upgrade him in a special location (example : a church) and giving him a new skin with better stats

Hope you will find theses suggestions useful !

Thanks a lot!

Glad you enjoy the game. I like your suggestions, and will consider, so thank you very much for those!


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About the 2nd suggestion (Increasing size of our team) it can be deal with the in game money too. 

For example:

- The first spot you unlock costs 1000 (trillium ?)

- The second costs 2000

- etc..

- Until max is reached (8, 9...)

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Indeed Love your Game but Leveling up and getting a cooler looking version would be awesome!

or getting new gear being visual represented or more injuries like BB  

i really really like your art style its amazing !!

my suggestions :

now you can see witch perks anamies have but if u dont know them by heart u dont know what they do.

it would be nice if u could check that

more random encounters / or ambushes with choices and dialog options (FTL) (but randomized so that not once u know which outcome is witch answer its always the same )

more death animations instead of splatter and maybe leave the corpse on the ground like battle brothers and please make it bloody and gritty (fallout1&2) (arms & heads cut off  or plit in half )

and bosses yes!

please keep up the great work this is a mix between my favorite games (Ftl battle brothers and darkest dungeons)

Maybe ad a lil mount and blade in  :) 

i cant wait to play conquest mode